Membership: Leecher, Lightbright, Mali, Transfaser; at least nine more unnamed

Purpose: Driving the U.S. military from Somalia and taking the country over themselves

Affiliations: Unwittingly affected by the Goddess

ENEMIES: Intruders (Fin, Man-Eater, Paladin, Sandman), Silver Sable, Wild Pack (Battlestar, Chen, Crippler, Powell, Quentino)

Base of Operations: Somalia

First Appearance: Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#16 (December, 1993)


History: The origins of the Bio-Genes are unknown, though they are apparently mutants.

(Silver Sable#16) - As the energies of the Goddess--amplified by the Cosmic Egg--blanketed Earth with energies designed to bring out universal salvation, Silver Sable International was enlisted to make sure food and medicine shipments made it to their destinations safely. In Somalia, the Bio-Genes sought to drive Silver Sable and the US military from their country and take over themselves. Leecher used his psychic powers to reinforce the negative emotions of his teammates, counteracting the Goddess' energies.
    The Bio-Genes attacked Silver Sable and her agents, the Intruders and Wild Pack, whose effectiveness was reduced by the peaceful emotions caused by the Goddess. After a short struggle, however, their fight was interrupted by Baron Strucker and Hydra, who sought to claim Somalia for the Southern Warlords.

(Silver Sable#17) - As they fought together against Hydra, most of the Bio-Genes began to realize that Sable's group meant them no harm. Nonetheless, Leecher used his powers to force his teammates to continue attacking Sable and her agents. Ultimately, Sable proved able to resist Leecher's mind control and forced him to realize that they should be allies. Respecting Sable, Leecher withdrew his control from all of the combatants, and the Bio-Genes withdrew from the conflict.







COMMENTS: Created by Gregory Wright, Steven Butler, and Pam Eklund.

Lightbright went on to join Silver Sable's Intruders. She'll get her own entry within the next couple weeks.

The Bio-Genes have no known connection to:

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The leader of the group, he used his powers to force the others to maintain angry and full of hatred, so that they would continue to fight for him, in spite of the peaceful emotions of the Goddess and regardless of whether they actually believed in what they were doing. When Silver Sable resisted his mind control and punched him, he gained respect for her and acquiesced to her wishes, withdrawing his mind control and then leaving with his troops.


He could control the emotions of others, usually generating anger and hatred. It is unconfirmed whether he could cause other emotions or actually control thoughts.


--Silver Sable#16 (17









She wished to avoid violence and bloodshed, but was driven into combat by Leecher.


She had two forms: As a young girl, she used a blowgun armed with a quick-acting paralytic. She could transform into her adult form, which was skilled in hand-to-hand combat.


--Silver Sable#16 (17












A close friend of Leecher, even he saw that they were fighting the wrong battle against Sable's agents when Strucker attacked. However, Leecher forced him to continue fighting.


He can transform into a variety of substances, at least energy and stone. In stone form, he can project rocks at great velocity.


--Silver Sable#16 (17





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Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#16 (December, 1993) - Gregory Wright (writer), Steven Butler (pencils), Pam Eklund (inks), Craig Anderson (editor)
Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#17 (January, 1994) - Gregory Wright (writer), Steven Butler (pencils), Pam Eklund (inks), Craig Anderson (editor)

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