Classification: Extradimensional (Microverse) fauna

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    many, if not all, died in the arena in First Zone's royal city
, Homeworld, Microverse proper;
    at least formerly Aegypta, Sandzone, the fifth zone/"molecule" of Homeworld, Microverse proper

Known Members: None identified

Affiliations: Desert Demons (notably Margrace & Pharoid);
Gar'ee of the Knights of Neep, Lowies of SubzoneMicronauts (notably Acroyear, Biotron, Bug, Devil, Fireflyte, Huntarr (Iann-23), Marionette/Mari, Microtron, Nanotron, Arcturus Rann), Slug;
    formerly Argon/Force Commander and his "Revolutionary Army" (actually Dog Soldiers by that time)

Enemies: Argon/Force Commander (while he was under Baron Karza's control), Baron Karza, Centauri (notably Centaurus, Karsh), Dog Soldiers, Faceless Priests, Priests of the Light, Shaitan;ostra-microverse-mn44-front-margrace

First AppearanceMicronauts I#23/2 (November, 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Ostras are rattite-like creatures, similar to terrestrial ostriches, as they are large avians with powerful lower limbs and small, non-functional wings. However, they have pointed beaks, more like a raptor/bird of prey.

    As they are known to scream when they scent blood, they are presumably carnivorous. They are considered fierce.

    Their powerful lower limbs are likely composed of "red meat" (containing larger amounts of myoglobin) similar to mammals, as opposed to the "white meat" and "dark meat" of flighted birds.

    They have feet more like flighted birds, with three anterior taloned digits and a single posterior taloned digit. These digits can be used to rend flesh and possibly more durable structures as well.

    Adapted to the intense heat and dry environment of Sandzone, they can run at great speeds and carry an adult male +/- a second adult humanoid on their back across the desert.
    They can likely run at speeds of around 40 mph (64 km/hour).

Traits: Ostra have been somewhat tamed to serve as the steeds of the Desert Demons.

    They are compliant with a simple bridle, and the Desert Demons sit atop a saddle

    They carry their riders into combat, but they are willing and able to use their powerful legs and claws in combat as needed.

Type:  Bilaterally symmetric avian bipeds
: Two (on each side of the head; presumably green irides with a red glow to their pupils, presumably indicating some analog to a tapetal reflection)
: None (their forelimbs are relatively small, non-functional wings)
: Three anterior and one posterior taloned digits (some images show only two anteriorly)
Skin color: They have green feathers and and an orange beak; their skin was not otherwise seen
Average height: Approximately 6' at the shoulder, perhaps 10' to the top of the head

(Micronauts I#23/3: Tales of the Microverse) - Astride ostras, Desert Demons watched from the ridge above as the centaurian Argon (under Karza's control), joined by a group of Centauri, carried the captive Slug across his back across the Syanite desert.

    At Pharoid's direction, they delayed the rescue of Slug until her captors thought themselves safe in the their tents in the Grey Oasis, after which they attacked under Pharoid's command.ostras-microverse-mn34-over-dogsoldiers

(Micronauts I#24/2: Tales of the Microverse) - Screaming as they scented blood, ostras carried Pharoid and his Desert Demon as they rode down the rest of the Centauri so they could rescue the maiden the Centauri had captured.

    Entering Shaitan's tent upon his ostra, Pharoid confronted and skewered Shaitan with his rapier, but the undead/resurrected Shaitan was unharmed.

    Shaitan subsequently departed with Argon aboard his sand skimmer, Slug urged Pharoid to stop him, but Pharoid assured her that not even the fastest ostra could overtake Shaitan's skimmer.

    When Margrace asked if the lady Slug would be riding up behind him, Slug leapt atop an ostra, noting that she rode behind no man.

    Slug accompanied the Desert Demons atop Ostras across Sandzone, after which they descended into the subterranean realm of Aegypta.

(Micronauts I#25/2: Tales of the Microverse) - Ostras carried Pharoid, Slug, presumably Margrace, and at least a few Desert Demons through Aegypta and discussed the legends of Karza's transformation.ostra-microverse-mn23-vcentauri

(Micronauts I#25/2: Tales of the Microverse - BTS) - Argon's body was completely taken over by Karza's life force, transforming to match Karza's form and power.

