Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: None

Group MembershipMorlocks

Affiliations: Council of Thrones (Arcturus, Ephesus, 4 unnamed angels), Punisher, Soteira, Wolverine (Skrull)

EnemiesFailsafe Protocol 001-003, Failsafe Protocol Omega;
  unintentionally harmed by her: Caley Blair, Karl Geesey, Lucy Santini, Tom Stanley, Revelation's parents, Harry Wessel, many others;
  enemies although they wanted to help her: Punisher, Wolverine

Known RelativesUnnamed parents

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Soteira's laboratory in the Morlock Alley, beneath Manhattan

First Appearance: Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation#1 (June, 1999)

Powers/Abilities: She possessed a deadly energy field, called a death aura by Soteira, which killed those around her. Originally the aura only made others sick as long as they were around Revelation and death could only be caused by prolonged exposure. Over the years the aura grew stronger and at last it could kill normal humans after seconds of direct exposure. At the height of her powers the death aura spread several hundred feet in any direction. It was so powerful that everyone on the surface got sick when she was still in the subway system and some people were nearly dying.
  She could also release the energy in form of a powerful blast, but she needed a few seconds to charge up enough of the deadly energy to do this. These blasts could rip holes into walls and knocked out such heroes Wolverine and the angelic Punisher.
  The armor she wore enhanced her durability and inhibited her energy field to an unknown degree.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 127 lbs.


(Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation#3 (fb) ) - As a child she liked to play like all other children. She was normal until her death aura surfaced and she became harmful to those she loved.

(W/P: R#2 (fb) ) - When Revelation was still a child people around her started to become sick until they were removed from her presence, but nobody saw the connection at first.

(W/P: R#3 (fb) ) - Her religious parents taught Revelation that god forgave everyone when they were already sick from exposure to Revelation.

(W/P: R#2 (fb) ) - One day Revelation's parents died due to prolonged exposure to their daughter. Revelation was turned over to Soteira, who hoped to find a cure for Revelation.

(W/P: R#2-3 (fb) ) - She failed to find one and because Revelation's death aura grew stronger with each passing year it was decided with Revelation's approval to encase her in an inhibitive armor and cryogenically freeze her until Soteira could find a cure. Soteira didn't know what the time in the cryo-chamber would do to the already delicate psychological state of Revelation. The girl spent her years in the cryo-chamber in one long hallucination. Due to her religious upbringing she thought she was in hell and she believed that she had deserved it.

(W/P: R#1) - Damaged by the cave-in, Revelation's cryo-chamber opened and she was able to leave it. Ignoring her surroundings, including Caley Blair who became a victim of Revelation's death aura, Revelation left Soteira's old laboratory and went into the neighboring tunnels. Above the tunnels on the streets of New York City people started to become sick.

(W/P: R#2) - Revelation was free, but the hallucinations continued. For her the tunnels were still hell, but now she was free to leave and nobody would be able to stop her from reaching heaven. On her way through the tunnels she killed a rat she saw as a demon. On the streets above more people became sick. Wolverine found Revelation and offered her help, but Revelation saw him as another demon and attacked him. After Wolverine was down she told him how sorry she was that she hurt him, but she didn't want to stay in hell. She wanted to be in heaven with her parents where she could tell him how sorry she was for their deaths. Revelation left Wolverine alone and continued her way through the tunnels.

(W/P: R#3) - Still in the tunnels below the streets Revelation could already feel the light of heaven on her face although everything around her was still hell. She remembered her childhood and how she was put into the cryo-chamber. She removed the carapace which covered her face and was ready to climb the stairway to heaven (up to NYC) when the Punisher stopped her by caving-in the whole subway entry down. Revelation was buried beneath the rubble and Wolverine hoped that she was still alive and tried to free her, but Revelation didn't need his help and freed herself. Back on her feet she attacked Wolverine and Punisher, the demons who tried to keep her in hell. She didn't want to hear their lies and the Punisher shot her shoulder to save Wolverine from her deadly grip. The Punisher continued to tell her the truth, but Revelation thought that they wanted to confuse her to keep her in hell. She released a powerful blast of her death aura that nearly knocked both heroes out and then left. The Punisher was now affected by Revelation's death aura and felt sick.

