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Real Name: Wolfgang Strucker

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-2301), human magic user

Occupation: Would-be conquerer

Group Membership: Hydra (Black Widow, Executioner, unrevealed others), the Keepers (Baron Mordo and unrevealed others)

Affiliations: Attuma, Dormammu, Hulk, Lorenzo, Namor, Namora, Namorita
                     formerly Dr. Bruce Banner

Enemies: Antman (Hank Pym), Black Panther (T'Challa), Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Jonatha Storm, Invisible Girl/Sioux Storm, Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Benjamin Grimm), Iron Girl (Antoinette "Toni" Stark), Iron Man (Tony Stark), SHIELD (Dum Dum Dugan, Nick Fury), Tigra, Wasp (Janet van Dyne), X-Men (Cyclops/Scott Summers, Marvel Girl/Jean Grey, Danielle Moonstar, Rogue, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Wolverine/Logan)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
                                  formerly Hydra headquarters, Central Asia

First Appearance: Marvel Mangaverse: New Dawn (March, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Baron Strucker was one of the Keepers and therefore an avid believer the elder gods should return to rule Earth, Strucker possessed some magical abilities as he was able to cast a shielding spell and could fire blasts from his hands which he named the blazing force palm. Besides his magical abilities Strucker had a mechanical eye that was able to shoot lasers and project images onto a room.

Eyes: Red
Hair: None


(Marvel Mangaverse: Eternity Twilight (fb) - BTS) - Baron Strucker was one of the Keepers, the secret beneficiaries behind Hydra, working to bring the Elder Gods back as the rightful rulers of Earth.

(Marvel Mangaverse: New Dawn (fb)) - Baron Strucker and Hydra had managed to trick Doctor Bruce Banner into building what he believed to be an energy well. In reality it was a conduit to bring the Elder Gods back to Earth. But when the well backfired due to improper construction, the resulting electro-magnetic pulse spread worldwide and caused every energy system to shut down for 24 hours. During what became known as the Blackout Wars Baron Strucker showed his loyalty to Namor who seized the opportunity to conquer the world but was stopped by Iron Man (Tony Stark). When the power was eventually restored, the Hydra base was attacked by SHIELD.

(Marvel Mangaverse: Eternity Twilight (fb) - BTS) - When Strucker learned Stark planned to rebuild his energy well after the last one had been destroyed during the Blackout Wars he realized Hydra had a second chance to acquire it. Mordo and Hydra knew the energy well's true purpose wasn't to produce clean and unlimited energy but to form a bridge between Earth and the Ethereal Realm populated by banished gods and monsters.

(Marvel Mangaverse: New Dawn - BTS) - Every now and then Strucker would visit Namor to bring him a special medicine fabricated by Hydra that would relieve the prince's chronic pains. During these visits, he also befriended Namor's young niece Namorita, often spoiling her with presents

(Marvel Mangaverse: New Dawn (fb) - BTS) - After learning that Toni Stark, the sister of Tony, had found and persuaded Banner to build a new energy well the Keepers realized Hydra had a second chance to acquire it. Hoping to once again gain Namor's help in their planned attack on Stark Island he went out to find Namor.

(Marvel Mangaverse: New Dawn) - Baron Strucker made his way to Namor's coastal palace in his yellow Porsche and was greeted at the door by Lorenzo, Namor's servant. Lorenzo quickly pushed a button to open the secret entrance to Namor's underwater realm where he was welcomed by the young Namorita who was pleasantly surprised to see Strucker again. He gave the impressionable soul another gift: a Soul Gem though before she could thank Strucker they were interrupted by a less than pleased Namora. The peace-loving sister of Namor was unhappy to see Strucker but still brought him to Namor. Strucker once again offered his special medicine fabricated by Hydra to relieve Namor's pains. When the agony was under control, Namor listened to Strucker's plan, full of fabrications about the actual Iron Man still being alive and that he was rebuilding the well to attack Atlantis. Enraged that Stark had broken their treaty, Namor swore to have his revenge and conquer all of Earth. Strucker was pleased by Namor's blind fury, feeling he could use it to take control of the well on Stark Island. That very night Strucker and Namor set out with the combined forces of Atlantis and Hydra to attack Stark Island.

(Marvel Mangaverse: Eternity Twilight) - Spearheading the assault on Stark Island, Strucker rode in a special flying vehicle beside Namor and Attuma. Assuring Namor they would reign victorious Namor asked Strucker to negotiate for peace after they'd destroyed the energy well. Just when they were caught off guard by the swarming of millions of flying ants, courtesy of Antman who had joined Stark's defense against the Atlanteans. His attack was followed by the arrival of the mutant superhero team the X-Men who fought their way through the Atlantean forces. Enraged by their attacks Namor joined to battle, leaving Strucker alone with Attuma. Having had enough of his charade against the Atlanteans, Strucker used a laser shot from his mechanical eye to kill Attuma and than managed to break through Stark's walls with a battalion of Hydra agents. In the presence of the energy well Strucker summoned his master, the elder god Dormammu. Hungering for blood and souls Strucker offered his men to feed the elder god's appetite after which Dormammu began his rampage on Stark Island. When the combined heroic forces battled the giant Hulk monster, Strucker and Dormammu witnessed the fight until Doctor Strange had returned to Earth and immediately attacked Strucker. Strucker used all his magical abilities to battle Strange and tried to persuade the sorcerer to join their cause, Strange would hear nothing of it and used a little voodoo doll to set Strucker on fire. While Strucker burned to death, Strange used one final spell to make him explode leaving nothing but his mechanical eye behind.

(Marvel Mangaverse#4 - BTS) - During an assembly of the United Nations President Rogers took a moment to discuss the recent troubles at the hand of Hydra and the Atlanteans, showing photos of Strucker and Namor.

Comments: Created by Ben Dunn.

Due to the Asian specific nature of the Mangaverse reality, it goes without saying that while characters might look similar to their 616 counterparts, they most likely will have distinctly different names, codenames or powers. Therefore we will only list the names when they have been used in the comics.

The "von" part in Baron von Strucker was dropped for his Mangaverse appearances.

It's been unrevealed why Namor needed a special medicine. Also the Soul Gem Namorita received from Strucker could have been an early set-up for any future storylines if Ben Dunn had gotten the chance.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Baron Strucker has some connections to

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Marvel Mangaverse: Eternity Twilight, p31, pan1-3 (death)

Marvel Mangaverse: New Dawn (March, 2002) - Ben Dunn (writer, pencils, inks), Brian Smith, Ralph Macho (editors)
Marvel Mangaverse: Eternity Twilight (March, 2002) - Ben Dunn (writer, pencils, inks), Brian Smith, Ralph Macho (editors)

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