Real Name: James Arthur Madrox (duplicate)

Identity/Class: Human mutant duplicate

Occupation: Reverend at St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Group Membership: The congregation at St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Ben Foster, Daniel Maddox, Susan Maddox, Laura Schumacher, numerous others)

Affiliations: Crystal (hostage), Larry (hostage), Daniel Maddox, Susan Maddox, Ronnie (thief), X-Factor Investigations (Banshee/Theresa Cassidy, Jamie Madrox, Layla Miller, Polaris/Lorna Dane, Rictor/Julio Richter, Strong Guy/Guido Carosella, Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair), the congregation at St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Ben Foster, Daniel Maddox, Susan Maddox, Laura Schumacher, numerous others)

Enemies: Bobby Schumacher; formerly Jamie Madrox, Shatterstar (Gaveedra-Seven)

Known Relatives: Susan (wife), Daniel ("son"/duplicate), James Arthur Madrox (Multiple Man, genetic progenitor); unidentified in-laws

Aliases: "Dad" (nickname from son Daniel), "Father" (religious title), "Johnny" (nickname from Strong Guy), "Johnny-Boy" (nickname from Jamie Madrox), "Padre" (nickname from a police officer & Strong Guy)

Base of Operations: St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Vermont, USA

First Appearance: X-Factor III#16 (April, 2007)

Powers/Abilities: Rev. John Maddox was capable of duplicating himself (who was actually a duplicate of the mutant Jamie Madrox). Unlike Jamie's mutant powers, which generated a new duplicate of him whenever physical force was used against him, John Maddox was only capable of duplicating himself by the process of normal human reproduction. For example, John's "son" Daniel was actually an exact genetic duplicate of John Maddox himself rather than a combination of John's and his wife Susan's genetic material. Under normal everyday circumstances, John Maddox did not display any superhuman powers but being a genetic copy of the mutant Jamie Madrox, it was possible that John Maddox could also duplicate himself but chose not to.

Being a duplicate himself, John Maddox had all of the memories and physical training that Jamie Madrox had up until the moment in which he was spawned from Madrox, allowing John Maddox to dodge gunfire if fired from a distance and giving Maddox knowledge about all whom Jamie had encountered in his life prior to spawning Maddox.

Maddox was also skilled at using a handgun and was an extremely skilled Episcopal reverend.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown

History: (X-Factor III#16 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, multiplying mutant Jamie Madrox sent one of his duplicates out into the world to study religion. Years later, the duplicate became ordained as an Episcopal priest under the assumed name of John Maddox, marrying and having a son Daniel, named after Jamie Madrox's father. Knowing that someday, Jamie Madrox would come to reabsorb him, John Maddox lived in terror of such a day.

(X-Factor III#43 (fb) - BTS) - John Maddox never told his wife or son that he was actually a duplicate of the mutant Jamie Madrox.

(X-Factor III#40 (fb) - BTS) - Soon after his son Daniel's birth, John Maddox deduced that Daniel was actually another duplicate of Jamie Madrox. Choosing not to inform anyone, Maddox decided to raise the duplicate Daniel as any normal child and the people he met just assumed that Daniel had inherited his father's genetic traits, unaware of the truth.

