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Membership: Sandman (William Baker), Paladin, Fin, Man-Eater (Malcolm Murphy), Lightbright (Obax Majid)

Purpose: To support the economy of Symkaria;
    to fulfill mercenary missions not suitable for non super-powered members of Wild Pack

Affiliations: S.H.I.E.L.D.;
formerly Hydra (Baron Strucker, System Crash, others)

Enemies: Bio-Genes (Leecher, Lightbright, Mali, Transfaser; at least nine more unidentified), Justin Hammers's mercenaries (Afterburner, Beetle/Abner Jenkins, Blacklash/Mark Scarlotti, Blizzard/Mickey Quaid, Boomerang/Fred Myers, Cyclone/Gregory Stevens, Spymaster) and their allies (Latisha, Morris, and many gangs of Los Angeles), the Genesis Coalition, HYDRA (Baron Strucker/Wolfgang von Strucker, Viper and her Pit-Vipers)

Base of Operations: Symkarian Embassy, New York City, New York

First Appearance: (As a group) Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#15 (August, 1993); (named) Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#16 (September, 1993)

sandman and paladin

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#9 - BTS) - The basis for a Wild Pack team exclusively composed by superhuman members already existed, counting Sandman's experience with the Outlaws and Paladin's previous activities in the super-heroes world. With the arrival of the hybrid tiger-man Man-Eater from the genetic laboratories of the Genesis Coalition, there was another possible member for the purposes of a super-powered team of operatives. The hybrid started his training.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#12) - During the submarine battle in the Mediterranean Sea, in the base of the Genesis Coalition, Silver Sable noticed the power and the attitude of a Next Wave member: Fin. She reckoned that he could have been a suitable substitute for Sandman.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#15 (fb) - BTS) - Silver Sable tried to gather some of the superhumans at her disposal, in a team to be used on special occasions.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#23/2 (fb) - BTS) - Silver Sable put Sandman in charge of the new team.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#15) - Silver Sable International was hired to capture Viper. The task proved to be more difficult than foreseen. In fact, Viper had trained several Pit-Vipers, who resembled herself and acted in her stead all over the world.

   While the Wild Pack elite squadron intervened in Italy, the team composed of Sandman, Paladin, Man-Eater and Fin went to Kentucky and vanquished another HYDRA operation led by one of the Pit-Vipers, capturing her.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#16/1) - The entire Universe was under the effect of the Goddess' Infinity Crusade, on Planet Earth wars paused and conflicts quenched.
    The Wild Pack was hired to help the population of Somalia, ensuring that medicine and food would arrive to the starving people.
    Despite the status of relative calmness induced by the Goddess, a group of armed men tried to steal the shipment guarded by Silver Sable. Silver had prepared a special team for such a possibility: the Intruders. Composed of the same members who fulfilled the mission in Kentucky, they defeated the armed men without killing anyone. For Man-Eater, it was not so natural to accomplish this because the hunger he had felt as a tiger was beyond the human understanding. Sandman was satisfied with the result: 23 opponents in 45 seconds.

    Elsewhere, the Bio-Genes, Somalian mutants, gathered. They sought to drive Silver Sable and the US military from their country and take over themselves. Leecher used his psychic powers to reinforce the negative emotions of his teammates, counteracting the Goddess' energies.
    That night the Bio-Genes attacked the peacekeeping troops located 10 miles far from the Wild Pack's camp. Silver Sable mobilized the Wild Pack and the Intruders. During the battle the effectiveness of the Intruders and of the soldiers was reduced by the peaceful emotions caused by the Goddess. Silver Sable succeeded in resisting to Leecher's mind control. After a short struggle the fight came to an unnatural end when it was interrupted by Baron Strucker and HYDRA, who sought to claim Somalia for the Southern Warlords.

