(also see: Earth-691)

Abraxas (Killraven foe)

Adam 3, 031 (Death-Birth)

Adams and Eves (Death-Birth)

Ash, Volcana (Killraven ally)

Atalon (Death-Birth)

Crucible Guardians (Death-Birth)

Death-Birth (Killraven foes)

Death-Breeders (Death-Birth)

Deathraven (Killraven foe/brother)

Devil's Marauder (Skar's tripod)

Eve 3, 031 (Death-Birth)

Fear-Master (Atalon)

Freewomen (Mint Julep allies)

Grok (Killraven ally)

Keepers (Death-Birth)

Mint Julep (Killraven ally)

Pstun-Rage (Killraven foe) - by Prime Eternal

Rattack (Killraven foe)

Sabre (Killraven ally/foe)

Sacrificer (Death-Birth)

Skar (Killraven foe)

Slasher (Killraven foe)

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