carver-ann-691-rearob-shootingcarver-ann-691-face-rightob Dr. ANN CARVER

Real Name: Ann Carver

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-691 circa 2006 A.D.) human

Occupation: Warrior, survivalist;
    former doctor (presumably a physician)

Group Membership: Perhaps the American Medical Association (if that existed at the time in Reality-691)

Affiliations: Jonathan Raven (later Killraven), Joshua Raven (later Deathraven), Maureen Raven

Enemies: Martian Masters, Martian tripod weaponry, and the Martian Masters' human servants (notably Dr. Raker (later Keeper) and his agents)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly a small room on Welfare Island
, just a bridge away from New York City (presumably referring to Manhattan)

First Appearance: Amazing Adventures II#18 (May, 1973)

Powers/Abilities: Ann Carver had no known superhuman powers.

    Trained and presumably skilled in an unspecified medical field, Ann developed survival skills and became proficient with an automatic weaponry.

    While appreciating the alien Martians be the enemy, she was trusting of humans, and she would readily risk her life and share what little she had with other humans.

    She wore orange-tinged glasses, although her specific vision deficit was not specified.

Height: Unrevealed (she was never shown in comparison to anyone of known height, but she seemed a bit taller than Maureen Raven; perhaps approximately 5'6"-5'10")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 120-135 lbs.; she was quite lean)
Eyes: Unrevealed (likely brown)
Hair: Black

Amazing Adventures II#18 (fb) - BTS) - After centuries of trying to tame the Earth, mankind had finally learned to accept the planet, to live with it instead of off it.

(Amazing Adventures II#18 (fb) - BTS) - Ann Carver was a doctor, working in the area that later became known as Welfare Island 

(Amazing Adventures II#18 (fb) - BTS) - Mankind's progress was torn away when the Martian Masters invaded.

(Amazing Adventures II#18 (fb) - BTS) - The Martians built weapons and machines, which they sent against man.

(Amazing Adventures II#18 (fb) - BTS) <circa 2006 A.D. (see comments)> - Mankind lost its final war, and Earth was conquered by the Martians.

(Amazing Adventures II#18 (fb) - BTS) - Based out of a small room, Dr. Carver became a survivalist, obtaining weaponry and presumably either hiding from or fighting off any approaching Martians.

(Amazing Adventures II#18 (fb) - BTS) - The inmates (presumably the criminally insane) from the hospital escaped.

    Ann spent a week hiding from the escaped inmates.

(Amazing Adventures II#18 (fb)) - Hearing Maureen Raven and her two young children drop from the bridge above, Ann rushed to their aid. As one of the inmates charged them, Ann yelled "Duck, sister!" as she blasted and incapacitated and/or killed the kyphotic creature. 

    After explaining that "those sick ones" were more dangerous when they had been starved for a day or two, Dr. Carver introduced herself and told Maureen and her children that they were welcome to stay at her place if they wanted. carver-ann-691-face-gun

    After Maureen agreed, Dr. Carver took them to her place. As they wrapped blankets around themselves, Dr. Carver told her to settle down with her kids for a long haul as they would be there for quite a while.

(Amazing Adventures II#18 (fb) - BTS) - The Raven family spent two weeks hiding out with Dr. Carver, occasionally raiding the hospital for food.

(Amazing Adventures II#18 (fb)) - On the morning of the 15th day, Dr. Carver detected an approaching helicopter. Maureen asked if it was the Martians, but Dr. Carver could not tell, as it was too far away.

(Amazing Adventures II#18 (fb)) - Determined to hide no longer, now that the issue had been forced, Dr. Carver and the Ravens went outside.

    Ann aimed her weapon at the helicopter as it landed, vowing that if a Martian stuck his head through the door, she would burn it off so fast he would spin. carver-ann-691-upper

    When Doctor Raker emerged with some human soldiers, Ann believed that they were saved and that the Martians had been driven back.

    After telling Maureen that she and her kids did not need to be afraid anymore, Ann approached the arrivals with outstretched arms, noting that they had been there two weeks.

    As she asked what had happened outside and how did they...Raker ordered his men to fire (but to be careful not to harm the children).

    Both Ann and Maureen were apparently slain by Raker's men, while the children were then taken.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, and Neal Adams.

     I'd really like to know more about Dr. Ann Carver. She was compassionate and capable, and she deserves more than two pages.

    The history presented in Amazing Adventures II#18 clearly implies that Jonathan Raven was captured a short time (probably less than a month) after the Martian invasion of 2001, and not in 2006 A.D. That latter date was introduced by Don McGregor, the writer who created the Martian Chronological Records for Killraven that appeared in Amazing Adventures II#27 & 30 and in the Killraven Graphic Novel, and who wrote 17 of the 22 stories about Killraven that were published prior to 2001. Significantly, he did not write the first three Killraven stories, including the one in which Dr. Carver made her only appearance. I can only assume that he tweaked the backstory provided by the original writers to suit his own plans.
--Donald Campbell

    Thanks to Donald Campbell for point out a few errors involving reference to Ann Carver-7481.

Profile by Snood.

Ann Carver is the alternate reality counterpart of:

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Amazing Adventures II#18, pg. 13, panel. 1 (shooting kyphotic escaped inmate);
          panel 3 (face, right oblique);
          panel 6 (face, left oblique);
    pg. 14, panel 2 (face and gun);
       panel 4 (face, thinking they were saved)

Amazing Adventures II#18 (May, 1973) - Gerry Conway (script), Neal Adams & Howard Chaykin (pencilers), Frank Chiaramonte (inker), Roy Thomas (editor; series conception)

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