(X-Factor III#16) - The Rev. John Maddox preached a sermon titled "Man's Dominion" at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, where he brought into question whether man was intended to rule over all he saw. Reminding his congregation that there was only one absolute ruler, Maddox remarked that humans were not masters of the world but rather, caretakers with responsibilities. Announcing that they could not do whatever they wished, Maddox's sermon was cut short when Jamie Madrox entered the Church. Uncertain as to why Madrox had arrived, Rev. Maddox claimed that he suddenly felt unwell and excused himself from the podium. Thinking Maddox was going to run from him, Madrox snuck around to the back of the church, only to find himself confronted by Rev. Maddox's wife Susan and son Daniel, who assumed Madrox was Maddox due to their identical appearance. After Madrox went home with Susan, John Maddox followed and found Madrox looking over Maddox's belongings in his study. Admitting that he had long ago deduced that Jamie Madrox would come there to reabsorb him, Rev. Maddox remarked that he had a life, one that Jamie could have had if he had the patience to walk such a path, and that he was willing to fight for his life. Rev. Maddox then pulled a gun on Jamie and demanded to know why Jamie wanted to reabsorb him. After explaining that each duplicate housed a part of his soul, Jamie told Maddox that perhaps it was best that Maddox did kill him, as Madrox would live on inside Rev. Maddox. When Jamie tried to coerce Maddox into shooting, Maddox instead broke down and admitted Madrox's dominance over his duplicate life, asking that Madrox make the reabsorption quick. Madrox instead opted to continue allowing Maddox to live his life and when Susan returned from bathing Daniel, she mentioned that John looked different. Smiling, Rev. John Maddox remarked that for the first time in his life, he felt free as Jamie Madrox secretly exited Maddox's Vermont home.

(X-Factor III#40 (fb) - BTS) - A supposed nun from the Peace Corps contacted John Maddox to set up a meeting and John agreed to meet with her, unaware that she was actually an adult version of X-Factor's Layla Miller. When a man named Ronnie robbed a 247 Mart and took Crystal and others hostage, he requested Rev. John Maddox to speak to.

(X-Factor III#40) -  Rev. John Maddox decided to don a bulletproof vest and try to talk down Ronnie despite police officers' insistence that he didn't have to risk his life. Asking an officer to send a nun from the Peace Corps his regrets if he did not make it out alive, Maddox ventured inside and found Ronnie with a gun to Crystal. Ronnie immediately ordered Maddox to tell the police to leave the scene but Maddox explained that they would not listen to him. When Ronnie blamed Crystal for causing the robbery, Maddox questioned him and learned that Ronnie's girl Crystal had been constantly talking about how great 247 Mart employee Larry was, prompting Ronnie to attempt to scare Larry with a gun. Crystal quickly remarked that Larry was twice the man Ronnie was, causing Ronnie to point the gun at Crystal, announcing that she would die first then Larry then himself. Maddox quickly asked Ronnie to put the gun away slowly but a depressed Jamie Madrox, who was also in the 247 Mart, suggested Ronnie go ahead and shoot them to stop the all of the pointless angst of the situation. Madrox then asked Ronnie if he would like to see what the police would be cleaning up if Ronnie killed everyone and pointed the gun, causing the hostages to scream. Maddox immediately tried to diffuse the situation but Madrox opened fire on a bunch of watermelons. The officers outside prepared to storm the building upon hearing the shots fired but Maddox rushed outside and assured them the only victims were produce. While Maddox dealt with the police, Jamie ended up causing Ronnie to vomit when he started talking about all of the body fluids that would have been splattered had Ronnie shot. As Ronnie was taken into custody, Jamie Madrox snuck out of the store while Maddox covered up Madrox's involvement by claiming the hero was a homeless man with ninja training. Agreeing to visit the station to provide a full report, Maddox asked the police officers to go easy on Ronnie, as he believed Ronnie was not inherently a bad kid. Returning home, Maddox was greeted by his family, who had seen his situation on television. When Susan Maddox mentioned that the Peace Corps nun was running late, John asked his wife to send the nun over to St. Paul's Church, where he would be praying in thanks for watching over his life during the hostage situation. Jamie confronted Maddox in the Church and at first, Maddox was worried that Jamie had changed his mind about reabsorbing Maddox but Madrox told Maddox to live his life for both of them. Confused, John Maddox asked Jamie what had happened to him since their last meeting and when Jamie mentioned walking all the way to Vermont from Detroit, Maddox was shocked. Jamie continued, admitting that he had traveled all that way to say it to Maddox's face that he was giving up on life, tired of being God's "whipping boy." Refusing to believe Madrox had come all that way just to tell Maddox he was committing suicide, Maddox continued talking with Jamie, soon learning how Jamie had uncontrollably reabsorbed his own soon, who existed as an infant duplicate. When Jamie warned Rev. Maddox that Daniel was not truly his son but rather, another duplicate, Maddox admitted that he already knew from Daniel's birth but Daniel had no idea. John Maddox then mentioned that good could still be had with patience and Madrox responded by pulling out his gun and claiming he was out of patience. Refusing to stand by and watch Madrox kill himself, Maddox announced that he would do everything he could to stop Madrox even if Madrox threatened to reabsorb him. When Maddox ran at Madrox to stop him, Madrox sprayed John with a chemical mist, knocking him unconscious but he was prevented from suicide by the supposed Peace Corps nun, who revealed herself to Jamie Madrox and an adult Layla Miller.

