Real Name: Jennifer Walters

Identity/Class: Extratemporal (Earth-9200) human mutate

Occupation: None, former attorney, former super hero

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None (see comments);
    formerly Abomination

Enemies: Abomination of Earth-Dystopia, Abomination of Earth 616, Betty-6, Janis Jones, Kaspin, Maestro, Po, Sleek (see comments)

Known Relatives:  presumably Earth-Dystopia countrparts of: Brian Banner (uncle, deceased), Bruce Banner (cousin),  Cassandra Pike (aunt), Brawn (David Pike, cousin), Elaine Banner Walters (mother, deceased), Morris Walters (father), Rebecca Banner (aunt, deceased) (see comments)

Aliases: formerly She-Hulk

Base of Operations: Formerly mobile of Earth-616 and Earth-9200;
    Formerly a sarcophagus in Castle Maestro on Earth-Dystopia

First Appearance: Abominations#1 (December, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: Shulk possessed great strength, greater than the Abomination of Earth 616, putting her into class 100.

History: In an alternate future world, there was a nuclear war, and Hulk, She-Hulk, and Abomination all were made much more powerful by the radiation given off. Hulk ended up going mad and taking over the world.

(Abominations#1) (fb) - Shulk (She-Hulk of Earth-Dystopia) and Emil (Abomination of Earth-Dystopia) went after Maestro (Hulk of Earth-Dystopia), but were defeated. Shulk later went after Maestro alone, but was defeated again and locked in a sarcophagus in a room in Maestro's castle for seven years.

(Abominations#1) - After Emil had taken over Castle Maestro following the Maestro's disappearance, his vizier Kaspin found Shulk's sarcophagus and showed Emil. Emil placed Shulk in the bedroom and planned to make her his bride.

(Abominations#2) - Shulk woke up to Emil brushing her hair with his hand. She hit him and told him not to touch her. After learning that a woman pregnant with Maestro's child had escaped into the past, she knocked out Emil and took Kaspin with her into the past to kill the woman and end Maestro's line. She ended up face to face with this era's police men.

(Abominations#3) - Shulk, along with Kaspin, avoided the policemen and ran into one of the people who had fled into the past. Shulk threatened the time-traveler into telling her where the woman carrying Maestro's child was. She traced the woman to the house of the Abomination (of our era). Abomination declared that the woman, Betty-6, was under his protection, so Shulk tossed him through a wall. She then beat two others trying to protect Betty-6. She then entered the room with the Betty and the newborn son of Maestro. Shulk realized she had become a monster, but decided that it was necessary to kill the infant. Before she could though, Kaspin killed Shulk with his mental powers.

Comments: Created by Ivan jr. Velez  and Angel Medina

The exact point of divergence between this world and Earth 616 is unknown, so some of the affiliations and/or enemies of Earth 616's She-Hulk may or may not be affiliates or enemies for Shulk. That is why the enemies and affiliates of Earth 616's She-Hulk are not listed under their respective categories in this profile.

While she never actually mentioned that any of these people were her relatives, I'm assuming that she has the same relatives as her Earth 616 counterpart.

Big thanks to Leader's Lair for the image.


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Other appearances:
Abominations#2-3 (January-February, 1997) - Ivan Velez Jr. (writer), Angel Medina (pencils), Brad Vancata & Scott Koblish (#2) (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)

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