Real Name: Jennifer Walters

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-57780) human mutate (see comments)

Occupation:  Lawyer, super-hero

Group Membership: Bar Association

Affiliations: Spider-Man (Peter Parker) of Earth-57780

Enemies: Foggy Nelson, Rhino (all Earth-57780)

Known Relatives: Presumably Earth-57780 counterparts of Bruce Banner (cousin), Brian Banner (uncle), Rebecca Banner (aunt), Morris Walters (father), Elaine Banner Walters (mother), Cassandra Pike (aunt), David Pike (cousin)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City, NY, and presumably Los Angeles, CA (Earth-57780)

First Appearance: Spidey Super Stories#50/1 (January, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: She-Hulk had the same basic powers and limits as Earth-616 counterpart. She was also capable of being both a defense attorney and a prosecutor during the same trial.

History: (Spidey Super Stories#50/1 (fb) - BTS) - Lawyer Jennifer Walters, via unrevealed means, gained the ability to transform into a seven foot tall green Amazon of nearly the same strength class as the Hulk. Despite this drawback, she still found time to practice law. She was so successful that when the wanted criminal the Rhino was brought to trial, the City of New York brought her in represent him.

(Spidey Super Stories#50/1) - Jennifer Walters was defending the Rhino. Despite Foggy Nelson arguing that the Rhino “was bad” Jennifer pleaded for the court’s mercy. The Rhino, however, felt that his chances of freedom would be slightly higher if he escaped and fled the courtroom. Thankfully Spider-Man was hanging around outside the same court building during this time.

Changing secretly into the She-Hulk, Jennifer tried to reason with the Rhino and tried to bring him back to face trial just as Spider-Man showed up. Using this to his advantage, the Rhino tricked the She-Hulk into fighting the web-head as he made his getaway. After a brief tussle, the two heroes came to their senses and managed to capture the Rhino before he got too far.

The She-Hulk changed back into Jennifer Walters and went back to the trial, only now acting as the prosecutor. The Rhino was found guilty of…whatever he was charged with. Jennifer flew back thinking: “I’d rather be a lawyer than a liar”.

Comments: Created by Steven Grant and Winslow Mortimer.
  Based on the character created by Stan Lee, John Buscema, and Chic Stone.

Yes, some how she could switch sides during a trial and nobody said anything. Also, It should be noted that Dr. Banner was never mentioned in her introduction/origin. The Hulk showed up plenty of times without references to Banner, so it is possible that this She-Hulk may be a mutant or not even connected to the Hulk of Earth-57780 in any form. She may also be not even have the same family as her Earth-616 counterpart.

Profile by David Lawrence.

The She-Hulk has no known connections to

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Spidey Super Stories#50, cover  (main image)

p1 (as Jennifer Walters)

Spidey Super Stories#50 (January, 1981) - Jim Salicrup & Steven Grant (writers), Winslow Mortimer (pencils), Mike Esposito & Ricardo Villamonte (inks), Caroline Barnes & Deborah Walker (editors)

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