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Real Name: Mamie Muggins

Identity/Class: Human civilian

Occupation: Landlady

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Liz Allan, Lance Bannon, Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), Blackwulf (Lucian), Betty Brant, Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), Randi Couper, Glory Grant, J. Jonah Jameson, Llyra (in human, "Laurie Morriss"-like guise), Joy Mercado, Bambi Modica (tenant), Harry Osborn, Peter Parker,  Joseph Pincus ("Lonesome Pinky," tenant), Joseph "Joe" Robertson, Martha Robertson, Randy Robertson, Mrs. Schwartz (tenant), Sparrow, Flash Thompson, Dick Wagner, Mary Jane Watson

Enemies: None (although Peter Parker wasn't winning any popularity contests with her);
    the Wizard (born Bentley Wittman), as well as
Dumbo, Freddy and Hector might be considered enemies due to their assaults on the building

Known Relatives: Barney Muggins (husband), Candace "Candi" Muggins (niece)

Aliases: Lady (nickname given by Peter Parker)

Base of Operations: 12th Street, Chelsea, New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man I#139 (December 1974)

Powers/Abilities: Mamie Muggins possesses no known superhuman abilities. Cranky and crusty, the landlady seems to have an uncanny knack for running into her tenants when their rent was due. Forceful and more than a little dominating, Mamie has her husband Barney firmly under her thumb. Mamie also considers herself a moral and proper person, sharply judging anything and anyone that shows the slightest sign of promiscuity or hedonism. A smoker, Mamie also enjoyed a stiff drink or two, often having "a few medicinal nips" in the morning, despite her husband Barney's wishes. In a pinch, she is a fair hand to hand combatant with her broom, once beating off a gang of drug addicts who attempted to mug her.

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 108 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Grey (though she often dyes it into different shades of either black, brown or purple)

(Amazing Spider-Man I#139 (fb) - BTS) - Mamie and her husband Barney were paid by the landlord to act as superintendents of sorts, performing maintenance duties and keeping order.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#163 (fb) - BTS) - 18 years before the main story, a tenant named Polanski left a stuffed and mounted sailfish instead of the rent,

(Amazing Spider-Man I#139 - BTS) - When a vacancy opened up in Mamie Muggins' building, the landlord placed an ad in the local paper to find a new tenant. Offering 3.5 rooms for 110 dollars a month, this turned out to be right in the price range of Peter Parker, who had been looking for a place of his own. Joined by his friend Liz Allan who had noticed the ad in the first place, Peter went to check out the apartment on 12th Street, in the area of New York known as Chelsea. 

(Amazing Spider-Man I#139) - When Parker and Liz rang the bell to Muggins' building, a visibly annoyed Mamie poked her head through the upstairs window to see who was there. Showing them around the obviously poorly maintained apartment, Mamie explained her and Barney's roles as superintendents of sorts, performing maintenance duties and keeping order. Mamie talked the place up, boasting about the fact it even had a view of the river, though one had to sort of lean out to see it. Figuring this was all he could afford with his photographer job at the Bugle, Peter signed the formal lease that same night.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#142) - Returning home to his still completely unfurnished 12th Street after a confrontation against Mysterio, Peter decided to give his aunt May a call just as Mary Jane dropped by for a visit. While he was still on the phone, Peter was startled when Kingpin suddenly seemingly appeared in the apartment (actually one of Mysterio's illusions). Instinctively throwing the phone at the villain, Peter caused a lot of noise when the device slammed into the wall. Annoyed by the noise, Mrs. Muggins came running upstairs, broom in hand, to remind Parker this was an apartment building, not a boxing ring. When the newly arrived Glory Grant interrupted her tirade, Mamie left, but not before giving her tenant another warning.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#156) - Peter was returning home as Spider-Man, swinging across the rooftops and hoping to access his apartment via the roof. However, Mamie Muggins was on the roof hanging out her wash and assaulted him, calling the wallcrawler a "freaky-lookin' sex fiend" and knocking him off the roof with her broom. Initially afraid she might have killed him, Muggins relaxed somewhat when she didn't see a body and told herself she must have imagined it all. Musing to herself that her husband was right about not wanting her to drink in the morning, Mamie continued with her laundry while Peter used his wallcrawling abilities to stay out of sight before entering his place.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#163) - Mamie joined Glory Grant, Liz Allan, Flash Thompson, Mary Jane Watson and father and son Joe and Randy Robertson in helping decorate Peter Parker's still mostly empty apartment. She was on hand when an unsuspecting Peter came home to find his place furnished with items the party guests themselves no longer needed. In honor of this "Please-Provide-For-Peter-Parker's-Pad" party, Mamie supplied a stuffed and mounted sailfish she and her husband found in the basement. Explaining how they got this piece from a previous tenant called Polanski, Muggins cheerfully told a dumbstruck Peter that she and Barney just knew he would want to have it. `