(W/P: R#4) - Revelation sought a new entry to heaven and she herself one by blowing a hole into a wall. Failsafe Protocol Omega found her and she thought it was an angel. The robot shot at her and with tears in her eyes she went to her knees, but the Punisher saved her before the robot could kill her. Revelation thanked him by attacking him again. She lost hope because demons attacked her and heaven didn't want her and charged herself up for one final attack on the demons. The Punisher pulled a globe from his coat and gave it Revelation. Within the globe a she saw herself as a child and her parents. Now Revelation understood everything. Failsafe Protocol Omega then shot her, started the countdown for its warhead and held onto Revelation while the heroes took it apart. The Punisher sent the bomb to heaven, but Revelation's injuries were too severe and she died in the arms of Wolverine and the Punisher. The Council of Thrones appeared and took Revelation to heaven.

Comments: Created by Tom Sniegoski & Christopher Golden (writers), Pat Lee (pencils) & Alvin Lee (inks).

  I liked this story although the Punisher was still dancing with angels and Wolverine was in it. It was cool that Revelation's death aura could've killed angels and that in the end it became too much for Wolverine's healing factor as well. In some visions (#2 & #4) the Punisher saw what would've happened if Revelation had reached the surface of NYC and it wasn't pretty (I see dead people!). Also the armor she wore suppressed her death aura to an unknown degree. Combine all this and the possibilities for Revelation as a real threat to humanity are obvious. Somebody should duplicate her energy field and use it!

Profile by Markus Raymond

Revelation has no known connection to:

Caley Blair has no known connection to:

The Failsafe Protocols have no known connection to:

Failsafe Protocol Omega has no known connection to:

Karl Geesey, Tom Stanley and Harry Wessel have no known connection to:

Soteira has no known connection to:

Caley Blair

(W/P: R#1 (fb) ) - Eight weeks before their dinner Caley met Logan for the first time in the Museum of Cultural History. She worked there as a curator and a museum guide. While guiding a group through the museum, Logan corrected her on the origin of a Japanese blade (Bub! Inouye Shinkai forged it around 1670-1680, not Nobukuni in the 18th century). Caley was impressed by Logan's vast knowledge about ancient Japanese weaponry.

(W/P: R#2 (fb) ) - Impressed enough to start a relationship with him. She stayed overnight and Logan told her that she was something special.

(W/P: R#1) - Caley went out for dinner with Logan at the Emerald Room. They had to leave when Caley was called to the subway excavation site. Logan drove her to the site on his motorbike and after they learned what had happened, they both climbed down on a cable to rescue the missing workers. While Logan brought the workers back to the surface, Caley was interested in the strange things they had found. Suddenly Revelation's cryo-chamber opened and the Morlock left it. Caley collapsed after only a few seconds and when Logan found her, he tried to bring her to safety as well, but the first wave of the Failsafe Protocol came by and Logan attacked and destroyed them. After that he brought Caley back to the surface, but she was already dead.

(W/P: R#3 - BTS) - Caley was revealed as the only known fatality so far. Her autopsy turned up nothing conclusive on the cause of her death.


--Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation#1 (W/P: R#1-2 (fb), #1, #3 - BTS

Failsafe Protocol 001-003

(W/P: R#2-3 (fb) - BTS) - Soteira built the Failsafe Protocol robots in case Revelation was accidentally released. The material she needed was stolen from Morlock associates from the world above.

(W/P: R#1) - Failsafe Protocol 001, consisting of 4 robots, was activated by the escape of Revelation. Due to the cave-in their program was malfunctioning and they ran diagnostics. They saw Wolverine as an obstacle that had to be removed which Wolverine approved by attacking them. He took two robots apart while the others continued with their diagnostics on Caley Blair, who was dying from Revelation's death aura, and Wolverine, who was still fighting. Wolverine stopped the remaining robots and left with Caley. Failsafe Protocol 002 was started when he was gone and immediately went into combat mode to oppose the hostile obstacles.

(W/P: R#2) - Failsafe Protocol 002, consisting of at least 5 robots, attempted to start their first assault on Wolverine while he was watching Soteira's hologram file. Wolverine escaped them when he caused the tunnel to collapse. Two robots went into the subway system where they found a new obstacle known as the Punisher. He took a beating and damaged one of the robots. They couldn't analyze him or his power source from where his weapons came from. They left, but soon they returned with the rest of Failsafe Protocol 002 to oppose the Punisher and Wolverine, who had just joined forces to stop and help Revelation.

(W/P: R#3) - Wolverine and the Punisher destroyed all members of Failsafe Protocol 002 after a hard fight. Not too long after that Failsafe Protocol 003 was activated and the robots suspected a 97% probability that Revelation had already reached the general populace. The probability rose and one robot activated Failsafe Protocol Omega. Failsafe Protocol 003, consisting of at least five robots, found Wolverine and the Punisher and attacked them after Omega had passed them.

