Angmo the First (Sakaarian Imperial, Hulk story)

"Badmouth" (Sakaarian Imperials spy, Hulk/Warbound foe)

Governor of Wukar (Denebo Aruc II)

Governor of Wukar (Sakaarian, Hulk foe)

Headman Charr (Hulk character)

Kaifi, Ronan (Sakaarian, Hulk story)

Red King (Angmo-Asan, Hulk foe)

Sakaar Democratic Insurgency (Sakaarian Imperials, Hulk characters)

Skee, Etmo (Lavin's grandfather)

Skee, Lavin (Hulk character)

Vand, Omegus (Primus' father)

Vand, Primus (Hulk foe)


Amebid (xt, Sakaar, Hulk characters)

Arquindae (planet Sakaar animal species, Hulk character)

Cutfrogs (Sakaarian animal species)

Demon Shrikes (xt, Sakaar animal race)

Drammoth (Sakaar animal race, Hulk story)

Eggbreaker (Wildebots of Sakaar, Hulk foe)

Eleha'al (xt, Sakaar plant race, Hulk characters)

Great Devil Corkers (Sakaar race, Hulk characters)

Harrowbeasts (Sakaarian animals)

Miek's father (Sakaarian native)

Trizelle (Sakaar fauna, Hulk story)

Wildebots (xt, mechanoid natives of Sakaar)


Deathfire Bomb (Sakaar, Hulk story)

Dreamskipper (Sakaar Imperial pleasure cruiser)

Neuro-Lances (Sakaar technology, Hulk stories)

Obedience Disks (Sakaar technology, Hulk stories)

viewing device (used by Sakaar Democratic Insurgency)

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