Stone-Hand attacks the Swarmers


Real Name: Stone-Hand

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-78411 (Dinosaur World)) proto-humanoid

Occupation: Hunter-gatherer

Group Membership: Hill Folk;

formerly Killer-Folk

Affiliations: Devil Dinosaur, Eev, Moonboy, White-Hair

Enemies: Prime Computer, Seven-Scars, "Sky Demons", Swarmers

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile on Dinosaur World

First Appearance: Devil Dinosaur#1 (April, 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Stone-Hand was an agile and aggressive fighter with enhanced strength and reflexes.

Stone-Hand imprisoned


(Devil Dinosaur#1 (fb) - BTS) - Stone-Hand was the leader of the Killer-Folk and led many successful hunts against the creatures on Dinosaur World.

(Devil Dinosaur#1) - Stone-Hand's leadership of the tribe was challenged by Seven Scars and a fight ensued between them, with the tribespeople supporting Seven-Scars in the hope that he may rid them of the threat posed by Devil Dinosaur. Stone-Hand was left bludgeoned and so lost his leadership of the Killer-Folk.

(Devil Dinosaur#1 - BTS) - Stone-Hand was banished and took refuge among the Hill Folk.

(Devil Dinosaur#4) - The attack by the "Sky Demons" caused the Hill-Folk to flee their caves and Stone-Hand managed to escape with the help of White-Hair. Hidden, they later watched Devil Dinosaur attack one of the alien raiders and almost destroy it. Stone-Hand rushed in when the alien was about to blast the giant red dinosaur and smashed the raider with a boulder, with the resulting blast knocking Stone-Hand backwards. Stone-Hand, White-Hair and Devil Dinosaur made an informal alliance. The two humanoids then followed Devil Dinosaur to the "Sky Demons'" base and watched as the aliens gathered specimens. Stone-Hand considered leaving for another land but stayed when he learned of Devil Dinosaur's cunning plan - to use the giant ant-like Swarmers against them.

(Devil Dinosaur#5) - The three were suddenly attacked by the alien invaders and fled into the forest. The "Sky Demons" used flame weapons to burn their cover until Devil Dinosaur unleashed a natural geyser at their flying foes, disabling them and even destroying one. They then marched carefully to the Swarmers' nest and saw one of the aliens explode after being overwhelmed by the swarming creatures. However, one Swarmer targeted the three allies and Stone-Hand tried to smash it with a nearby giant bone but to no effect; Devil Dinosaur saved him and White-Hair by carrying them away, bounding into the towering nest as the "Sky Demons" charged at them from the rear. Inside the nest, the Swarmers began to attack the three but the "Sky Demons'" overhead attack diverted the Swarmers to march on the aliens' base. The three emerged from the ruins of the Swarmers' nest and collapsed.

(Devil Dinosaur#6) - The three recovered only to discover Eev, a surviving member of the Forest Folk, fighting off several Swarmers which were trying to stop her from plundering their food stores. Devil Dinosaur and the four humanoids were able to destroy the few giant ants away and they quickly feasted on the sweet food in the ruins of the nest. As Devil Dinosaur wandered off, Stone-Hand tried to lay claim leadership of the three, demanding that Eev stay with him to help create a new tribe to populate the valley, despite her protestations. Stone-Hand smacked White-Hair aside when he likewise resisted. Elsewhere, the destruction of the "Sky Demons'" base caused the dinosaurs of the Valley to stampede. The three sought refuge from the beasts and a sudden storm, drawn to the tree-like Prime Computer, the last surviving remnant of the aliens. The machine, now thinking independently, offered them sanctuary.

(Devil Dinosaur#7) - Devil Dinosaur's approach made the Prime Computer initiate defensive procedures and it drove the red reptile back, with Stone-Hand demanding that the Prime Computer use lethal force against the dinosaurs. Along with the other two, Stone-Hand decided to stay near the tree-like computer for protection, but the Prime Computer surrounded the three in an invisible dome. It then provided the three with food, shelter and water, but all within the confines of the dome. Eev picked fruit from a nearby tree and offered it to Stone-Hand. Eev had become numbed by the Prime Computer's tranquilizer gas, but Stone-Hand wanted to escape. He threatened to destroy the computer but it instead delivered a higher dose of gas that caused him to sleep. Later discovering White-Hair dead in another part of the garden, Stone-Hand realized that the tree-like protector could not truly sustain them. Enraged, Stone-Hand smashed at the computer as Eev tried to stop him for fear of its destructive power. With the Prime Computer down, Eev and Stone-Hand found themselves still trapped within the protective dome. Stone-Hand saw Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy and asked that the red dinosaur destroy the garden-like compound. Freed, Stone-Hand and Eev then left for the forest, never to return to that place.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby (writer, pencils and inks).

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Stone-Hand has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Devil Dinosaur#6, p2 (main image)
Devil Dinosaur#7, p9, pan2 (head shot)

Devil Dinosaur#1 (April, 1978) - Jack Kirby (writer, pencils, inks & editor)
Devil Dinosaur#4-7 (July-October, 1978) - Jack Kirby (writer & pencils), Mike Royer (inks), Jack Kirby (editor).

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