Membership: Hawthorne (deceased), McElroy (possibly one of the deceased), and six others, some of whom are deceased. See comments.

Purpose: Training to visit a variety of locations via wormhole and retrieve items or information that might aid Mys-Tech.

Affiliations: Che, Mys-Tech, Eadmund Porlock, Slaughterhouse Six

Enemies: Formerly the Slaughterhouse Six

Base of Operations: Mys-Tech Central

First Appearance: Shadow Riders#3 (August, 1993)



(Shadow Riders#3 (fb) - BTS) - Che considered this group of trainees to be the best that Mys-Tech had had for a while. In particular he felt Hawthorne would make an excellent psi-scout for a new Kether Troop. Che was ordered by Rathcoole to take his trainees to Arena World.

(Shadow Riders#3) - The trainees arrived on Arena World with Che as their last exercise before Mys-Tech risked them on a real jump. Hawthorne detected something coming towards them, and Che ordered the troop into tempest positions. The approaching threat was the Slaughterhouse Six. Hawthorne and three others were swiftly killed. Che was nearly next, but Porlock arrived and ordered the creatures to stop. Porlock explained that he had arranged for the Warheads to come to Arena World so he could test the Slaughterhouse Six's power. 

(Shadow Riders#3 (fb) - BTS) - Porlock had Che and the surviving Warheads remain as his personal escort and to keep the Slaughterhouse Six in check.

(Shadow Riders#3) - The Shadow Rider's arrived on Arena World, along with Cable. They were ambushed and ended up at the mercy of an entity called Abadon, controlled by Porlock.

(Shadow Riders#4) - When the Shadow Riders were rescued by Goodfellow, one of the trainees asked Che if they should be doing something. As Che was secretly working with Cable, he stalled by telling them to wait for orders from Porlock. Boot of the Shadow Riders had Goodfellow power leech one of the Slaughterhouse Six. This enabled him to time-phase himself and his companions so that they could hide from the enemy, and Cable grabbed Che so that Abadon couldn't sense that he was a traitor to Mys-Tech. Porlock sent the remaining Warheads back to Earth through the wormhole with the Slaughterhouse Six.

Comments: Created by John Freeman, Brian Williamson, Ross Dearsley, Euan Peters.

    There are eight of these Warheads to begin with, plus Che. The troop support Warhead trainee is wearing a tank shell, similar to the one worn by Kether Troops Stacey. Four are dispatched by the Slaughterhouse Six, which would leave four survivors, one of whom is the troop support. However, in the following issue there are five survivors seen at one point and none of those is wearing a tank shell. So some of those attacked by the Slaughterhouse Six might've recovered, and perhaps the troop support Warhead took off his or her tank shell. However, later pictures in the issue show less survivors, three perhaps four. It could be an art error. There is no sign of the tank shell in their second appearance.

Thanks to Marvelous Luke for the images.

Profile by Changeling.

These Warheads trainees have no known connections to

And should not be confused with fellow Warheads troops


Hawthorne was one of Mys-Techs best recruits and a psi-scout with much potential. Hawthorne went to Arena World, where she soon sensed something moving towards the troop and warned Che. The approaching threat turned out to be the Slaughterhouse Six, one of whom then apparently killed Hawthorne.

--Shadow Riders#3

images: (without ads)
Shadow Riders #3, p5, pan2 (main image)
Shadow Riders #3, p5, pan3 (unidentified warhead, McElroy, Hawthorne and Che)
Shadow Riders #3, p5, pan2 (Hawthorne)

Shadow Riders#3 (August, 1993) - John Freeman & Brian Williamson (story), Ross Dearsley (art), Euan Peters (color), Stuart Bartlett (editor), Paul Neary (editor-in-chief)
Shadow Riders#4 (September, 1993) - John Freeman & Brian Williamson (story), Ross Dearsley (art), Euan Peters (color), Stuart Bartlett (editor), Paul Neary (editor-in-chief)

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