Real Name: Grok (clone of Andre Frost)

Identity/Class: Extra-Temporal (Earth-Killraven) terrestrial clone/mutate

Occupation: Warrior

Affiliations: Carmilla Frost; Killraven and his Freemen (Hawk, Old Skull, M'Shulla Scott); Mint Julep, Volcana Ash

Enemies: Martian Masters, Sabre and his slavers, Skar

Known Relatives: none;
Andre Frost (genetic origin), Carmilla Frost (genetic daughter)

Aliases: The Clonal Man; "Andre Frost"

Base of Operations: mobile across the USA; formerly; Earth-Killraven

First Appearance: Amazing Adventures II#21 (November, 1973)

Powers: Grok possessed great, possibly even enhanced human, strength. He was somewhat simian in appearance and intellect. He had powerful suction-cup tips on his fingers, strong enough to tear off large hunks of flesh from his victims.
He was a savage warrior, although he had no training beyond direct combat experience. He was fiercely loyal to Carmilla, who got communicate with him to some extent.











History: (AmzAdv34(fb)) - Prior to the Martian Masters' attack on Earth-Killraven in 2001, Andre Frost was a successful geneticist specializing in cloning.

(AmzAdv34(fb)/[24(fb)]) - Andre Frost and his daughter, Carmilla, were captured by the Martian Masters. They apparently spent some amount of time experimenting on Andre, before they wrapped him in their tentacles and crushed the life from him. Afterwards, they locked Carmilla in with his body, wanting her to clone him. She did so, but apparently some time passed before his cells were harvested. As a result, his cells had deteriorated somewhat, and the clone she created was less than identical. She named her bestial creation Grok, which to her meant some sort of hope (?).

BTS - Grok was caged in the Masters' research facility, while Carmilla was forced to work for them.



(AmzAdv21) <2018> - Killraven and his Freemen stormed a Martian Masters' laboratory, liberating Carmilla and Grok in the process. During their escape, Grok helped Killraven overcome a giant crab-man.

(AmzAdv22-24) - After surviving an attack on their ship by an immense creature in the Potomac River, Killraven and his allies were attacked by slavers, led by Sabre. Grok drove off the slavers almost single-handedly.
Later, alongside Mint Julep and her Freewomen, he participated in an invasion into Washington, D. C., to rescue Killraven and a few of the Freemen.

(AmzAdv25) <2019> - In Indianapolis, Grok growled as Killraven argued with Carmilla. He then followed Killraven as he tracked down Skar and his Devil's Marauder tripod.

(AmzAdv26) - In Battle Creek, Michigan, Grok watched over Carmilla as she took a bath, and then savagely slew one of the men who tried to ambush her (Carmilla knocked out the other).

(AmzAdv27-29, 31) <March, 2019> - While sailing across Lake Michigan, Killraven's band was attacked by a giant, mutated lamprey. The creature latched on to Grok, who was gravely injured before Killraven could dislodge it from him. Nearly dead, Grok was placed in a stretcher and carried around during the assault on the Deathbirth Facility.

(AmzAdv32) - <June, 2019> - Hawk wondered at how Grok kept hanging on. Nonetheless, Grok remained nearly lifeless, and remained on his stretcher.

(AmzAdv33-BTS) - Grok hung out on the stretcher.


(AmzAdv34) <July, 2019> - Old Skull played some tunes for Grok, who actually seemed to be recovering from his injuries:
Grok, do you want to hear some more music?
You do? Good. What would you like to hear?

Skar again attacked Killraven and his allies. In the course of the battle, Skar caused a rockslide over Grok, who was attempting to crawl out of the way. Hawk rushed to Grok's rescue, and they were both crushed by the large rocks.

Comments: Created by Don McGregor and Herb Trimpe.

As Killraven's saga and "The War of the Worlds" concepts exist in an alternate timeline, the dates given are accurate and appropriate (i. e. not topical). Nearly thirty years have passed since the stories were written and it's only 15-20 years until real time "laps" the saga, and Earth-Killraven ceases to be an alternate future. Already, one of the points of divergence, the Martian attack date of 2001 is a thing of the past.

The "Martian Masters" were not actually natives of Mars, but used Mars as a base before attacking Earth.

The premises behind Killraven's saga were based on concepts created by H. G. Wells, in "The War of the Worlds."

Not that it applies to Grok, but it is believed that the era of Killraven, @ 2019, is part of the same timeline of the Guardians of the Galaxy, @ 3000.

In Killraven's timeline (as predicted in 1973), the automobile became a thing of the past in the 1990s, done in by fuel shortages, pollution, and the development of the Transbelt Conveyor.

Amazing Adventures#30, for the most part, was just a reprint of 22--no new Grok!



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