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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional of Earth-81999

Occupation: Protector of the Hyssta race

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Hyssta race (of reality-81999)

Enemies: Captain Marvel of Earth-616 (Genis-Vell), Rick Jones of Earth-616

Known Relatives: Captain Marvel (father)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California
formerly: it's native world of 81999

First Appearance: (Illusion) Captain Marvel IV#0 (November, 1999); (real) Captain Marvel IV#1 (January, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Like all members of the Hyssta race, Captain Marvel was at least one hundred feet long and had proportional strength and durability. He also possessed the ability to generate and spit a venom from its mouth that worked like an acid. It is unknown if the Hyssta Captain Marvel shared any of the superhuman abilities associated with the 616-version of the character.

Height: At least one-hundred feet long
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Red/Brown


(Captain Marvel IV#1 - BTS) - Due to unknown causes, Captain Marvel of the Hyssta ended up in another dimension.

(Captain Marvel IV#0 - BTS) - Due to his cosmic awareness, Genis-Vell involuntarily experienced visions of things to come, guided along by Rick Jones who shared his existence following the events known as the Destiny War. After this event, Genis and Jones returned to Earth a merged being, with both of them experiencing random visions of the future. Ensured that these visions were real, Genis tried to help and save whoever he saw getting victimized in his visions, only to wind up with proverbial egg on his face when his premature involvement dissolved the situation well before it could ever become a situation worthy of his cosmic awareness flaring up. Despite this, Genis reacted when the Hyssta's version of Captain Marvel arrived on Earth. Rick Jones used his Nega-Bands to turn into Captain Marvel to battle the massive Hyssta. Only after the fight had reduced part of Los Angeles to rubble, did Genis realize he had been fighting an illusion. The premature vison ended then, leaving the hero thoroughly confused when no enemy was seen in the crater left behind by his battle.

(Captain Marvel IV#1) - Captain Marvel of the Hyssta crashlanded on Earth-616 after his spaceship endured unknown damage. Unfamiliar with his new, thoroughly alien surroundings, he stormed the city of Los Angeles and was attacked by Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell) of Earth-616. The Hyssta introduced itself as Captain Marvel and son of a legendary warrior of the same name. Genis-Vell, being his ever so subtle self, exclaimed his father was the one true Captain Marvel and not a giant snake. Taking this as a severe insult the Hyssta grew enraged and vowed to punish Genis. Rick, already having figured a plan to defeat the Hyssta, ordered Genis to lead "Captain Marvel" to the Labrea tar pits. In pursuit, the Hyssta spit his acid-like venom at local federal officers and was than tricked in spitting its corrosive acid on it's own skin severely burning it. Genis then managed to blind the Hyssta with a blast of intense light, further enraging the Hyssta who was incensed enough to dive into the Labrea pits. Trapped, the Hyssta Captain Marvel died inside the pits.

(Captain Marvel IV#9 - BTS) - Other members of the Hyssta race travelled to Earth-616 to exact revenge on the creature who killed their hero.

Comments: Created by Peter David (writer), ChrisCross (pencils), Anibal Rodriguez (inks).

It has been suggested that Captain Marvel and the Hyssta were summoned to Earth by Kelly Kooliq

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Captain Marvel has no known connections to

images: (without ads)
Captain Marvel IV#0, p7, pan2 (main image)
Captain Marvel IV#1, p13, pan1-5 (crashlanding)
Captain Marvel IV#1, p17, pan4 (introductions)

Captain Marvel IV#0 (November, 1999) - Peter David (writer), ChrisCross (pencils), Anibal Rodriguez (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Captain Marvel IV#1 (January, 2000) - Peter David (writer), ChrisCross (pencils), Anibal Rodriguez (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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