Membership: 3 unnamed

Purpose: To have "fun" with homeless people, and blame the "fun" on the real Skid Row Slasher

Affiliations: Unrevealed, if any

Enemies: Homeless people, the Punisher

Base of Operations: Streets of New York City

First Appearance: Punisher II#8 (May, 1988)

History: (Punisher II#8)- The Skid Row Slasher imposters went out in the streets, looking for bums to terrorize, and to place the blame on the real Skid Row Slasher who was loose in the city, killing bums. They attacked a bum, telling him to take off his coat. The "bum" did as they said, and revealed himself to them as the Punisher. He began to fight the "Slashers", breaking the neck of two of the Slashers, leaving the third one for the police.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron, Whilce Portacio and Scott Williams.

by The Beetle

The "Slashers" impersonated the real Slasher:

And should not be confused with:

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