(X-Factor III#41) - Rev. John Maddox remained unconscious on the floor of St. Paul's Episcopal Church as Layla Miller reunited with the suicidal Jamie Madrox, coming to just in time to see Layla, who was actually a hard light hologram, touch Jamie's hand and the duo disappear in brilliant flash of light. As the smoke cleared, a man appeared in the Church's doorway and, still in shock from what he had just seen, Maddox started to remark that it wasn't a good time before the man opened fire. Dodging to one side, John Maddox picked up Jamie's dropped gun and fired on the intruder in self-defense, hitting the man in the leg. The man continued firing and John Maddox dodged all attacks until he managed to get his gun to the man's head. Confronted by his failure, the man whispered the word "Cortex" before shooting himself in the head. Susan Maddox, overhearing the commotion, then came into the Church and was shocked to see the man dead on the floor. Explaining how the man had showed up out of nowhere and attacked before killing himself, John Maddox could not come up with a reason behind the man's attack.

(X-Factor III#42 - BTS) - While seeking out the missing Jamie Madrox, X-Factor Investigations came across the news article about the church shooting involving Rev. Maddox and immediately recognized Maddox as a double of Jamie Madrox. Learning that Maddox had been there for years, Rictor announced his suspicions that Maddox must be a dupe but Siryn explained that it was none of their concern, even if Madrox himself was involved. Despite Siryn's objections, Strong Guy and Rictor opted to take a road trip to investigate Maddox's connection to Madrox.

(X-Factor III#43) - Strong Guy and Rictor traveled to Vermont thinking Rev. John Maddox might know something about Jamie's disappearance. Susan Maddox at first thought the two heroes were reporters and refused them entry but when they explained that they were looking for their friend, Rev. Maddox came to the door and, recognizing Strong Guy, led the heroes into his Church's study so that they could talk without being disturbed. In the study, Rev. Maddox explained to Rictor and Strong Guy about Jamie's disappearance alongside a blonde woman that Maddox did not recognize.

(X-Factor III#200/2 (fb) - BTS) - During the discussion, Strong Guy also informed Rev. John Maddox about X-Factor member Siryn, who had earlier experienced Jamie Madrox accidentally absorbing their son followed by the death of her father, the X-Man Banshee.

(X-Factor III#43) - Suspecting the blonde from Maddox's story to be Layla Miller, Rictor asked Maddox if he was sure the blonde was a woman and not a young girl but Maddox insisted that the blonde was an adult. Their conversation was interrupted by Rictor's mind-controlled former X-Force teammate Shatterstar, who attacked the trio and only muttered the word "Cortex."

(X-Factor III#45) - John Maddox watched as the mind-controlled Shatterstar slashed Rictor's arm and soon fired a warning shot at Shatterstar, threatening that while shooting people was not part of his skill set, he had recently gotten quite practiced at it. Unfazed, Shatterstar hurled a chair into Rev. Maddox, knocking him down, as Shatterstar's manipulator, Cortex, watched from afar through Shatterstar's eyes.

