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Real Name: Helen Grant

Identity/Class: Normal human (1950s era)

Occupation: Nurse

Group Membership: Medical staff at General Hospital

Affiliations: Adam Blair, Amelia Blair, Judson Blair, Allen Brown, Dr. Brian Clark, Dr. Crane, Diana Hilliard, Kathy Hilton, Mickey, Dr. Stacey, Magda Varady, Sandor Varady, various patients

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A "big city" on the northeast coast, USA (likely New York City)

First Appearance: Romances of Nurse Helen Grant#1/1 (August, 1957)

Powers/Abilities: Helen Grant is a trained nurse, dedicated to her patients and focused on helping those in medical need. She is also a romantic at heart.

Height: 5'4" (by approximation)
Weight: 135 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Dark blue
Hair: Black


(Romances of Nurse Helen Grant#1/1 (fb) - BTS) - Helen Grant completed her nursing studies and received the highest recommendation from her mentor, Dr. Stacey, who suggested she seek employment with a former top student of his, Dr. Brian Clark. Stacey spoke oft of Clark to Grant and she grew to admire him before even meeting him.

(Romances of Nurse Helen Grant#1/1) - Clark interviewed Grant yet questioned her lack of experience helping specialized surgery, but an immediate emergency and ensuing delicate operation (aided by Dr. Crane) impressed Clark and he hired Grant as nurse for his practice. Weeks passed and revealed growing affection between the two. But a sudden nearby car accident had powerful department store owner Diana Hilliard brought in. She was drawn to him instantly and insisted Clark remain her doctor. Days and dates passed; Hilliard successfully pursued engagement and Clark deferred patient calls to Dr. Crane. But one patient's relapse demanded Clark's personal attention and Grant rushed to get him before he left with Hilliard. Hours passed during the operation and Hilliard realized the difficulty of being married to a doctor. Both recognized each other had feelings for Clark, but Hilliard returned to her ruthless business world and left Clark. Saddened after seeing the real Hilliard, Clark felt he belonged in his practice and role, and Clark replied she would be at his side.

(Romances of Nurse Helen Grant#1/3) - Enjoying an evening together at the swanky Blue Ribbon restaurant, Grant and Clark bumped into a former Korean wartime buddy of Clark's, Major Allen "Brownie" Brown, who introduced the pair to his dinner companions, widower Judson Blair and son Adam. But Judson left with a sudden migraine and saw Dr. Clark the next morning. Clark suspected Adam may be contributing to the severe headaches; although dismissing the notion, Judson invited the medical pair to his New England hotel attended by his sister Amelia. Grant spoke privately to Amelia, who revealed Adam's spoiled nature, and Grant and Clark later agreed Judson's headaches were likely psychosomatic, even induced by the mention of his son. Soon after, Grant saw Adam berate his father for his new romance with younger woman Kathy Hilton. Adam stormed off, driving angrily away but nearly crashing over a cliff. Led by Judson, the group found Adam precariously perched on a cliff and rescued him. Realizing his error, Adam now supported his father. Grant and Clark left with the nurse looking forward to a wedding invitation.

(Romances of Nurse Helen Grant#1/5) - Nurse Grant calmed Magda Varady, who was panicked about her son Sandor. Both Magda and Sandor had fled troubled Hungary, with Sandor's right arm permanently disabled from fighting. Dr. Clark and Grant went to the Varady house where they encountered the sullen Sandor playing the piano. While Clark made physical examinations and ran tests, Grant took a personal approach that began to breach his depression, although Sandor began to fall in love with Grant. Clark's tests showed nothing could be done for Sandor, but Grant persisted, introducing Sandor to her songwriter friend Mickey. Later, Sandor misread Grant's friendship and a fumbled kiss left Sandor feeling rejected. Grant explained her admiration for him and friendship. Afterward, Grant chanced upon Clark at the practice, and the two went on an impromptu date to the theater.

Comments: Created by uncredited writer & Vince Colletta.

And that's the end of the title - effectively just a one-shot (possibly from low sales?). Maybe there were no more romances for Helen Grant; maybe she soon married Dr. Brian Clark, and quickly became a housewife and mother. But it sure would be nice to have an obscure romance character pop up as a cameo in a contemporary story.

These romance stories often had the flavor of the time in which they were written, and nothing else to tie them into Marvel's sliding timescale. As such, it's likely that the stories took place at the time of publication rather than being part of the sliding timescale.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Nurse Helen Grant has no known connections to:

Diana Hilliard

Diana Hilliard was the general manager for all the stores of the Hilliard Department Store chain. She had a car accident just outside Dr. Brian Clark's practice and she was immediately brought in to be cared for by Clark and nurse Helen Grant. Hilliard's injury was superficial, but she was instantly attracted to Clark and demanded he continue with her care. A quick romance blossomed between Hilliard and Clark, watched sadly by Nurse Grant (who was secretly also attracted to Clark). The lovebirds became engaged but an emergency called Clark to the hospital and Hilliard realized the demands placed on a doctor's wife and that Grant was also drawn to the doctor. Hilliard broke off the relationship and returned to her ruthless management job, disappointing Clark.






--Romances of Nurse Helen Grant#1/1

Magda Varady

Magda Varady was the mother of Sandor and both had escaped the troubles in Hungary, but Sandor had a permanently disabled right arm from protests. Magda was upset that her son's injury had broken his spirit and left him with depression. She called on Dr. Brian Clark and nurse Helen Grant for help, and they accompanied her to her home to examine Sandor.







--Romances of Nurse Helen Grant#1/5

Sandor Varady

Sandor Varady was the son of Magda. He was a resistance fighter during troubled times in Hungary, standing up to tanks, but was injured with a permanently disabled right arm. This injury left him with deep depression. Sandor and Magda escaped to the USA. Called by Magda, Dr. Brian Clark and nurse Helen Grant arrived to examine Sandor as he played the piano. Clark's medical tests revealed nothing further could be done for Sandor, but Grant took a personal approach to counter Sandor's depression by focusing on his music and nature walks. However, this led to Sandor growing romantically attracted to Grant. The nurse introduced Sandor to her songwriter friend Mickey and the two began composing a song. Later, Sandor misread the situation and a fumbled kiss revealed that Grant felt only friendship and personal admiration for him. The two remained friends afterward.







--Romances of Nurse Helen Grant#1/5

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Romances of Nurse Helen Grant#1/1, p6, pan1 (main image)
Romances of Nurse Helen Grant#1/1, p5, pan4 (headshot)
Romances of Nurse Helen Grant#1/3, p6, pan7 (casual dress)
Romances of Nurse Helen Grant#1/1, p4, pan2 (Diana Hilliard, dramatic in hospital bed)
Romances of Nurse Helen Grant#1/1, p4, pan6 (Diana Hilliard, smoking headshot)
Romances of Nurse Helen Grant#1/5, p1, pan3 (Magda Varady)
Romances of Nurse Helen Grant#1/5, p3, pan3 (Sandor Varady)

Romances of Nurse Helen Grant#1/1, 1/3, 1/5 (August, 1957) - uncredited writer, Vince Colletta (pencils & inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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