(W/P: R#4) - Wolverine took Failsafe Protocol 003 apart within seconds.

The Failsafe Protocols were all heavily armored robots. Some of them had guns others were just strong hand-to-hand combatants. 001 and 002 looked nearly the same (see left image), but 003 members looked different (see right image).

--Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation#1 (W/P: R#1-4

Failsafe Protocol Omega

(W/P: R#2-3 (fb) - BTS) - Failsafe Protocol Omega was built by Soteira as the final solution to the Revelation problem. The bomb she needed for Failsafe Protocol Omega was stolen from the lair of the Dark Beast.

(W/P: R#3) - A member of Failsafe Protocol 003 activated Omega because the probability that Revelation had already reached the general populace was up to 98%. Omega's warhead was activated and it started its flight through the tunnels. On its way it passed Wolverine and the Punisher and didn't attack them because its prime directive was to eliminate Revelation.

(W/P: R#4) - Omega found Revelation and she mistook it for an angel. Omega attacked her and the Punisher saved Revelation from it, but Omega still functioned. He attacked Revelation again and activated the 20 second countdown for its warhead. Wolverine and the Punisher took it apart. The Punisher removed the bomb and sent it through his coat's portal to heaven. Revelation still died of the injuries caused by Omega's attacks on her.


--Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation#3 (W/P: R#3-4



Karl Geesey & Harry Wessel

They were workers on the museum's project to unearth Cadbury Station. They were berated by Stanley because they smoked although it wasn't allowed. They continued their work with a jackhammer and accidentally caused a cave-in. Together with Stanley they fell into the Morlock tunnels below where they found Revelation's malfunctioning cryo-chamber. Wolverine brought them back to the surface before anything could happen to them.


--Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation#1

Revelation's parents

(W/P: R#3 (fb) ) - They were very religious and raised her daughter in the believe that god forgave everyone. Revelation's father continued to believe when he and his wife were already sick.

(W/P: R#2-3 (fb) ) - They died due to prolonged exposure to their daughter's death aura.

(W/P: R#4 - BTS) - The Punisher searched for something to stop Revelation without hurting her and pulled a globe with an image of Revelation and her parents from his coat.


--Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation#2 (W/P: R#3 (fb), #2-3 (fb), #4 - BTS




(W/P: R#2-3 (fb) ) - Soteira was a religious Morlock scientist who believed in god and heaven. She first noticed Revelation when she was still a child. After Revelation's parents died she was turned over to Soteira for study. Soteira sought a way for Revelation to live among the Morlocks without endangering anybody, but she failed to find one and over the years Revelation's aura became so strong that Soteira and Revelation decided that it would be best to encase Revelation in an inhibitive armor, and to put her into a cryo-chamber until Soteira could find a cure.

(W/P: R#2-3 (fb) - BTS) - While working on the cure, Soteira also built the Failsafe Protocol robots in case Revelation was accidentally released. She stole the material she needed from the Morlock associates from the world above with one exception. The bomb she needed for Failsafe Protocol Omega she stole from the lair of the Dark Beast.

(W/P: R#2 (fb) ) - Before she died from the residual effects of exposure to Revelation's aura, Soteira created a holo-file explaining the danger behind Revelation and programmed it to start in case Revelation was accidentally released.


--Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation#2 (W/P: R#2-3 (fb), #2-3 (fb) - BTS, #2 (fb)


Tom Stanley

He was a foreman working on the NY Museum of Cultural History's project to unearth and reinforce the structure of Cadbury Station. He hurt his leg when he fell with Geesey and Wessel into the Morlock tunnels below. He was brought back to the surface by Wolverine shortly after finding Revelation's malfunctioning cryo-chamber.


--Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation#1


images: (without ads)
Wolverine:Punisher: Revelation#4, Cover (main image)
  #3, p4, pan2 (head shot child)
  #2, p3 (Revelation's armor)
  #4, p7, pan1 (head shot)
  #1, p9, pan4 (Caley Blair)
  #2, p15, pan3 (Failsafe Protocol 002)
  #3, p18, pan5 (Failsafe Protocol 003)
  #4, p8, pan3 (Failsafe Protocol Omega)
  #1, p7, pan1 (Karl Geesey & Harry Wessel)
  #4, p12, pan3 (Revelation's parents)
  #2, p7, pan3 (Soteira)
  #1, p7, pan2 (Tom Stanley)

Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation#1-4 (June-September, 1999) - Tom Sniegoski & Christopher Golden (writers), Pat Lee (pencils), Alvin Lee (inks), Jimmy Palmiotti & Joe Quesada (editors)

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