(X-Factor III#47) - After night fell around the severely damaged St. Paul's Episcopal Church study, a recovering Rev. Maddox mumbled how he needed to call 911. Shatterstar, who had regained his senses, replied that it wouldn't be necessary and, unaware of Shatterstar's restoration, Rev. Maddox warned that he had a gun somewhere. Strong Guy and Rictor followed, assuring John Maddox that Shatterstar was now fine and when Shatterstar proved unable to explain why he had earlier tried to kill Maddox, Maddox asked the three heroes to leave despite them insisting that he needed protection. Announcing that he was rather take his chances, Rev. Maddox yelled that if X-Factor would stop showing up, people would stop trying to kill him, prompting Rictor, Strong Guy and Shatterstar to quietly exit.

(X-Factor III#200/2 (fb) - BTS) - Making the news following his attack from the Cortex-controlled Shatterstar, Rev. John Maddox decided to attend a religious seminar in Ireland. While there, he decided to sightsee and visit some old churches.

(X-Factor III#200/2) - While visiting an Irish church, Rev. Maddox came upon former X-Factor member Siryn, who was visiting the grave of her father, Banshee. Hoping he could help her cope with the loss, Rev. Maddox offered a handkerchief for her tears and when he called her by name, Siryn mistook him for Jamie Madrox and punched him. At first angrily berating Maddox, Siryn quickly noticed that Maddox did not multiply when struck like Madrox and also noticed that Madrox did not have a letter M tattooed on his face. Realizing she had made a mistake and recognizing Maddox from the news reports of his earlier attack, Siryn apologized and returned Maddox's handkerchief so that he could wipe his bloody nose. Introducing himself, Maddox asked why Siryn's response to Madrox offering something to dry her tears would have been a right cross, prompting Siryn to question whether Madrox or Strong Guy had sent Rev. Maddox to speak to her. Insisting he was only there to sightsee, Maddox did offer to help with her recent losses and tried to get Siryn to talk about her troubles. After a quick back and forth in which Maddox tried to get the stubborn Siryn to open up, Siryn asked what God wanted from her. In an attempt to further get her to talk, Maddox opted to say something she hadn't heard before and he remarked that God hated her. Surprised that a priest would say that, Siryn asked if God had a plan for her and Maddox admitted that no one really knows what God's plan is, only that they should get through each day with what God gave them: each other. Their conversation was interrupted when they heard a gunshot and Maddox followed Siryn into the woods, where she confronted a duo of poachers in her family forest. After Siryn scared away the poachers, Maddox and Siryn sat on a log, where Siryn asked what Maddox thought of Siryn changing her codename to Banshee to honor her father. Agreeing that her father would be honored by the change, Maddox asked Siryn who the poached deer's mother blamed for the death of her fawn and they agreed that the deer likely had no concept of God and had to just deal with life as it was. As Siryn began to see the parallels in that she also needed to deal with what life had dealt her, Maddox offered his bloody handkerchief to dry her tears. Thankful for Maddox's words and the lesson he had taught her, Siryn hugged Rev. Maddox.

(X-Factor III#237 (fb) - BTS) - When her X-Factor teammate Wolfsbane went through her own crisis involving her rejection of her child with the Asgardian Hrimhari, Siryn (now going by Banshee) phoned Rev. John Maddox in hopes that he could provide Wolfsbane with someone to talk to.

