bzzk_race-microverse-planetary_council-seated B'ZZK race
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Classification: Humanoid-piscine extradimensional (Microverse) extraterrestrial race 

Location/Base of Operations: Planet B'zzk, Microverse

Known Members: Icch

AffiliationsPlanetary Council (Gra'hm of Quarlos IV/Knights of Neep, Esmera of Kaliklak, Mari of Homeworld's First Zone, Pharoid of Homeworld's Desert Zone, Zoot of the Quor, unidentified Acroyear of Spartak, at least one unidentified member/race) and their associated races;
although they were not shown to directly interact, they were allied with all those opposing Karza, including the Acroyears (notably Cilicia), the Micronauts (Acroyear, Biotron, Bug, Marionette, Microtron, Nanotron, Commander Rann), S.H.I.E.L.D. (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-Enforcement Division; notably Nick Fury), Spartak's Worldmind, the Time Travelers/Enigma Force;
    they were certainly not ever allied with 
Shaitan, but his efforts facilated Karza's defeat;

EnemiesArgon/Force Commander (when possessed by Karza), Baron Karza; (and the races associated with him, including the Antrons race, Centauri race, Kronos race, Lobros race, Membros race, Phobos race, Reptos race,)
    at least indirectly the  Shaitan

First AppearanceMicronauts I#26/2 (February, 1981)bzzk_race-microverse-front-shocked

Powers/Abilities: The B'zzk are piscine, presumably indicating that they can breathe underwater, tolerate pressure and cold, and swim well. However, they weren't shown to do anything on-panel. They can breathe, speak, and survive in air for at least several minutes without any external support. They may be amphibious, or they may utilize some medication or technology to survive on land / in air.

Traits: The Bzz'k are/were among the benevolent races of the Microverse, associated with the people of Homeworld and other planets against the tyranny of Baron Karza.

Type: Bilaterally symmetric semi-humanoid piscine bipeds
: Two (on head; solid pink to red (much darker than the skin color)
: Unrevealed (the only image showing what might be hand looks like possibly just two fingers)
: Unrevealed
Skin color: Pale pink
Average height: Unrevealed (although it was somewhat hard to tell from the perspective, Icch looked to be several inches taller than the 5'8" Marionette, and even taller than the unidentified Acroyear, so perhaps 6'4" to 6'8")
Distinguishing Features:
They have a somewhat elongated faces with no visible external olfactory/nasal or auditory.ear structures. They have a fin-like structure projecting up and back from the back/top of their heads, and they have a pair of lateral fin/tentacle/antennae structures projecting laterally from the back/bottom of their head. They have a long, thin neck., 

Micronauts I#26/2: Tales of the Microverse (fb) - BTS) - Shortly after Karza overtook Argon as his host body, Princess Mari (aka Marionette) returned to Homeworld, and Icch was asked to travel to Homeworld for a meeting of the Planetary Council. Icch swiftly made the journey to Homeworld.bzzk_race-microverse-profile

(Micronauts I#26/2: Tales of the Microverse) <48 Xats after Mari's return to Homeworld> - The Planetary Council gathered on Homeworld to discuss how they might oppose Karza. Icch extended all of B'zzk's sympathies on the fate of Argon, after which he remained silent as Mari discussed how Karza, mind-merged with Argon, had journeyed through the Spacewall to Earth, and as Esmera, Pharoid, and Gra'hm noted how races associated with Karza had grown more bold and aggressive.

    When Mari sought to bypass Karza's control of the Enigma Force by contacting the Shadow Priests directly, Icch and the others witnessed with shock and horror that Karza held the Time Travelers in bondage.

(Micronauts I#27-28) - Icch and/or other members of the B'zzl may or may not have been involved in the efforts to oppose Karza's forces in the Microverse and/or on Earth.

CommentsCreated by Bill Mantlo, Pat Broderick, and Armando Gil.

    B'zzk is specifically the name for their planet, but I'm including it as the name for the race for the purpose of this profile. If another name for the race is revealed, I'll revise the profile.

    Icch is the only native of B'zzk pictured, and he was identified in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe

Profile by Snood.

The B'zzk should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads)
Micronauts I#26/2, pg. 3, panel 2 (Icch seated at Planetary Council; oblique upper);
        pg. 6, panel 1 (Icch shocked; front face);
            panel 2 (Icch shadowed face profile)

Micronauts I#26/2 (February, 1981) - Bill Mantlo (writer, co-plotter), Pat Broderick (penciler, co-plotter), Armando Gil (inker), Louise Jones (editor)

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