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Type: Alternate Earth

Environment: Essentially Earth-like

Usual means of access: Vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Formerly humanity

Significant Inhabitants: Avengers (Songbird (Melissa Gold), Captain Marvel/Genis, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne, Jack of Hearts/Jonathan Hart, Thor Odinson), Dr. Victor von Doom, Dr. Stephen Strange, Ely-Vell, Marlo Chandler-Jones, Laressa, the Maadon (I could link it, but that's them on the right...the steeds), Magus, Manzo, Marvites, Mimi-Vell, Oort the Living Comet, Sin Seers, Silver Surfer, Solar Squadron, Adam Warlock, Wysconz;
    Non-Earth inhabitants: Council of Aligned Worlds (including the Kree, Shi'ar, Skrulls, and others), Ego the Living Planet, Elysisu, Eon,

First Appearance: (Behind-the-scenes) Avengers Forever#1 (December, 1998); (full) Avengers Forever#2 (January, 1999)

(Avengers Forever#2 (fb)) - Songbird and the Avengers (Thor, maybe Justice/Vance Astrovik?) had just defeated Oort the Living Comet and his Solar Squadron and were headed back to their mansion when she was pulled to Reality-616.

(Avengers Forever#1) - Songbird was summoned to the Reality-616 by Rick Jones, with Libra's aid, as part of a group of time-displaced Avengers participating in the Destiny War.

(Avengers Forever#12) <Earth-98120> - Via Libra (Gustav Brandt), Songbird returned to her own world, reappearing Avengers Mansion. She was greeted by teammates Jack of Hearts (Jonathan Hart) and Wasp (Janet Van Dyne), though she couldn't remember much beyond having participated in the "Destiny War."

(Avengers Forever#2 (fb) - BTS) - Ego the Living Planet reanimated the corpse of Eon and sent him to ravage Earth, but Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell) and the Avengers stopped Eon.

(Avengers Forever#2 (fb)) - Captain Marvel was towing Eon's corpse out of Earth's solar system when Genis was pulled to Reality-616.

(Avengers Forever#1) - Genis was summoned to the Reality-616 by Rick Jones, with Libra's aid, as part of a group of time-displaced Avengers participating in the Destiny War.

(Avengers Forever#7 (fb) - BTS) - A few years later, Songbird became a couple with Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell).

(Captain Marvel V#19 (fb) - BTS) <Earth-98120> - Songbird and Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell) were married.

(Captain Marvel V#19 (fb) - BTS) <Earth-98120> - When Songbird gave birth to her and Genis' daughter, Mimi, Songbird's scream's shattered all the windows in their house.

(Captain Marvel V#19 (fb) - BTS) <Earth-98120> - While Genis was out battling the Sin Seers, Songbird slept at home, until suddenly her water broke and she started having frequent contractions.

(Captain Marvel V#19 (fb) - BTS) <Earth-98120> - Genis decided that if his and Melissa's child was a boy that they would name him "Marv," after Genis' father.

(Captain Marvel V#19) - Genis (the mentally and or physically time displaced Genis-616, having just escaped seeming certain death at an unidentified being's hands) awakened by her side and was forced to assist in the delivery of their son. After the child was born, Genis, recalling the names he had seen on Songbird's tombstone, decided the boy must be Ely (named for Genis' mother, Elysius). Melissa liked this name better than Marv, so they went with it. When Elysius walked into the room, Genis, stunned at seeing her since she was dead (at the time) in his reality, focused his cosmic awareness to learn what was going on, but suddenly collapsed, and his mind (and body?) was shunted back into his own time.

(Captain Marvel VI#20 (fb) - BTS) - Ely inherited immortality (but no other superhuman abilities) from Genis.

(Captain Marvel V#19) - While traveling backwards from his own future, Captain Marvel encountered the Magus who was impersonating Eros of Titan, aka Starfox.  Marvel's cosmic awareness uncovered the deception and he attacked the Magus, forcing him to drop the disguise.  Marvel was beating the Magus when he ordered Moondragon to attack the Captain. Captain Marvel disappeared just as Moondragon was aiming a kick at his head.

(Captain Marvel V#19) <Earth-98120> - Marlo was infected by an unidentified disease, and Ely and Genis placed her in stasis.

(Captain Marvel V#19 (fb) - BTS) <Earth-98120> - Songbird died in the line of duty.

(Captain Marvel V#19 (fb) - BTS) <Earth-98120> - Songbird perished, and ?? blamed Genis, though most others were convinced of his innocence.