(X-Factor III#237 (fb)) - Unaware of where her teammates Banshee and Polaris were taking her, Wolfsbane was surprised when they took her to St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Vermont, where Rev. John Maddox introduced himself to Wolfsbane and commended Banshee on calling ahead, joking that every time X-Factor showed up, someone tried to kill him. Wolfsbane immediately asked if Jamie Madrox knew that one of his duplicates was pretending to be a priest but Maddox quickly explained that he was not pretending but rather, was ordained and had Jamie's blessing to continue such a life. After revealing which Christian denominations they both were, Maddox suggested that they have a chat in his office and Wolfsbane agreed. Once inside, Maddox admitted it was strange since his memories of Wolfsbane were from when Jamie Madrox and Wolfsbane worked with Valerie Cooper and when Wolfsbane quipped that Banshee did know half of how weird things had gotten with her. Maddox then asked Wolfsbane to tell him the half that Banshee didn't know but Wolfsbane opted not to, prompting Maddox to instead ask about the religious Wolfsbane bearing the child of the Asgardian god Hrimhari. When Wolfsbane remarked that Hrimhari was perfect, Maddox corrected her, stating that not even God was perfect, as the rainbow was a sign of his promise to never again do something regrettable. Continuing that forgiveness was for those who make mistakes, Maddox asked if perhaps Wolfsbane felt as if she didn't deserve forgiveness for her past regrets. After a bit of prodding, Rev. Maddox managed to get Wolfsbane to admit that she had rejected her son after she had strangely vomited the child to birth him and he immediately gutted someone. Despite being shocked at what she told him, Rev. Maddox remained supportive, reminding her not to wallow in self-pity and that forgiveness was achievable. When Maddox mentioned that Wolfsbane had a little bit of her father, religious zealot Reverend Craig, in her, Wolfsbane began crying and confessed that she had been brainwashed by Reverend Craig into killing the X-Man Angel but she instead devoured Craig. Saddened and asking how she could be forgiven for such an act, Wolfsbane was surprised when Maddox left the room. Returning shortly after, Maddox handed Wolfsbane a cat o'nine tails whip and began pressuring her to beat herself with it to make up for her sins.

(X-Factor III#237) - Continuing to prod, Maddox tried to convince Wolfsbane that self-flagellation was the only way she could move forward, promising that she deserved it and she would feel better afterwards. When Wolfsbane seemed reluctant, Maddox reminded her that she had been punishing herself all her life for things such as lustful thoughts and her present sins were at a whole new level and began yelling, demanding she punish herself. Wolfsbane quickly broke down crying and admitted that she couldn't do it, at which point Maddox revealed that he would not have let her and that she shouldn't have to beat herself up. Having taught a lesson to Wolfsbane, Maddox suggested she dump the self-pity and channel her negative feelings into something positive. When he asked if she could do that for him and better yet, herself, Rev. Maddox was informed that Wolfsbane intended to do just that and she mentioned that she knew exactly how to start. Wolfsbane then expressed her desire to find the son she had rejected.

(X-Factor III#258 (fb) - BTS) - Rev. Maddox learned that his congregation's Laura Schumacher lived in fear of her alcoholic husband, Bobby.

(X-Factor III#258) - During a normal Sunday sermon, Rev. John Maddox noticed two men entering the church and immediately recognized one as Bobby Schumacher. Thinking that perhaps Bobby was there to talk about his wife, Maddox continued his sermon until Bobby and his friend pulled out guns. When the men opened fire, a horrified Rev. Maddox watched as many of his congregates were gunned down. Bobby then made his way to Rev. Maddox, his true target, but before Bobby could kill Maddox, Wolfsbane burst through a stained glass window and saved Maddox. When Wolfsbane savagely attacked Bobby and gunned down his accomplice, Rev. Maddox pleaded with Wolfsbane to stop the violence. Calming Wolfsbane down, Maddox reminded her who he was and she dropped the gun before fleeing the scene. Afterwards speaking with police, Rev. Maddox was vague as to his rescuer and had thoughts of not caring whether his assailants survived but quickly asked God to forgive him his lapse of faith. Hours later, Maddox phoned his wife to assure her he was safe but their conversation was interrupted by the returning Wolfsbane. Excusing himself from the phone call by claiming he had seen a mouse, Rev. Maddox thanked Wolfsbane for her earlier rescue then asked what had happened to her, as the last time he had seen her, she was going to try to be a mother to her son Tier. Wolfsbane revealed that Tier had been killed by her former teammate Strong Guy, who had taken over Hell and resurrected a deceased M. Confused upon hearing these events, Maddox asked Wolfsbane to elaborate on the details and learned that Wolfsbane had been transported outside St. Paul's Episcopal Church by Strong Guy, who had found Wolfsbane in the Arctic and felt he owed her for the murder of Tier. Wolfsbane then prepared to leave but Rev. Maddox informed her that one of Bobby's victims was the church's deacon, Ben Foster. He then offered Wolfsbane a place in his church as the new deacon and she accepted the offer with a tearful hug. He then offered her a shower and some clean clothes, to which Wolfsbane replied would be nice.