(Amazing Spider-Man I#174) - Carefully making his way home as Spider-Man following a fight against the Molten Man, Peter tried to sneak into his apartment when Mrs. Muggins suddenly opened the window and, unthinkingly, tossed out a bucket of filthy ammonia water. Drenched, Peter remembered this was Mamie's cleaning day. Keeping himself hidden until she finished up and left, the reeking Peter made his way inside,  happy that at least he wasn't noticed by his landlady.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#176) - Overjoyed by the fact a good night's sleep was all it took to heal from getting hit in the shoulder by a bullet, a decidedly chipper Peter Parker headed out and accidentally bumped into Mamie Muggins who was sweeping the sidewalk outside her building. Unphased by her grumpy demeanor, Peter playfully jumped over a garbage can while Mamie looked on, commenting to herself that as far as she's concerned, today's kids were all off their rockers.

(Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man I#20 - BTS) - Returning home in the middle of the night during a rainstorm, Peter crawled through the skylight and into his bathroom when he noticed the rain had leaked through and soaked the ceiling. The wet plaster was unable to support Spider-Man's weight, causing a large chunk of the ceiling to cave in.

(Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man I#20) - Waking up because of the collapsed roof, Mamie Muggins made her way upstairs muttering that not a single tenant had ever managed to wake her, she initially figured Peter had perhaps dropped a bowling ball. Pounding on his door to get some answers, Mamie was greeted by a dripping wet Peter who pretended the damage was caused by the steam from the shower. Not buying this for an instant, Muggins declared it was Parker's own fault for having left the skylight open during the thunderstorm. She went on to say that since her husband Barney now had a part-time job, he wouldn't be able to fix the roof. That's why she suggested Peter repaired the damage himself, while she wouldn't deduct it from his rent.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#182) - Peter Parker passed Mamie Muggins on his way to visit his aunt May in the hospital. Moments after he left, Betty Brant approached Muggins asking her where she could find Peter Parker. Explaining to Betty she'd just missed him, the persuasive Brant managed to convince the crusty landlady to let her stay and wait for Peter in his apartment.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#183) - Seemingly disgruntled by the fact her tenant was now entertaining ladyfriends, Mamie watched Peter like a hawk when he returned home, unaware that Betty Brant was waiting upstairs for him.


(Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man I#22 - BTS) - Despite his best efforts to fix the cave in, the shower ceiling in Peter's apartment was still shaky at best. When Peter had to quickly slam the door shut to prevent the visiting Betty Brant from spotting his Spider-Man costume, a huge chunk of plaster came crashing to the floor.

(Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man I#22) - Alerted by the sound, Mrs. Muggins stood ready to yell at Peter when he and Betty exited his apartment. Even though Peter promised to fix it tomorrow, Mamie still went on to complain about the poor behavior of college kids these days.

(Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man I#55) - Promptly at 07.00 hours on rent day, Mamie Muggins was banging on Peter's door hoping to collect that month's rent. Down to his last five dollars, Peter heard Mamie quite rightly claim she knew he was in there. However, he managed to evade her by escaping through the window as Spider-Man.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#235) - Returning home after a long day that saw him interfering in a fight between Will O'The Wisp and a grossly mutated Tarantula, Peter tried to avoid his landlady by quickly sneaking upstairs. However, Mamie spotted her tenant and came running towards him, plunger in hand, to remind him the rent was overdue. Apologizing to Muggins and making up an excuse about not having been able to cash his check at the bank yet, Mamie told Peter to spare her the sob story and just make sure she had the money tomorrow.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#242) - When Mary Jane Watson was about to ring the doorbell to Peter Parker's apartment, Mamie Muggins showed up and told her Peter wasn't in, claiming "that boy keeps odd hours". Promising to come back later, and little surprised the landlady even remembered her, Mary Jane left while Mamie thought to herself that, back when she was MJ's age, respectable women didn't call on men.

(Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man I#81) - Mamie Muggins, broom in hand, was fighting off a band of drug addicts who tried to mug her. Spotting his landlady was in trouble, Peter Parker jumped in and helped out. Together, they forced the addicts to retreat, while Mamie pointed to the drug paraphernalia they'd left behind, calling her assailants sad while continuing to sweep the floors.

(Ka-Zar the Savage I#25) - Woken up at two in the morning by a shouting match between Spider-Man and Ka-Zar, Mamie went up to Peter Parker's apartment to tell him he ought to be ashamed for making so much racket. Covering his Spider-Man costume with a blanket, Peter came to the door and promised to try and keep more quiet.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#250) - Hoping to make an unseen exit as Spider-Man through his skylight, Peter Parker was forced to keep himself hidden when he spotted Mamie Muggins on the roof beating the dust out of her rugs with a tennis racket. Cigarette in mouth, Mamie was also venting some frustration over the fact her husband Barney had promised to beat the rugs. When she heard a creak coming from the skylight, she became a bit suspicious but Peter managed to stay out of sight. Figuring all the dust must have made her see things, Mamie soldiered on.

(Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man I#90) - Mamie caught the Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) sneaking out of Peter Parker's empty apartment after she'd left him a note. Not having seen Parker around for days (he was off world as Spider-Man, on Battleworld, fighting in the first Secret Wars), Mamie figured the costumed girl might be sharing the apartment, which would allow her to raise the rent. Not answering the old woman's many questions, the Black Cat simply walked upstairs past Mamie and exited via the roof.

(Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man I#91) - Mamie confronted Peter over the fact his rent was a week overdue and reminded him she wasn't too fond of having "that weird chickie of his" (Black Cat) running around. Claiming she ran a clean house, Muggins told the slightly embarrassed Peter that she wouldn't allow any of that kinky stuff.

(Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man I#92) - Spotting Peter Parker across the street, Mamie got ready to get in his face about the fact he still hadn't paid his rent. However, Peter jumped up to the ceiling as soon as he heard Muggins' voice, thereby avoiding another run in with her.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#255) - Mrs. Muggins woke up Peter at 19.00 hours to see if he had her rent yet. When he opened the door in his robe, Mamie went off, claiming he shouldn't be in bed but out earning money to pay her. Peter promised her he'd pay as soon as his check from the Bugle cleared. Unimpressed by what she described as his sad song, Muggins assured Peter she'd be back.

(Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man I#93) - Fed up with Peter avoiding her, Mamie once again banged on his door demanding her money. To her surprise, he was able to pay the rent money in cash. As she counted the money, she yelled out when she spotted something moving dark in the bathroom (Spider-Man's symbiote). Figuring he was once again entertaining that bimbo in the black kinky underwear (Black Cat), Muggins was about to go off on another rant while Peter gently showed her out.

(Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man I#94) - Convinced Peter and his kinky girlfriend were up to no good, Mamie was eavesdropping when Peter came home and spotted his landlady with her ear pressed against the door to his apartment. Deciding to show her a lesson, Peter ordered his sentient costume to shoot a webline across the ceiling, allowing him to land behind her undetected. Almost giving Muggins a heart attack when he tapped her on the shoulder, Peter sent the slightly embarrassed Mamie on her way. When she spotted the dangling webs, she chastised herself for falling behind in her cleaning.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#259) - Mamie Muggins watched Peter Parker return home, but he was so lost in thought he didn't even notice her presence. 

(Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man I#99) - Mamie rented the apartment next to Peter to her stunningly beautiful niece Candice "Candi" Muggins and her two roommates Randi Couper and Bambi Modica.

(Marvel Team-Up I#150) - Annoyed by the fact Candi, Randi and Bambi were sunbathing on the roof of their building, thereby making it impossible to leave undetected as Spider-Man, Peter got another shock when Mrs. Muggins knocked on his door and announced she was coming in using her skeleton key. Mamie didn't fall for Peter's attempt to change the subject from his being late paying rent to the alleged noise nuisance his new neighbors were causing. Muggins bluntly told them at least they paid their rent, giving the already strapped for cash Parker only a few more days to come up with the money.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#7) - Worried about the screaming and shouting coming from Peter Parker's apartment, Mamie Muggins called the police, figuring someone was being killed. When the cops, Muggins and Candi, Randi and Bambi went in to check what was going on, they found Peter in bed who just woke up from what was apparently a bad dream (he had actually just finished an intense fight against Nightmare).