sandman and paladin

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#17/1) - The battle begun again, seeing HYDRA and warlords' forces killing both peacekeeper soldiers and civilians. Leecher kept on pushing the Bio-Genes against Silver Sable's forces. It so happened that some of them attacked the HYDRA forces and others had to defend themselves from the Somalian mutants. Fin and Man-Eater could not resist against Leecher's power and he convinced them not to fight the mutants. But Sable beat Leecher and convinced him to use his powers to stop the conflict. He restored the two Intruders' behavior, then helped to calm down the situation. Even the HYDRA troops on the ground laid down their arms.
    When S.H.I.E.L.D. forces landed, their work was almost done. Sandman carried Fin to the mothership, where Silver Sable was fighting against Strucker and his lethal Satan Claw. A double blow laid in by the Intruders felled Strucker. Nick Fury arrived on the scene, Sable's gun was aimed at the ex-Nazi. But the Goddess' influence had both Fury and Sable hesitate an instant, allowing Strucker to cut their guns in pieces with the Satan Claw. Strucker activated the teleporter of the Claw and escaped.
    Later, S.H.I.E.L.D., Intruders and Wild Pack helped feeding the starving people.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#18/1-19/1) - During the so-called "Siege of Darkness" the American continent was enveloped in, the Intruders were not active.
Paladin was following the case of Mr. Lee's embezzlement from the Symkarian Embassy in NY. He was the one who welcomed Lightbright, who had been invited there by Battlestar.
Sandman was on a mission with the Wild Pack.
Fin was at the Embassy.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#21/1) - The Intruders added Lightbright to their roster, while Paladin was on Jonathan Lee's tracks.
    The group went to Los Angeles with the Wild Pack. Their mission was to free the "hill" of Los Angeles from the literal invasion of 130 criminal gangs. People and the local police were taken hostage by the criminals, their attack was not chaotic because the leaders Latisha and Morris followed a plan devised by Justin Hammer. Hammer wanted to acquire Beverly Hills real estate cheaply.
   The Intruders' job was made more difficult by the fact that the majority of the criminals were kids, and Silver Sable ordered not to kill them. The Intruders dealt with the problem in Beverly Hills. Meanwhile Silver and the Wild Pack took back control of the police precinct, then, Justin Hammer's super-mercenaries attacked, including Afterburner, Beetle, Blacklash, Blizzard, Boomerang, Cyclone and Spymaster.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#22/1) - The Intruders were near the police precinct so they entered into the fray with little delay. Sandman smashed Beetle against the wall, Fin charged Blizzard only to be trapped by his ice. Man-Eater and Lightbright confronted other mercenaries. The gangs added chaos to the battle. When Morris, one of the gang leaders, was killed by Blizzard, Latisha ordered all the gangs to attack everyone. So, Beetle and the mercenaries fled. Sable managed to subdue Latisha. This, and the arrival of the National Guard and of the local police, quenched the battle, restoring peace.

the intruders at Los Angeles

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#24/1 - BTS) - Silver Sable and the Wild Pack left Symkaria to go to free Ernst Sablinova. Sable knew that it was a trap set up by Petrovich, for this reason she ordered the Intruders to follow her with another stealth-craft. Man-Eater created some problems, so the Intruders left late.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#25/1) - Silver Sable ordered the Intruders not to follow her to the Coalition Black Sea base. She had agreed to Fritz Sablinova's plan, accepting to be taken prisoner, and to act later, and she did not want the Intruders to spoil her bluff. So, the Intruders were sent to Bosnia, where they had to fight against the Genesis Coalition army.
    There, the Coalition soldiers were disguised as HYDRA agents, attacking the Bosnian soldiers and the USA peace-keeping troops. Unbelievably, the Intruders were supported by HYDRA forces, including System Crash and Baron Strucker in person. Their joined forces, added to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s subsequent intervention, destroyed the Genesis Coalition troops. The Wild Pack neutralized the powerful battle-cruiser of the Coalition and Silver Sable killed the leader: Ivan Trefkov. Then, the HYDRA forces fled.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#30) - Later, The Intruders were present as Morty announced that Sable had been imprisoned, and that she did not wish any of her employees to try to free her.

    When the charges against Silver Sable were dropped, she decided that Sandman would run the Intruders from the Symkarian Embassy, and Battlestar would run the Wild Pack's U.S. missions.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#33) - Silver Sable returned to Symkaria from her solo mission in Japan with a drastic decision. She announced to the Intruders and to all the others her retirement from active duty.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#34) - After Silver Sable's retirement, the Intruders were sent back to New York, and kept on doing their missions without seeing her again. They left for Antarctica to take over an alien relic.

Comments: Created by Gregory Wright, Steven Butler and James Sanders III.

In Silver Sable and the Wild#19 an advertisement announced an upcoming Intruders limited series.

The Intruders had an entry in the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z: Update 3 (2007).

Profile by Spidermay.

The Intruders has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#16, cover (the original Intruders)
Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#17, cover (Sandman and Paladin, the older members)
Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#21, p7, pan1 (the Intruders with Lightbright)
Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#25, p12, pan3 (Lightbright and Paladin)

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