Real Name: White-Hair

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-78411 (Dinosaur World)) proto-humanoid

Occupation: Elder

Group Membership: Hill Folk

Affiliations: Brown-Back, Devil Dinosaur, Eev, Stone-Hand

Enemies: Prime Computer, "Sky Demons", Swarmers

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Valley of Fire, Dinosaur World

First Appearance: Devil Dinosaur#4 (July, 1978)

Powers/Abilities: White-Hair was old and covered in white hair, but was still mobile with the aid of a stick. He was brave and trusted Devil Dinosaur.


(Devil Dinosaur#4) - White-Hair fled the destruction wrought by the "Sky Demons" (actually extraterrestrials) and was joined by Stone-Hand. Both were concerned that the alien intruders would leave their valley robbed of game, water and shelter, and White-Hair resolved that the invaders must be made to leave by one of equal power - that creature being Devil Dinosaur. The two searched for the red dinosaur and found him hurt among the carnage left in the wake of the aliens' attack. White-Hair watched as Devil Dinosaur and Stone-Hand destroyed one of the alien invaders. White-Hair then asked Devil Dinosaur to help fight the aliens and recognized the beast's assent, accepting the creature as the group's leader. They found the alien invaders' base and watched the local animals and their fellow clan members be piled into the ship, including Brown-Back, a fellow Hill Folk member, who was burnt to flaming ash by a "Sky Demon" when he tried to flee. Although Stone-Hand considered leaving, White-Hair was determined to stay with Devil Dinosaur and recognized the red beast's plan to use the giant ants called Swarmers against them.

(Devil Dinosaur#5) - White-Hair, having great faith in Devil Dinosaur, stayed with him and Stone-Hand as they moved against the alien invaders. The three were repelled with fire from the "Sky Demons". They then made their way to the Swarmers' nest and watched as an alien was overwhelmed and destroyed by the aggressive giant insects. However, a lone Swarmer discovered the two Hill Folk and attacked Stone-Hand. White-Hair called to Devil Dinosaur and the red beast quickly helped. The two then climbed the dinosaur's back but Devil Dinosaur took them defiantly into the Swarmers' giant nest where they battled more of the insects. However, more "Sky Demons" arrived and destroyed the giant anthill with the three barely surviving the onslaught.

(Devil Dinosaur#6) - Conscious once more, the three found a fellow female humanoid called Eev defending herself from more Swarmers and they all rushed to her rescue and eliminated the remaining gigantic insects. White-Hair then saw the massed Swarmers marching on the "Sky Demons'" base and its destruction. Devil Dinosaur then turned to leave and White-Hair went to follow but was stopped by Stone-Hand. However, Stone-Hand tried to force Eev to bend to his will and smacked away White-Hair as he protested. Meanwhile, the aliens' Prime Computer survived destruction, forming its own directives, and called to the three so that it could serve them.

(Devil Dinosaur#7) - Devil Dinosaur stayed as White-Hair, Stone-Hand and Eev approached the tree-like structure of the Prime Computer, which blasted away the red dinosaur and encased the three in a clear dome. The machine then rapidly provided them with water, shelter and fresh food, with the Prime Computer emitting tranquilizer gas to keep them docile. However, White-Hair had grown weak and died in the Prime Computer's compound due to a radiation leak. His body later vanished in the explosion when Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy managed to destroy the computer.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby (writer & pencils) and Mike Royer (inks).

He was called White-Hairs by Stone-Hand in their first encounter

Profile by Grendel Prime.

White-Hair has no known connections to:



Brown-Back was a member of the Hill Folk and was known to White-Hair as a fearless hunter. He had been captured and bound by the "Sky Demons" but sought to escape his captors. He was incinerated by one of the powerful aliens as he fled. 


--Devil Dinosaur#4

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Devil Dinosaur#4, p15, pan5 (main image)
Devil Dinosaur#5, p9, pan2 (head)
Devil Dinosaur#4, p16, pan4 (Brown-Back)

Devil Dinosaur#4-7 (July-October, 1978) - Jack Kirby (writer & pencils), Mike Royer (inks), Jack Kirby (editor)

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