(Amazing Spider-Man I#271) - When Peter Parker returned home as Spider-Man, he found his neighbors Randi, Candi and Bambi blocking the path to the skylight to his apartment again. Deciding he needed to distract the girls, he created some bats out of webbing he used to scare them off. The trio ran screaming, allowing him to enter his place undetected. However, moments later Mrs. Muggins was banging at his door, demanding to know what Peter had done to upset them. Not interested in excuses, Mamie was convinced Peter was behind whatever frightened them, reminding him of his pervy ways and his screaming fit a few nights back. After calling him a pervert to his face, Muggins reminded him the rent was due next week and that she expected it on time for a change.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#12) - After Peter's apartment got firebombed by some local punks and the fire department's attempts to put out the flames caused massive water damage, Peter received a visit from a less than thrilled Mamie Muggins who reminded him the rent was due, no matter the state the place was in. Annoyed with her, Peter signed a check for a 1000 dollars on the spot, covering the rent for the next several months. Completely stunned, Mamie wandered off, contemplating the fact Peter Parker was actually ahead on his rent.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#273) - Deciding to deduct the costs of the repairs after the fire from his rent, Muggins realized the thousand dollar check Peter wrote last week barely covered that. When her tenant returned with Mary Jane Watson to start cleaning up, Mamie informed him of her decision and told him this meant his rent was now late... again.

(Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man I#112) - Mamie Muggins accidentally allowed a criminal Santa Claus to escape just as Spider-Man was trying to stop him from robbing Randi, Candi and Bambi. With little time to hear Mamie call him a menace and other unkind phrases, Peter picked his landlady up and put her in her place before rushing after the crooked Claus.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#14) - Sick and tired of Peter Parker, Mamie finally found a way to evict him. Studying the fine print on the lease he signed with a magnifying glass, Muggins found a stipulation that allowed her to evict him if he didn't fix the damage caused to the apartment within the next two days. 

(Web Of Spider-Man I#15 - BTS) - While Peter Parker was out trying to raise the money to have his apartment fixed, Mary Jane Watson decided she wanted to help her friend out. Hiring a carpenter and paying for new furniture out of her own pocket, she had the place fixed up before Muggins' deadline passed.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#15) - When Peter came home after having failed to scrape up enough money to prevent eviction, he was met by Mamie who handed him a note left by Mary Jane. She then led a completely amazed Peter Parker through his newly decorated apartment. Wondering why Parker acted so odd given the fact he'd been saved, Peter replied he felt just swell, a new sensation given his usual rotten luck.

(Amazing Spider-Man Annual I#20) - With the rent due and no paying jobs in sight, Peter desperately tried to avoid Mamie Muggins. Unable to leave his apartment as Spider-Man through the skylight on the roof because of his neighbors continued sunbathing, he decided to simply walk out of the building in his costume, figuring Muggins would never recognize him. Passing Muggins in the hallway, the landlady shot him a suspicious look, but kept quiet.

(Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man I#120) - Mamie chuckled at the notion her tenants felt they needed to hold a meeting to discuss the unscrupulous practices of several big time New York landlords. 

(Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man I#125) - After not having received any rent payments in four months from Peter Parker, Mamie one morning hammered an eviction notice on his door. The banging woke up Peter, who opened the door only to have Muggins go off on him. She gave him until the end of the week to come up with the rent in cash, or else he'd be out on the street.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#38 - BTS) - Ordering her long suffering husband Barney Muggins to the basement of their building to check on the boiler, Mamie impatiently waited for him to return. Barney, however, had snuck upstairs to Peter Parker's apartment where Peter and Mary Jane were hosting a party celebrating the fact they'd be moving in together at a new place. Joining in on the fun and hitting on many of M.J's model friends, Barney secretly laced the punch everyone was enjoying with some alcohol he apparently already had on him.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#38) -When Barney hadn't returned after an hour, a grumpy Mamie went down to the basement to check on him. Finding him missing and hearing the sounds of an unannounced party coming from Peter Parker's apartment, Mamie put one and one together and furiously stormed in to drag out her lax better half. However, the apartment was so crowded she found it hard to locate him. While Mr. Muggins actively tried to avoid Mamie, she became convinced he was there when she saw all the young, voluptuous women. Mary Jane tried to defuse the situation by welcoming her warmly, but Mamie kept complaining about the food, the music and the company. Along the way, she was introduced to several of Peter's friends including J. Jonah Jameson. The introduction was made by Joe Robertson who, with a smile, invited "the irresistible force" to meet "the immovable object". Earlier in the evening, Jameson had wondered out loud to Robertson just who or what Muggins was.

