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Real Name: Unrevealed - possibly Darnell Turner (see Comments) 

Identity/Class: Unrevealed; presumably extra-dimensional (Earth-9411or 20051 - see Comments)

Occupation: Would-be supervillain; civilian occupation (if any) unrevealed 

Group Membership: (Alternate Earth version of) Legion of Losers (applicant only)

Affiliations: Llama Boy, (alternate Earth versions of) Leapfrog (Vincent Patilio), White Rabbit, Walrus (not really affiliations, but he did stand in a line with them waiting to apply to the Legion of Losers) 

Enemies: Presumably Spider-Man, given that the Legion of Losers hate said hero and their application form wanted to know the applicants' reasons for likewise hating Spidey

Known Relatives: None 

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed

First Appearance: Spider-Man Magazine#247 (21st December 2012)  

Powers/Abilities:  Unrevealed. His pincers look to be bionic / mechanical, and so could probably do some serious damage, and his leg-armor may provide some fast (sideways) running or enhanced strength kicking (though that's not very crablike). His shell presumably provides some protection to his back and may house a power system for the arm and leg armor, while his mask's antennae / eye-stalks may provide some enhanced senses. However, that is all speculative.

History: (Spider-Man Magazine#247) - Crab Man joined White Rabbit, Leap-Frog, Walrus and Llama Boy in a line of applicants wanting to join the Legion of Losers.

Comments: Crab Man appeared in a single panel of a two-page feature in Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine#247, a Panini UK title that reprinted the second story from Spider-Man Marvel Adventures#22 alongside various features. The page in question doesn't credit either artist or writer, but Crab Man was presumably created by Michael Stewart and Gregg Shigiel, since "contributors" on the title page lists Michael is listed as "writer" and Gregg is credited for the cover pencils and inks. Since Paul Tobin wrote the actual story being reprinted, and since the cover art style looks (to my untrained eye) to match this feature, I'm pegging Michael and Gregg as Crab Man's creators.

Since the page in question amounts to a single panel, we know very little about the guy beyond what we can guess based on his appearance. Like all the other applicants, he uses an animal motif for his villainous identity. Adding his appearance under the armor to his name, he's clearly inspired by Darnell "Crabman" Turner, actor Eddie Steeples, from the sitcom My Name is Earl. He's presumably got a hate on for Spider-Man, or else why apply to join the Legion of Losers? He's presumably from Earth-20051, the reality the main story is set in, or Earth-9411, the reality Panini UK's stories were generally set in prior to a 2011 edict from Marvel US that no new stories were to be produced by overseas licensors. Since Crab Man and fellow applicant / new character Llama Boy only appear as throwaway cameos in a feature that is encouraging readers to make up their own animal-themed villain, with the new pair used as examples of characters who could be created, they aren't covered by this edict. However, the indicia makes it clear that all characters in the book belong to Marvel, so there's nothing (bar, perhaps, good taste and common sense) to prevent him being brought back and used more extensively in a Marvel US title. 

Profile by Loki.

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images: (including ads for once, as this appears outwith the story, but every page in the comic is numbered)
Spider-Man Magazine#247, p22, pan1 (main image)

Spider-Man Magazine#247 (21st December 2012)

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