(Micronauts I#26/2: Tales of the Microverse (fb) - BTS) - Riding atop ostra, the Desert Demons (including Pharoid and presumably Margrace) and Slug arrived at the cavern in which Argon's empty Force Commander armor laid.

(Micronauts I#26/2: Tales of the Microverse) - Ostras were present with the Desert Demons and Slug as Mari arrived there, having returned from Earth's dimension.

(Micronauts I#34) - After Pharoid and the Micronauts arrived in Aegypta, Pharoid followed previous orders from Argon -- who had seemingly been purged of Karza' but was secretly still under the Baron's influence --  and participated in the Micronaut's capture.  Disgusted with Pharoid's actions, Margrace departed with Slug atop ostras.

(Micronauts I#34 - BTS) - Lamenting his actions, Pharoid helped rescue the Micronauts.

(Micronauts I#34 (fb) - BTS) - After defeating the Dog Soldiers, Pharoid, Margrace, and Slug returned to Desert Zone's surface and reunited with the rest of the Desert Demons, who took out the Dog Soldiers stationed outside Aegypta. 

(Micronauts I#34) - The ostra-riding Desert Demons stood over the fallen Dog Soldiers as the Micronauts reached the surface.

    After the Micronauts departed to use the Keys to save the Microverse, Argon led the Dog Soldiers to the surface to ambush Margrace, Pharoid, Slug, and the Desert Demons, and a brief but bitter battle ensued. 

(Micronauts I#35 (fb) - BTS) - Margrace, Pharoid, Slug, and the Desert Demons apparently fled atop their ostras. (see comments).

(Micronauts I#35) - Pharoid led a charge of the Desert Demons (as well as Slug) atop their ostras from out in the Syanite Desert to confront Argon and his Dog Soldiers, seeking to delay their pursuit of the Micronauts.ostras-microverse-mn44-desertdemons

    Ultimately, the Dog Soldiers, aided by their airborne forces, devastated the gravely outnumbered Desert Demons. Many ostras presumably perished in this assault.

(Micronauts I#43 (fb) - BTS) - Pharoid and Slug were captured, but Margrace and other Desert Demons escaped.

Micronauts I#43) - A number of ostras were with Margrace, the Desert Demons, and their Rebellion member allies in the subterranean shelter level Sanctuary, as they met with returning Micronauts (Acroyear, Bug, Mari).

(Micronauts I#44) - Ridings ostras, Margrace led the Desert Demons to aid the Micronauts in fighting off the Dog Soldiers and leading the Lowlies of Subzone (the lower levels below First Zone) to rebel against the corrupt Priests of the Light.ostras-microverse-mn50-mg-leadingdd

(Micronauts I#49 - BTS) - Margrace, the Desert Demons were present in hiding as Argon initiated the wedding gladiatorial games, which concluded when Belladonna (in Slug's form) exposed Argon as a non-human energy creature. Baron Karza then emerged from the Force Commander armor.

(Micronauts I#50) - After the Micronauts slew the Death Squad, Karza slew Slug, Belladonna, and Pharoid.

     Atop ostras, Margrace led the Desert Demons into arena against the Dog Soldiers.

    After Karza defeated the Micronauts, he slew Margrace with an energy blast and then wiped out the forces of the rebellion and all resistance to his reign, including the Desert Demons and presumably their ostras.

(Micronauts I#50 - BTS) - Teleported away by Fireflyte, the Micronauts escaped Karza into space aboard the Bioship.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo, Pat Broderick, and Danny Bulanadi.

    Following the genocide of Homeworld, that was it for the Desert Demons and their steeds. There were flashback stories in the New Voyages but I’m fairly certain we saw no appearances nor cameos.
    Upon return to Homeworld at the end of New Voyages, it was desolate.

    --Spider-Mike Fichera

Profile by Snood.

The Ostra should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads)
Micronauts I#23/3, last page (Margrace atop Ostra);
    #24/2, 1st page (Pharoid atop Ostra, striking down Centauri; main image);
    #34, pg. 21, panel 1 (over defeated Dog Soldiers);
    #44, pg. 18, panel 1 (with Desert Demons against Dog Soldiers);
        pg. 19, panel 3 (front; Margrace riding, with Mari);
    #50, pg. 21, panel 1 (with Margrace & Desert Demons, charging into arena);

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