(Captain Marvel V#19 (fb) - BTS) <Earth-98120> - Genis disappeared at some point, but ?? put out word far and wide that he would <apparently kill?> Genis if he ever returned.

(Captain Marvel V#19) <Earth-98120> - The mentally and/or physically displaced Genis-616 appeared over Songbird's grave, and he was attacked by ?? who began to strangle him, telling Genis to give his regards to his father. Genis noted something was abnormal about ??'s fingers, just as ?? began to break his neck.
    Genis-616 escaped by somehow transporting into the past of that same timeline.

(Captain Marvel VI#20 (fb) - BTS) - Mimi (the daughter of Genis and Songbird) died at some point.

(Captain Marvel VI#23 (fb) - BTS) <Earth-98120> - The Magus won the Nullifier War, acquiring the ability to destroy anything at will. The combined efforts of the Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, Dr. Stephen Strange, and Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell) subsequently trapped the Magus in a realm known as the Betwixt.




(Captain Marvel VI#20) <Earth-98120's 22nd century> - When it appeared as if humanity was going to colonize beyond their solar system, the Council of Aligned Worlds determined to end humanity's perceived threat to the universe. They sent a custom-made plague, within numerous tiny containers (too small to be detected by Earth's defenses) to Earth. Within a day or two, 9 out of 10 humans were dead or dying. Those remaining, who had a fluke immunity to the disease, tried to mount a defense, but they were slaughtered by the Council's forces (including Shi'ar, Skrull, and Kree forces).
    Off-world when this happened and somehow "caught napping," Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell) returned and fought back. Possibly because his heart wasn't in the battle, Genis was overwhelmed.

(Captain Marvel VI#20 (fb) - BTS) <Earth-98120's 22nd century> - Genis crawled back to a bunker in which Ely was hiding, and Ely hooked him up to a life support system.

(Captain Marvel VI#20 (fb) - BTS) <Earth-98120's 22nd century (about 150 years after Marlo was placed in stasis)>- When the extraterrestrial plague struck, being already in stasis saved Marlo.

(Captain Marvel VI#20 (fb) - BTS) <Earth-98120's 22nd century> - Only 5% of Earth's population remained, with most of them enslaved and miserable.










(Captain Marvel VI#20 (fb) - BTS) - Via quantum phase shifters, Genis-616 used his natural ability to move through dimensions, time-traveling to Earth-98120's future while staying in contact with Rick Jones.

(Captain Marvel VI#20) <Earth-98120's 22nd century (over two centuries after the modern era)> - A union of Skrull, Kree, and Shi'ar soldiers pressured their prisoner, the telepath Laressa tp seek out that reality's Genis, knowing he would be alongside her lover, Ely. Laressa suddenly died of cerebral hemorrhage or something like that, either self-inflicted or caused by Genis.
    Two miles straight down and protected by anti-scanner devices, Ely wept for his lover's death, wishing she had given him up instead. Genis tried to console him, but Ely remained frustrated. Genis-616 then arrived, and Genis-98120 (who had wondered when and if Genis-616 would arrive) had Ely show him Marlo's body, in stasis. Ely discussed Marlo's, Earth's, and Genis' fates, after which the Council began to close on the bunker. At Genis-98120's urging, Genis-616 used the Nega-Bands to merge themselves into a single being, combining their power as well as Genis-98120's experience. The Council's soldiers then burst into the room, but the combined Genis destroyed them via draining or infusing them with heat. He considered leaving one of the Shi'ar alive to tell his superiors what had happened, but he instead killed the Shi'ar and decided to tell the Council himself.

(Captain Marvel VI#21) - The composite Genis assaulted the Council of Aligned Worlds' forces, manipulating their minds' electrical synapses, causing them to see himself slaughtering them in giant form. Mentally convinced they were dying, the soldiers indeed perished. Seemingly empowered by the faith of humanity's remnants, Genis traveled the planet, eliminating all Council soldiers present...all while never leaving the bunker. When Genis-98120 plotted to track down and slaughter the rest of the Council, their allies, and their allies' allies, Genis-616 expelled Genis-98120's essence, essentially killing him.
    The delegates of the remaining humans expressed their appreciation, planning to erect a statue testifying to his greatness, which they would teach to their descendents. Almost immediately thereafter, Genis departed into this reality's future, telling Ely to keep an eye on Marlo.
    Meanwhile the Magus (possibly the Reality-98120 version) emerged through Marlo-616's mirror in the modern era, but Phyla-Vell shattered the portal, freeing Marlo from his clutches.

(Captain Marvel VI#22 (fb) - BTS) <Earth-98120> - An immense statue of Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell) was constructed, and he developed a sect of followers known as the Marvites.