Comments: Created by Peter David and Pablo Raimondi.

In Wolverine: First Class I#18 (October, 2009) by Peter David and Francis Portela, a story set in the past, Multiple Man creates several duplicates of himself and decides to send them out into the world to learn so that Jamie could learn through them later during the reabsorption process. One of the duplicates questions Jamie, asking what would happen if one of them decides they don't want to return to Jamie. This dupe then asks what would happen if he decided to change his name to John Maddox and live his own life. Jamie replies that he would just deal with that when the time came. This story appears to be the origin story of Rev. John Maddox and there's nothing really in this First Class issue that contradicts 616 continuity. However, it was ruled that the First Class series of books should be considered out of Earth-616 continuity unless the events are specifically mentioned otherwise. One could argue that the existence of John Maddox on Earth-616 confirms the Wolverine: First Class as 616 but Maddox first appeared on Earth-616 in 2007, two years prior to the Wolverine: First Class story. Another thing that could be argued is that the Wolverine: First Class series takes place when Kitty Pryde was still the youngest X-Man, early in her days with the team. In X-Factor III#237, Maddox mentions that his memories of Wolfsbane were from Jamie's time with the government-sponsored X-Factor team, suggesting that Maddox-616 was spawned at some point after the government-sponsored X-Factor team's existence. The dupe in Wolverine: First Class#18 left Jamie at a time that Kitty was still the youngest X-Man and therefore, years prior to the government-sponsored X-Factor's founding. Then again, if the First Class series is ever ruled IN 616 continuity, one could easily explain John's memories of Rahne as something he had seen on television after he split off from Jamie.

It hasn't been shown whether the prime Jamie Madrox's death in Death of X#1 (2016) affected John Maddox as well. The one we see die in that issue claimed to be the "prime" Jamie Madrox but it's very possible that it was another duplicate who THOUGHT he was the prime Jamie Madrox and we've seen Jamie survive a deadly virus before when a duplicate died of the Legacy Virus. I'd like to think the true Jamie survived and is off somewhere staying alive until the Terrigen Mist in Earth-616's atmosphere is dispersed. Hopefully, Rev. Maddox survived. If it was indeed the true Jamie's death, it might have also caused John Maddox to perish...

Profile by Proto-Man.

Rev. John Maddox or his family have no KNOWN connections to:

Crystal has no KNOWN connections to:
Larry has no KNOWN connections to:
Ronnie has no KNOWN connections to:
Bobby Schumacher has no KNOWN connections to:


Crystal was a friend (possible girlfriend?) of Ronnie but was constantly talking about another man, Larry, who had a stronger drive in life. Tired of hearing about Larry, Ronnie attempted to scare Ronnie at his work, a plan that ultimately became a robbery and hostage situation. During the crisis, Crystal repeatedly called Ronnie stupid and Crystal was ultimately rescued by X-Factor's Jamie Madrox when Ronnie was defeated.

--X-Factor III#40

Ben Foster

Ben Foster was the deacon of St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Having no family, Foster lived out of a small apartment behind the church. His position was unfortunately vacated when Bobby Schumacher burst into the church and murdered several congregates, including Ben Foster. Following Ben's death, Rev. John Maddox offered the deacon position to Wolfsbane.

