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Real Name: Stellar Stone

Identity/Class: Extradimensional human (Reality-5391, 2075 AD)

Occupation: Unrevealed, occasional adventurer

Group Membership: United Planets Peace Organization

Affiliations: Speed Carter, Core People (Nikka, others), Johnny Day, Maj. Kandor, Crash Morgan, Space Sentinels (all Reality-5391)

Enemies: Bems (Bakka, Tromka, others), Birdmen renegades, Bulka, Comet, Kaarka, "Public Enemies" and their Skeleton Army, Saturnians, Vegans (Gaar, others) (all Reality-5391)

Known Relatives: Col. Stone (father, first name unrevealed)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Terra (a.k.a. Earth) (Reality-5391)

First Appearance: Spaceman#1/1 (September, 1953)

Powers/Abilities: Stellar Stone was a normal human with good technological knowledge for her era. She was ready to sacrifice herself for the good of her planet against extraterrestrial threats and could accurately fire handguns in space. Because her father was commander of the Space Sentinels, she seemed to also have privileged access to the base.

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


(Spaceman#1/1 (fb) - BTS) - The Space Sentinels, a space-faring peacekeeping force, was set up for the United Planets Peace Organization (UP), an alliance of the inner planets of the solar system led by Terra (Earth). Col. Stone was commander of the Space Sentinels and his daughter Stellar Stone became romantically involved with the lead pilot, Captain Speed Carter. Although having no apparent role, she was often on base.

(Spaceman#1/1) - In 2075, Stellar and UP pilot friend Crash Morgan were shocked to hear from Carter while on a mission that Cadet Johnny Day had been kidnapped by pirates. When they found out Kaarka was the leader, Carter left to rescue Day, but gave a false reason. Stellar glared at him, unaware of his true intended action. Carter rescued Day with the Space Sentinels' timely backup.

(Spaceman#2/1) - At the Space Sentinel Spaceport, renegade Birdmen from Uranus swooped down and grabbed Stellar to use as a hostage. Carter and Day were also soon captured and taken aboard the Birdmen's spacecraft, where they found Major Kandor the only Birdman opposing the renegades, calling them traitors. Kandor began a fight that was quickly joined by Carter and Day, but a renegade threatened to throw Stellar out the hatch to force a surrender. Refusing to be their prisoner, Stellar jumped to sacrifice herself; Kandor leapt after her and rescued her. With the other Uranusians eliminated, Kandor revealed his peace mission, but Stellar and Carter were too lost in their own embrace.

(Spaceman#2/4) - Stellar, Carter and Day were enjoying a sunny day on a Terran beach when it suddenly went dark. Carter and Day rushed off with the Space Sentinels to investigate.

(Spaceman#3/1) - Stellar and Carter were savoring a night date when they chanced upon animated skeletons digging up cemetery graves to get at the bones. Carter was knocked out but Stellar was kidnapped and taken back to a small group of "Public Enemies" and their Skeleton Army on their skull-shaped planetoid base. She refused to join them and was held captive to be transformed later into a skeleton. The Space Sentinels searched the spaceways and found the base. Carter feigned joining the villains but instead destroyed their army via a control switch. The enemies were overpowered and the heroes returned to Terra.

(Spaceman#3/2) - Tectonic explosions directed from the underground Core People of Terra as self defense spread terror, including in Stellar. Core People leader Nikka contacted them and invited Carter underground for parley. Stellar advised caution and Carter brokered peace. However, an overwhelming Saturnian attack fleet suddenly arrived and bombarded Terra. Carter asked Nikka for help and the enemy fleet was routed. Stellar watched happily as Nikka and Carter shook hands with the alliance between Terra and the Core People cemented through victory.

(Spaceman#3/5) - Stellar accompanied Carter and Day on an armed raid against the Bem, parasitic alien raiders that the Space Sentinels had pushed back onto an asteroid. The Space Sentinel trio were captured in a Bem trap and Carter was ordered to call Terra so that the Bems could ambush the unsuspecting Space Sentinels; Stellar was strapped to a matter converter to force Carter's agreement, but Stellar sacrificed herself and instead initiated the transformation into a "tigagator" (tiger with the head of an alligator). Bem leader Bakka next transformed Day into a "girafonkey" (monkey with the head of a giraffe), the natural enemy of a tigagator. Still Carter refused but eventually he halted the Bem threat and returned Stellar and Day to their original forms.

(Spaceman#5/5) - Duplicitous Vegans fooled the UP into sending a peace mission with Carter and Stellar going as representatives. Vegan warrior Gaar threatened to kill Stellar unless Carter surrendered and delivered Terran defense maps for a future Vegan invasion. Stellar was ready to sacrifice herself, but Carter instead modified a map. Stellar escaped and Carter delivered the false map only to be taken prisoner to be thrown into space. But Stellar had sneaked onto the spacecraft and freed Carter, who regained control of his spaceship. They watched as the misled Vegan invasion fleet was obliterated. At headquarters, Carter explained his actions and was thanked with an amorous kiss from Stellar.

(Spaceman#6/2) - Electro-hypnotized by the nefarious interplanetary spy Comet and her alien assistant Bulka, Stellar almost murdered Carter, if not for Carter's quick reflexes. Still fully hypnotized, Stellar stormed off to Comet's hideout and was joined by the similarly affected Day and Morgan; Carter soon found them but was captured. Comet replaced Carter with a disguised Bulka while the others' hypnoses wore off the next morning with no recollection. Bulka-Carter ordered his Space Sentinel crew to ignore piracy. Suspicious of her would-be boyfriend's more assertive and aggressive behavior, Stellar followed him to Comet's hideout, where she was immediately captured and discovered the piracy plot, as well as the true Carter. She, Carter, Bulka-Carter and Comet left for space, where the heroes were intended to be space-dumped, but Stellar fooled Comet into shooting Bulka-Carter. Comet committed suicide rather than be captured. Carter passionately kissed Stellar as thanks for her assistance.

Comments: Created by Hank Chapman & Joe Maneely.

Thanks to the Grand Comics Database for extra credits info.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

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Spaceman#2/1, p1, pan1 (main image)
Spaceman#6/2, p6, pan7 (headshot)
Spaceman#3/5, p1, pan1 (with gun)

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