    Mamie finally discovered her husband at about the same time Peter Parker figured out Barney had spiked the punch. Keeping Mamie from belting her husband and allowing him to escape her wrath, she got another surprise when Peter announced he had the money for his final rent check. When she snidely commented she wasn't going to miss him, Peter planted a peck on Muggin's lips, assuring his soon to be ex-landlady he would indeed miss her.

(Blackwulf I#8) - Mamie was caught under the wreckage of her own building during a fight between Blackwulf, his ally Sparrow (who Muggins learned was one of her tenants) and the villainous Godstalker. After Sparrow rescued her, one of the first things out of the mouth of the ever grateful Mamie that her lease expressly prohibited super heroes.

Comments: Created by Gerry Conway (writer), Ross Andru (pencils), Frank Giacoia (inks).

    Though mostly played for comic relief, and quite rightly so, Mamie Muggins became one of the first, ever present physical manifestations of the fact Peter Parker was always one bounced check away from living in abject poverty. Considered by some to be the anti-Aunt May, the two never actually met on panel though Mamie did inquire about May's health when the latter was in the hospital. Initially, Mamie wasn't written so gruff, nasty and money hungry. During her first few appearances she came across as a crusty, but mostly wacky landlady who even helped decorate Peter's apartment. Only in the early 80s did she develop her more familiar gruff, judgmental and somewhat hypocritical holier-than-thou attitude (for someone opposed to debauchery, Mamie sure liked the demon drink, not to mention her smokes). Eventually, Peter moved out of her building which unfortunately pretty much meant the end of Mamie's career in comics. It would have been fun to see Mamie become the unwitting landlord of one of the New Warriors. Howzabout having Young Avengers Hulkling and Wiccan have their first apartment in Muggins' building? After all, a Chelsea walkup for 110 dollars a month? I'd have put up with ten Mrs. Maim-Me Muggins and her mounted swordfish.

    Mamie and Barney Muggins, as part of a Spider-Man's friends and associates, received  profiles in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (2008) #11.

    According to some name websites, Mamie is often a short form of Margaret or Mary.

    I would guess that Mamie does not, in fact, have a great aunt case you're not aware, that's just another way of calling BS on something. My @$$ aunt fanny. Unless, of course, you're British, where fanny means something located a bit more in the anterior...

Profile by Norvo.

Character should not be confused with

Barney Muggins

    Barney and his wife Mamie Muggins had an apartment in the same building as Peter Parker. Hired by the actual landlord to perform janitorial duties and other small repairs, Barney was a superintendent in name only. He preferred to let Mamie do most of the work, either by refusing to cooperate or by stalling until she got so fed up she took care of a particular task herself. Apparently out of work for a long time, he eventually got an unrevealed part-time job Mamie claimed made him too busy to fix Peter Parker's collapsed ceiling. Somewhat concerned about his wife's drinking, advising her not to start in the morning, Barney enjoyed an occasional drop of liquid encouragement himself. While attending a party thrown by Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson without his wife's knowledge, he even decided to pouring alcohol in the virgin fruit punch (presumably he already carried the bottle, deciding to have a few sips down in the boiler room his wife had sent him to). Unaware of the added alcohol, Peter Parker became so inebriated he was barely able to survive a confrontation with the Hobgoblin. Returning to the party afterwards, Peter was ready to trash Barney when he learned his landlord was to blame. However, a furious Mamie had discovered where Barney was by that time literally tried to beat him to the punch. While Peter protected Barney from his wife's fury, he beat a hasty retreat.

--Amazing Spider-Man I#139 (BTS), Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man I#20 (BTS), Web Of Spider-Man I#38

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