Real Name: Mike Murdock (see comments)

Identity/Class: Human construct

Occupation: Criminal

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), Butch (Byron Pharris), Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Forey the dog, the Hood (Parker Robbins), Inhumans (Frank McGee, Reader, Sterilon), Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), Izzy Libris, Kirsten McDuffie, Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, Overdrive, Speed Demon (James Sanders), Trapster (Peter Petruski), White Rabbit (Lorina Dodson)

Enemies: Bushwacker (Carl Burbank), Hammerhead (Joseph), Freddy Killkillan, Owl (Leland Owlsley)

Known Relatives: (See comments regarding these connections): Jack Murdock (father, sort-of), Margaret Murdock (mother, sort-of), Matt Murdock (twin brother, sort-of); Reader (creator)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City, New York

First Appearance: Daredevil I#606 (October, 2018)

Powers/Abilities: While the original "Mike Murdock" was an alias of Matt Murdock, he thus had all of Daredevil's abilities. It is unknown if this construct of Mike has any of those abilities. He can wield a hand gun, though.

Height: 5'11" (by approximation)
Weight: 180 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red

(Daredevil I#607 (fb) - BTS) - The Reader, an Inhuman with the power to read things to life, fell asleep reading a Braille document written by Matt Murdock. When he awakened, his fingers passed over the portion where Matt was talking about his old false identity, Mike Murdock, who Matt had once pretended to be to cover his own secret identity as Daredevil.

(Daredevil I#607 (fb) - BTS) - Mike Murdock came to life with partial memories of his family (parents and brother) but open holes in his own mind otherwise. (see comments)

(Daredevil I#606) - Mike got drunk at the Bar With No Name, where he flirted with a woman at the bar, revealing his twin brother was Matt Murdock. The woman's husband, Freddy Killkillan, initiated a fight with Mike and the whole bar soon joined in. Daredevil arrived to help break up the fight, and Mike introduced himself to the hero.

(Daredevil I#607) - As Mike tried to convince the bartender (who pulled out a shotgun) to get more drinks, Daredevil yelled at Mike, wondering if he was a shapeshifter or construct of some kind. Just then, four super-villains, including Overdrive, White Rabbit, Trapster, and Speed Demon, walked in and attacked Daredevil while Mike hid behind the bar. Overdrive chose not to fight, but Mike hit him over the head anyway, knocking him out. When Mike mentioned his father Battlin' Jack, Daredevil knocked him out. Daredevil, with Frank McGee, had the Inhuman telepath Sterilon scan Mike's mind, and Sterilon found lots of open space there, but also discovered clear memories that Mike had of being the child of Jack and Margaret Murdock, and the brother of Matt. They went back to the Inhuman Reader and Mike heard how he'd been accidentally created. As Reader prepared to erase him, Mike grabbed a gun and took the dog Forey captive, then fled, letting Forey go once he'd escaped. He showed up at the office of Foggy Nelson, passing Brad, before drawing his gun on Foggy.

(Daredevil I#608) - Mike ordered Foggy to call his brother Matt, but Foggy called Daredevil instead, who soon attacked. Mike kept his gun on Foggy to cover his escape, ordering Daredevil to have Matt call, and he took Daredevil's billy club with him. Outside, Mike reminisced about his adventures with Foggy and Karen fighting the Unholy Three years before, then Foggy informed Mike that Karen was dead. Just then, Bushwacker attacked, setting their cab on fire. As Bushwacker threatened to kill them, Mike hit him with the club, then knocked him out with his gun before shooting him in the legs multiple times. Matt called and met Mike and Foggy in Central Park, where Mike let Foggy go. Foggy promised to bill him for the broken windows in his office. Mike revealed that he realized he was a creation and that his memories weren't real, but he wanted to keep living. When Reader showed up with Forey to "unread" Mike, Matt knocked the cane out of his hand, determined to let Mike live. Mike, feeling betrayed, rushed off into the subway. Mike went to Mayor Fisk, the Kingpin, to try for an alliance, but Fisk didn't believe who Mike was. Sitting in Central Park despondent, Mike was shocked when the Hood revealed himself, inviting Mike to lunch, saying they had a lot to talk about.

(Daredevil Annual VI#1) - Mike Murdock, posing as Matt Murdock, helped the Hood complete a robbery, then, frustrated with all the holes in his memory, made plans to fix himself. Learning that Hood had a Norn Stone in his safe, Mike hired the Black Cat to steal a book about magical artifacts, and then he used the stone to give himself an entire history and set of memories that seemed real. In this new altered set of memories, Jack Murdock was devastated when Sister Maggie went back to being a nun, leaving her newborn twins, Mike and Matt, to be raised by their father. Years later, Jack grew angry with the boys for fighting with Terry Pelham at school. While Matt focused intensely on studies, Mike got in fights, gambled, and enjoyed being street-smart, making friends with Joey, Sam, and especially Butch and his mom, Stella Pharris. After Matt had the accident that took his sight, Mike grieved heavily, briefly seeing his mom at Matt's bedside. Years later, when Mike got in trouble with a loan shark, Jack had to rescue him. Jack tried training Mike to be a fighter, but Mike chose to be a grifter with Butch instead, conning people for money in the park, as Matt went on to become a lawyer. Mike made a bet against the Fixer and the Owl that his father would take the fall in a fight, but Jack shocked everyone by winning the fight. After the Fixer killed Jack, Mike felt responsible. Back in the present, weeks ago, Daredevil confronted Mike at Fogwell's gym (which Mike got permission to use from Mr. Fogwell), warning him that the Hood was after him, but Mike asked him to leave. Mike then made plans with Butch, who revealed that Kingpin was his father.

