Membership: Collective Man (Chang, Han, Ho, Lin & Sun Tao-Yu), Jade Dragon (Dei Guan), Nuwa

Purpose: To fight for freedom in China

Aliases: "Rebels" (insult from Snake of China Force)

Affiliations: Danielle Moonstar

Enemies: China Force (Ox, Rabbit, Rat, Snake), the Chinese government, Mutant Liberation Front (Feral/Maria Callasantos, Forearm/Michael McCain, Reignfire, Wildside/Richard Gill)

Base of Operations: China

First Appearance: X-Force I Annual#3 (1994)

History: (X-Force I Annual#3 (fb) - BTS) - The Chinese mutant revolutionaries of 3-Peace traveled to T'ung-Ling, China to meet with a mysterious benefactor in hopes of soliciting his aid freeing the Chinese mutants imprisoned by their government.

(X-Force I Annual#3) - 3-Peace met in T'ung-Ling to discuss their attempted revolution the following day. Unfortunately, they were discovered by Snake, a member of the Chinese government-sponsored superteam, China Force. A began battle but was quickly ended by the mutant Reignfire, who revealed himself as the man 3-Peace had traveled there to meet. Reignfire announced his plans to help 3-Peace define and achieve their goals in exchange for sharing any new resources with Reignfire's terrorist Mutant Liberation Front organization. Once he regained unconsciousness, Snake returned to his Chinese government masters and explained how Reignfire had interfered with his capture attempt, prompting the government agents to express disdain for 3-Peace. Worried what could happen if 3-Peace were allowed to recruit more mutants to their cause, the Chinese government agents asked Snake if his China Force team were prepared to quell 3-Peace's opposition to the Chinese government. Four days later, 3-Peace joined with Reignfire's Mutant Liberation Front to investigate a Chinese military satellite tracking station outside of Shanghai in an attempt to learn where the country's mutants were being kept. When Nuwa and the MLF's Feral snuck into the tracking station by disabling the guards, they were ambushed by China Force. The rest of 3-Peace arrived shortly after, with the Collective Man pulling Snake in five different directions while Jade Dragon and the MLF's Forearm knocked China Force member Ox aside. Moonstar then disabled Rat with a psionic arrow and Reignfire killed Rabbit, reminding Moonstar that sometimes, an example in fear had to be made. Four hours later, after Nuwa retrieved the needed information from the tracking station's databases, Reignfire spoke with 3-Peace about their motivations and Jade Dragon insisted 3-Peace was not the group of naive idealists that Reignfire thought they were. As they discussed recent events amongst themselves, 3-Peace was unaware of Danielle Moonstar's thoughts that 3-Peace had asked the fox to watch the henhouse by requesting aid from the MLF. The following morning, 3-Peace and the MLF stormed the Citizen's Rehabilitation Center, where they witnessed Reignfire brutually rendered all of the guards unconscious. Following the guards' defeat, Nuwa pointed out that Reignfire's harsh actions seemed contradictory to 3-Peace's goals but Reignfire was quick to remind 3-Peace that there were times when harsh actions must be taken to ensure the future of mutantkind. Making their way inside, 3-Peace and the MLF located the main detention holding wing and busted their way inside, only to find themselves faced with the Chinese government and China Force. Realizing they had been led into a trap, 3-Peace questioned why Reignfire would do such a thing, only to learn that Reignfire had considered 3-Peace expendable and that the Chinese government were in a better position to give Reignfire what he wanted. After deducing that Reignfire had betrayed them shortly after killing China Force's Rabbit, 3-Peace announced that they would not abandon their dreams before escaping outside, where they were met by the MLF's Feral and Moonstar. Nuwa immediately took out Feral but Moonstar warned that while she didn't wish for things to come that far, she couldn't let them escape. Knowing that Moonstar's ways did not always match Reignfire's, 3-Peace pleaded with Moonstar to let them pass and Moonstar ultimately relented, allowing 3-Peace to escape under the ruse of being knocked unconscious by Nuwa.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza, Mike Wieringo and John Lowe.

Profile by Proto-Man.

3-Peace has no known connections to

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X-Force I Annual#3, p29, pan4 (3-Peace in action, main image)
X-Force I Annual#3, p21, pan2 (3-Peace, headshots)
X-Force I Annual#3, p26, pan1 (3-Peace, standing together)

X-Force I Annual#3 (1994) - "In Deep" story - Fabian Nicieza (writer), Mike Wieringo (pencils), John Lowe (inks), Lisa Patrick (editor)

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