(Captain Marvel VI#21 (fb) - BTS / Captain Marvel VI#22 (fb) - BTS) <Earth-98120, according to a guy at a bar who had several facts about history wrong> - Over the succeeding centuries, Earth had its share of ups and down. Every time humanity started to build themselves up, things came tumbling down somehow. The Marvites kept expecting Genis to step in during the evil times. When he didn't, the Marvites took out their frustration on the statue of Genis.

(Captain Marvel VI#22 (fb) - BTS) - Seeking to give people the hope for something to live for, Ely led a Marvite church, though he secretly despised Genis-616 for helping people then leaving them to their fate for centuries.

(Captain Marvel VI#21) <Earth-98120, "centuries later"> - Genis-616 appeared again, surprised to find the statue erected his honor defaced and covered with hateful, blaming messages.

(Captain Marvel VI#21 (fb) - BTS) - Genis-616 searched the now-abandoned bunker his elder counterpart and Ely had previously used, and found Marlo's body and stasis tube missing, with no indication of what had happened to her.

(Captain Marvel VI#22) - Learning what had happened since his last appearance in this timeline as well as the location of the remaining Marvite church, a disguised Genis traveled to the church in the "Old Guard" (the former LaGuardia airport). He stopped a group of motorcycle riding "Rackers" from slaughtering the Marvites and confronted their leader, Ely, who denounced him for showing up every few centuries and giving people false hope. Further disgusted that Genis' primary concern was Marlo, turning a blind eye to the "billions of lives" that could be improved, Ely claimed to have left Marlo behind and to have no idea of her fate. Genis doubted the truth of what Ely was saying, but as Genis-98120 had taught Ely how to block his cosmic awareness, he instead exchanged places with Rick Jones. Rick tried to beat the information out of Ely. After stating Marlo had left her "crypt" a few days ago, Ely, having learned how to access the Nega-Bands' power, seemingly incinerated Rick (actually sending him further into the future while leaving the Nega-Bands behind).
    Meanwhile, in Earth-616's modern era, the Magus ambushed Moondragon, punching a fist through her upper abdomen.

(Captain Marvel VI#24 (fb) - BTS) - Ely spent centuries learning from the Magus.

(Captain Marvel VI#23 (fb) - BTS) - Over an undetermined time period, most of humanity perished, and Earth was left as a sun-scorched desert. When a group of extraterrestrial terraformers arrived to colonize Earth, they received "The Great Writings of Victor," a history of Earth according to Dr. Victor von Doom.

(Captain Marvel VI#24 (fb) - BTS) - Ely and Marlo worked to restore the Titanic, which had eventually been exposed to air after the seas dried up.

(Captain Marvel VI#23 (fb) - BTS) <Earth-98120> - Ely drew the star and life energy of five systems into his Nega-Bands in hopes of releasing the Magus from the Betwixt.

(Captain Marvel VI#23) <Earth-98120, "much later"> - Rick arrived by the statue of Genis, now sunken mostly beneath sand.

(Captain Marvel VI#23) <Earth-98120> - Rick was recovered by Manzo of the Wysconz, part of a group of extraterrestrial terraformers planning to restore Earth to its original condition. Manzo gave Rick water to help revive him, then revealed Earth's current fate.
    Meanwhile, when Ely's newly absorbed energies still failed to release the Magus, the Magus encouraged Ely, telling him that even if it took the destruction of the entire galaxy to free him, there are plenty of other galaxies out there. Marlo soothed the frustrated Ely, who suddenly realized Rick Jones had returned to their world as the Nega-Bands glowed blue.
    Genis directed Rick to the Nega-Bands, and Manzo leant Rick one of their Maadon steeds to find them, warning them that the area due west he was heading was "a place of disaster that resonates to this very day." After a few days travel, Rick arrived at Genis' base, within a partially restored Titanic.


(Captain Marvel VI#24) - On Earth-616, the Magus forced the mortally wounded Moondragon to admit she wanted him to save her. He did so, departing after telling her she was now his and that he would see her "anon."
    Back on Reality-98120, Ely and Marlo confronted Rick, and Ely blasted him, forcing the exchange between Rick and Genis. Ely then gave Genis the Nega-Bands back, revealing another pair he had taken off Phyla's dead body. Ely reveled in the lives he had taken in Genis' name, blaming Genis' absence for what he had become, and he prepared for a massive battle, the energies of which would release the Magus from the Betwixt. Rather than fight, however, Genis resolved to have his future self (in this timeline's past) slay Ely as a child. As a result the adult Ely (and Marlo) faded from existence. The Magus congratulated Genis on his victory, noting all it had cost Genis was any possible chance at happiness and peace. Before the Magus closed the portal to his realm, he noted he would have to be happy with his consolation prize: Moondragon.
    Genis then returned to the present. He told Marlo in a few years she would become quite ill, but told her he would have her brought to Titan once a month to scan her with its medical resources to catch the illness quickly and cure it.
    Years in the future, Genis slew his infant son Ely, diverging Reality-98120 (in which Ely allied with the Magus) from Reality-98178, in which Ely died in infancy.