(Daredevil VI#24 (fb) - BTS) - With Daredevil facing murder charges, Foggy Nelson called in Mike Murdock to act as Matt Murdock, with Foggy telling Mike that the real Matt was in rehab and wanted to protect his reputation. Foggy offered Mike a salary.

(Daredevil VI#23) - "Matt" met with Foggy, Daredevil, and Kirsten McDuffie (Matt's old girlfriend, now legal counsel).

(Daredevil VI#24) - "Matt" worked with the legal team, but Kirsten soon confronted him, and he claimed that he had a hard time being around his ex, then she grew annoyed when he wanted her to join him for a drink. Daredevil confronted Mike, wondering what his motivations were, and Mike admitted Foggy was paying him.

(Daredevil VI#28) - After Daredevil was sent to jail, Mike Murdock checked on Butch, who was being put in charge of Hell's Kitchen by Izzy Libris.

(Daredevil VI#29) - Mike checked on Butch, who had been ordered to take care of Daredevil by Libris, but who had been ordered to leave Daredevil alone by Fisk.

(Daredevil VI#30) - Mike met with Butch, who suggested they go after Izzy Libris.

(Daredevil VI#31) - Posing as Matt, Mike had a meeting with Butch and other crime bosses, including Mo and Hammerhead, and he pressured them to turn on Izzy Libris. Hammerhead grew violent with Mike at first, then agreed.

(Daredevil VI#32) - Mike Murdock trailed Hammerhead, then watched as Butch humiliated Hammerhead, defeating him and gouging out his eye.

(Daredevil VI#33) – Mike and Butch realized they'd have to change their plans after hearing that Dante Libris had left town.

(Daredevil VI#36) - Butch met with Mike, telling him that the Kingpin had warned Butch that his chance to make a move was growing shorter, and Mike worried that Butch might do something drastic. Daredevil showed up at Mike's home, warning him to back down, but Mike refused to listen, though he worried when Daredevil said he had no word from Matt.

(Devil's Reign#1) - After Kingpin visited Butch, Mike Murdock was amazed at how far Butch had come, though he didn't approve of Butch's murder of Izzy Libris.

(Devil's Reign#4 (fb) - BTS) - Butch was arrested.

(Devil's Reign#4) - Mike Murdock went to visit Foggy Nelson in the hospital, hoping to find Daredevil there so he could ask for his help, but Daredevil refused to help with Butch.

(Devil's Reign#5) - When Mike Murdock realized that Butch was planning a hit on the Kingpin, Mike expressed frustration about how things were supposed to feel different. Mike suggested that they use the Norn Stone to fix things, and he admitted that he wasn't real, but Butch rejected his idea. Mike returned home and found his place ransacked. As he tried ot retrieve the Norn Stone, Kingpin broke in and beat Mike seemingly to death, believing he was Matt Murdock, thus the alias of Daredevil. Then Kirsten McDuffie walked in.

(Devil's Reign#6 - BTS) - Mike was repored dead to Daredevil.

(Devil's Reign Omega#1) - Mike Murdock was given a funeral, buried in Matt Murdock's place. Later, Kirsten placed a shiny object in the coffin with "Matt" as he was buried.

Comments: Created by Charles Soule & Phhil Noto.

In Daredevil I#25, Matt Murdock is feeling frustrated by his constantly having to cover for his secret identity, so he invented a twin brother. While Matt was serious, focused on being an attorney, and emotionally repressed, his brother Mike dressed in flashy clothing, had a confidence about him, and constantly said bold things that Matt couldn't. Mike flirted with Karen Page quite often, and teased Foggy Nelson about his weight even more. Matt was then able to pretend that Mike was actually Daredevil, so that he could protect his own identity. During his time as "Mike", Daredevil faced Leap-Frog, the Masked Marauder, Stilt-Man, the Queega, Mister Hyde, Cobra, Beetle (Abner Jenkins), Trapster (Peter Petruski), the Exterminator, the Unholy Three, and others. In one ridiculous storyline (in Daredevil I#30), Matt pretended to be Mike who then dressed as Daredevil, then Daredevil disguised himself as Thor. After a complicated battle with the Exterminator, who used a time-displacement ray to knock people out of synch with the Earth dimension, Matt reported to his friends that Mike had been killed in battle (in Daredevil I#41). In the very next issue, Matt continued the lies, saying that Mike had trained someone else to be the new Daredevil.

The Reader's construct of Mike Murdock seemed to have some of these memories, particularly the parts with Foggy and Karen involved, but Mike did not seem to know who Daredevil was. Mike also clearly remembered his birth parents and being raised. It is unknown how far those memories extend.

In Daredevil I#609-612, Matt Murdock was hit by a truck and had a complicated fever dream in the hospital, during which time Mike appeared. The actual construct of Mike Murdock is still out there until we are told otherwise.

Mike Murdock used a Norn Stone and a spell book to give himself memories of life events, inserting himself into Daredevil's narrative and giving him a continuity and motivations that he was previously lacking. It is unclear how widespread this effect is.

Killkillian visually resembles the Watchman character the Comedian of DC comics movie.

Profile by Chadman.

Mike Murdock should not be confused with:

Freddy Killkillan

(Daredevil I#606) - Super-villain Freddy Killkillan went to the Bar With No Name with his wife. When Mike Murdock, claiming to be the twin brother of Matt Murdock, flirted with Killkillan's wife, a fight broke out. When Daredevil arrived, claiming the Hulk was on his way, the villains, including Killkillan, fled.

--Daredevil I#606

images: (without ads)
Daredevil I#608, cover (main)
Daredevil I#607, p17, pan6 (face)
Daredevil I#606, p20, pan1 (Freddy Killkillan)

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