--X-Factor III#258d


Larry was an employee of 247 Market that Crystal was always telling Ronnie about. Tired of hearing about Larry, Ronnie decided to scare Larry by pretending to rob 247 Market. Things escalated when a false robbery became a true robbery, and Ronnie took Larry and Crystal hostage. After Ronnie summoned Rev. John Maddox, he threatened to kill the smart-mouthed Crystal first, followed by the panicked Larry. Eventually, X-Factor's Jamie Madrox wandered into the Market and defeated Ronnie, freeing Larry.

--X-Factor III#40

Susan & Daniel Maddox

Susan was the supporting wife of Rev. John Maddox and was unaware that John was actually a rogue duplicate of mutant Jamie Madrox. John and Susan had a son, Daniel, whom Susan did not know was a perfect genetic duplicate of John. Susan and Daniel became a member of John Maddox's Episcopal Church and during one sermon, Jamie Madrox appeared, causing John Maddox to flee out of fear of being reabsorbed by Madrox. Visiting the back of the church to check on her husband, Susan found only Jamie, whom she thought was John due to their identical appearances. Bringing Jamie home, Susan treated him like her husband before taking Daniel away to bathe him. Returning to find a relieved John Maddox, Susan did not realize John had received Jamie's blessing to continue existing. Some time later, Susan and Daniel witnessed John Maddox's diffusal of a hostage situation at 247 Market and was happy to see him return home safely. After John went to his study to pray, Susan heard a commotion and rushed to the study to find John standing over a man who had committed suicide after failing to kill John. Following the attack, Susan grew suspicious of strangers around their house and when X-Factor's Rictor and Strong Guy arrived seeking information on Jamie Madrox, Susan was reluctant to let them come in. She summoned John, who decided to speak with the two heroes in his study. Susan and Daniel later visited Susan's family and while they were gone, two armed men attacked St. Paul's Episcopal Church, killing several congregates. Speaking with John over the phone that evening, Susan considered coming home early to be with John but John insisted everything was fine.

(Susan): X-Factor III#16 (#40-41, #43, #258 - BTS,
X-Factor III#16 (#40,  #258 - BTS,


Ronnie was a friend (possible boyfriend?) of Crystal, who constantly talked about how much better a man named Larry was. Tired of hearing Crystal talk about Larry, Ronnie decided to scare Larry by holding up Larry's 247 Market store. The scare tactics soon became an actual robbery and Ronnie took both Crystal and Larry hostage, asking police to summon Rev. John Maddox to the scene. Maddox donned a bulletproof vest and ventured inside, where he attempted to talk Ronnie into turning himself in. Unfortunately, Ronnie's decisions were constantly influenced by Crystal, who berated Ronnie and talked about how Larry was twice the man Ronnie was. X-Factor's Jamie Madrox wandered through the back of the store, however, and terrified Ronnie into giving when he opened fire on a group of watermelons to show Ronnie what the police would be cleaning up if Ronnie killed Crystal and Larry then himself. As Ronnie was arrested, Rev. Maddox asked the police to go easy on him, as he felt Ronnie wasn't inherently a bad kid.

--X-Factor III#40

Bobby Schumacher

Bobby Schumacher was the alcoholic husband of one of Rev. John Maddox's congregates, Laura, who lived in fear of Bobby. Following a night of drinking, Bobby decided to attack Rev. John Maddox for helping Laura and burst into St. Paul's Church with guns. After Bobby and his friend gunned down several congregates, Bobby caught up to the horrified Rev. Maddox and prepared to kill him, only to be attacked by X-Factor's Wolfsbane. Savagely attacking Bobby and leaving him unconscious, Wolfsbane used Bobby's gun to gun down Bobby's friend before Maddox talked Wolfsbane out of her rampage. The unconscious Bobby was taken into custody.

X-Factor III#258

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X-Factor III#258, p1, pan6 (Bobby Schumacher)

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