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Real Name: Unrevealed;
    possibly Spider-Monster

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-1411319)

Occupation: Warrior, adventurer;
    other possible occupations unrevealed

Group Membership: None identified

Affiliations: Garden Spider-71925 (Petunia Parker), Lord Spider-10113519, Sea-Spider-19192, SP/dr-14512 (Peni Parker), Spidair-91202, Spider-Gang-192013525, Spider-Horse-31913 (Widow), Spiderling/Patternmaker-18119 (Anna May Parker), Spider-Ma'am-3123 (May Parker), Spider-Man-51778 (Takuya Yamashiro), Spider-Man-90214 (Peter Parker), Spider-Requiem-98117 (Polymnia Swan), Spider-Man-1610 (Miles Morales), Spider-Sting-38418, Spider-Zero-19166, Spinster-93191, Sun-Spider-20023, V-43890, Web-Slinger-31913 (Patrick O'Hara), White Widow-23233 (Venice Doadi)

Enemies: Machine BEM monsters of Earth-51778

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Monstermanhattan (presumably in the equivalent of New York City's Manhattan borough, New York state, USA), Earth-1411319

First Appearance: Spider-Verse III#1 (October, 2019)

Powers/Abilities: Spider-Monster is a semi-humanoid behemoth. 

    He can generate and project webs, presumably of organic nature, enable him to support his weight (see below) as he swings through his city.

    He possesses four large arms, and he is presumably proportionately stronger than the human-sized spider-people, most of whom can lift between 2-10 tons, and it is likely he can lift closer to 100 tons, if not more.

    He presumably has superhuman durability, and he may possess a dense exo-skeleton.

    He also may possess additonal spider-like powers and anatomy, but nothing further has been revealed thus-far.

Height: Unrevealed (perhaps 15' to 20')
Weight: Unrevealed (due to his extra limbs and broad frame, I would put him at least 275 lbs. at 6' tall and human density; that would put him at 3781 lbs. (1718 kg) at 15' and  19,829 (just under a ton; or 9013 kg); if his density is greater than human then it would be much more significant).
Eyes: Unrevealed (or
possibly white, if he is not wearing a costume)
Hair: Unrevealed (or possibly none, if he is not wearing a costume)
Distinguishing Features: See comments. Spider-Monster has a pair of horn-like projections atop his head, a larger pair laterally (toward the outside) and much smaller pair medially (toward the inside).
    He would appear to have paired hemimandibles like a terrestrial spider.
    He possesses four arms, each with three fingers and a thumb, while his feet are widened like a pachyderm.


(Spider-Verse III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Spider-Monster apparently dwelled in the realm known as Monstermanhattan, in which he at least believed himself to be the only spider-being present.

(Spider-Verse III#1) - As Spider-Zero drew Spider-Man (Miles Morales) across the Multiverse, he arrived on Earth-1411319's Monstermanhattan. Started upon finding himself surrounded by numerous monsters, Miles called to Spider-Zero, which led Spider-Monster to approach him and reply that the only spider there was him. As Spider-Monster asked what kind of weird critter Miles was and where he came from, Spider-Zero pulled Miles away into another reality. Spider-Monster considered, "Well, isn't that something." (apparently question marks were not part of interrogatives in his reality).

(Spider-Verse III#6 (fb) - BTS) - Spider-Monster was recruited by Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and Spider-Zero to rescue Spiderling.

(Spider-Verse III#6) - Spider-Monster accompanied Miles and the other spider-people he recruited as Miles returned to the ruins of the Hall of Spiders on Loomworld/Earth-001. He (see comments) watched as Spider-Zero discussed how she had found Spiderling within a tangle in the Web of Life and Destiny. Spider-Monster accompanied the others to the tangle, where the tangle's pain and confusion caused it to summon Reality-51778's Machine BEM monsters, created by the Iron Cross Army to destroy that reality's Spider-Man. 

    As Spider-Zero continued her efforts to commune with the Web and the tangle, Spider-Monster and the others followed Miles' lead in opposing the Machine BEM monsters (see comments). As Sea Spider laid into some of the BEMs, noting "Have at you, bilge rats!" (in 18th century Spanish), Spider-Monster -- either understanding his language or appreciating the nature of his assault -- laughed and responded, "I like your moxie, chum!"

    Meanwhile, Spider-Monster apparently tore into at least another BEM, as blood (see comments) seemed to spray around him.

    Eventually Miles reached Spiderling, whose efforts -- working in concert with Spider-Zero's communing with the Web/tangle -- released the tangle.

(Spider-Verse III#6 (fb) - BTS) - Spiderling sent Spider-Monster and the other alternate reality Spider-People back to their homes.

Comments: Created by Jed McKay and Arthur Adams.

    We don't know what gender Spider-Monster is, or even if it has a gender, for the profile's sake we stuck with "he".

    BEMs is a term I've usually seen referring to Bug-Eyed Monsters, but I'm not positive -- given the Japanese origins of the characters -- that that is relevent here. If so, the monster part of the Machine BEM monsters' name is bit redundant...
    Plus, if they were robots, why did they have blood? Maybe it was oil or some other fluid that only looked like blood reflecting off Spider-Monster's mask?

    Actually is he wearing a mask, or is that just what he looks like? Perhaps future stories will tell the tale!

Profile by Snood.

Spider-Monster has no known connections to

Images: (without ads)
Spider-Verse III#1, p8, pan2 (mainimage)
Spider-Verse III#6, p1, pan1 (with Spider-Army)
Spider-Verse III#6, p6, pan4 (vs. BEMs)

Spider-Verse III#1 (October, 2019) - Jed McKay (writer), Arthur Adams (artist), Kathleen Wisneski & Martin Biro (assistant editors), Nick Lowe (editor)
Spider-Verse III#6 (May, 2020) - Christos Gage (writer), Ze Carlos (artist),  Kathleen Wisneski & Martin Biro (assistant editors), Nick Lowe (editor)

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