(Captain Marvel VI#19) - Marlo Chandler-98120, having traveled hundreds of centuries into the past, arrived on Saturn's moon Titan, embraced Rick Jones-616, who mistook her for her modern day counterpart. Possessing superhuman strength, she then attacked Rick, as well as Phyla-Vell, when she defended him. Exchanging places with Rick, Captain Marvel (Genis)-616 recognized Marlo for what she really was, noting that the energies that had brought her into the past were too much for what passed for her body. Despite his warnings that she was hastening her demise, she attacked Genis with energy blasts and brute force, and she crumbled to dust before he could look into her and learn what had happened to her to make her this way. At Rick's urging, Genis agreed to prevent this from happening to Marlo in the future.






Comments: Created by Peter David and Aaron Lopresti.

    Time travel is always a headache. The general policy in the Marvel Universe is that there are multiple potential futures, and attempts to change the past USUALLY (with definite exceptions) result in divergent realities, rather than changing the present or future. If the future really was changed, then Genis slew Ely as an infant, which means that Ely never sent Marlo back to the past to attack modern day Genis, which means Genis never went into the future to encounter the adult Ely, which means he would never have resolved to go back in time and slay Ely...etc. I cannot accurately identify the timelines as mid-story as a result, but the bottom line is that the one Genis slew infant Ely is Reality-98178, while the one where Ely allied with the Magus is Reality-98120. There's lots of stories where a certain future seems to be erased, but generally a divergence is simply created, and future stories generally back that up.

    I apologize for the format of this one. I don't have time to write up a bunch of sub-profiles at this point, so I just plugged a number of the the images into empty sub-profiles for right now. With a buttload of Marvel work and a second child due in 10-12 weeks, time is limited for me.

    This profile does not cover Genis-Vell and Songbird's adventures in Reality-616 during the Destiny War. Maybe I'll get a chance to profile each of them on their own...or I or someone else will add the information in some point.

Profile by Snood.

This Odyssey name has no known connections to



--Captain Marvel VI#20



















Marlo Chandler (-Jones)


--Captain Marvel VI#20













--Captain Marvel VI#20













(Captain Marvel VI#23 (fb) - BTS) - At some point in the future, the Magus will triumph in a struggle known as "The Nullifier War," and attain the ability to destroy anything  at will. It will take the combined efforts of Captain Marvel, Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer, and Adam Warlock to imprison him in a realm called the Betwixt, which is apparently a place between dimensions.

(Captain Marvel VI#23 (fb)) - Ely, the future son of Captain Marvel found the Magus and trained with him for centuries, learning how to use the full potential of the Nega Bands. Ely destroyed several star systems with the Nega Bands and used their energy to try to set the Magus free of his prison. It was not enough however, and he continued to search for more sources of energy to draw upon to free the Magus.

(Captain Marvel VI#24) - Captain Marvel traveled forward in time and confronted Ely. Magus intended to use the energies unleashed by their battle to free himself. However, Captain Marvel resolved to kill Ely while Ely was still a baby, and the battle never happened, and the Magus remained trapped. However, no moral victory had been won by Captain Marvel as the Magus taunted him from the Betwixt about how Marvel  would never know happiness, and boasting of how he enslaved Moondragon.

(Captain Marvel V#19[ff]) - While traveling backwards from his own future, Captain Marvel encountered the Magus who was impersonating Eros of Titan, aka Starfox.  Marvel's cosmic awareness uncovered the deception and he attacked the Magus, forcing him to drop the disguise.  Marvel was beating the Magus when he ordered Moondragon to attack the Captain. Captain Marvel disappeared just as Moondragon was aiming a kick at his head.

--Captain Marvel V#19 (Captain Marvel VI#23 (fb) - BTS, 23 (fb), 24, Captain Marvel V#19 (ff)









MANZO of the Wysconz


--Captain Marvel VI#20






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        pg. 10, panel 2 (Magus)
        pg. 12, panel 5 - final Ely-face

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