Girard dancing with Sable

Jacques Girard

Real Name: Jacques Girard

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Business man, lobbyist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Silver Sable (lover) and Silver Sable International, Bouvier, Gonzales, Foggy Nelson

Enemies: The C.I.A. (Trenton Sanders, Rosten), the Foreigner

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: USA

First Appearance: Silver Sable and the Wild Pack I#8 (January, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Girard had a muscular, well-defined shape, like a normal human who performs regular physical exercise.

Height: 5'10" (by approximation)
Weight: 180 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

head shot

History: (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#8) - Jacques Girard was a wealthy business man. He met Silver Sable for business purposes but their reciprocal knowledge went beyond business. They started a sentimental relationship, although their meetings were always interrupted by Silver's need to complete some Wild Pack missions. 

    The two lovers closed a deal about Silver to wear some Bouvier's new dresses. When they were at Kauai, Hawaii, Sable had to suddenly leave for a Wild Pack mission in the rain forest.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#11/1) - Jacques went to Symkaria at Castle Sable, where Silver Sable wore the dresses of Bouvier's new design. He admired her modeling for the photo shoot sessions, although he was unable to convince Silver to wear colors different from silver and white. Their romantic effusions were interrupted by the call of duty: Sable left to pursue the Cyberwarriors and the Genesis Coalition, and Jacques left the Castle.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#16/1 (fb) - BTS) - The Foreigner, jealous of Sable's relationship with Girard, wanted to remove him from interfering with their romance. The Foreigner had the photographs from the Bouvier shoot re-touched, so that Sable appeared to be naked. He had the fake photos published on a pornographic magazine, and Sable was on the cover of "Petshop." The Foreigner also framed Jacques Girard for these actions.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#15/1) - After the Bouvier shoot, Jacques received many calls asking for Sable to model for other lines of product, but he still didn't know anything about the nude photos.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#15/1 - BTS) - In New York, Crippler and Powell admired Sable's fake curves on "Petshop".

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#15/1) - That night, Jacques and Sable, still unaware of the publishing, had a romantic meeting. They danced and kissed. Girard proposed to Sable to leave her dangerous job and to become a fashion model. Their night was interrupted by an important call from Moscow for Girard.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#16/1) - The Foreigner mumbled for a moment about killing Girard, but, like all the living beings in the Universe, he was conditioned by the tranquilizing effect of Goddess' Infinity Crusade. He put aside his murdering resolutions and started to search for the skeletons in Girard's closet.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#18/1) - Girard had a business meeting. His counterpart was actually the Foreigner in disguise. The Foreigner lied to Girard to have him withdraw funds from the Surray Trade Commission and putting them toward Gonzales. Girard would lose the contracts with the U.S. government but would gain twice his investment. Girard expressed his interest.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#20/1 (fb) - BTS) - After Girard accepted the deal, the Foreigner framed him further. Consequently, C.I.A. agents Trenton Sanders and Rosten investigated Girard after his transfer of funds. They collected evidence about a meeting with Franco Antonelli, an arms dealer, and even pictures where Girard shot an ambassador.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#19/1) - For two weeks, Girard tried to find who pasted Sable's face on the pictures of "Petshop." He sued the magazine for fraud.

    When New York was engulfed by the dark mist of the Siege of Darkness. Girard was at the Symkarian embassy waiting for Silver. When she arrived, he explained he had nothing to do with the fake photos, and she believed him. 

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#20/1) - Girard and Silver went out for a romantic dinner at the Tavern on the Green. C.I.A. agents Sanders and Rosten brought them to a C.I.A. safe house for interrogation. Once there, they arrested Girard for conspiracy and murder.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#23) - Silver Sable hired Foggy Nelson to defend Jacques.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#24) - The Foreigner secretly confessed to Sable that he had framed Girard and her. His wider plan was to take control of Silver Sable International.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#28) - The C.I.A. convinced Girard that his troubles came from Silver Sable. Girard gave them some information but not enough for them. He was left in prison. At Rykers Island, Foggy Nelson met Girard. Girard confessed that Sable was the reason he had been set up.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#29) - Girard called the C.I.A. They convinced him that he had no chance to be free unless he betrayed Silver Sable.

(Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#30 - BTS) - Jacques gave to the C.I.A. other information about Silver Sable International activities. The new evidences led to Silver Sable's arrest. After that, Jacques disappeared.

    Silver Sable was held at Rykers for weeks. The charges against her were solid, and it seemed that nobody could help her.

    Uncle Mortimer asked a favor to the Foreigner. The Foreigner accepted and did some favors for the C.I.A. The company let the charges against Sable drop. Sable accepted to repay the debt with the Foreigner.

Comments: Created by Gregory Wright, Steven Butler and James Sanders III.

    In SSatWP#20 Jacques was called "Giraud" by agent Sanders.

    The Girard in the photos with Antonelli and the one where he killed the ambassador was actually the Foreigner or one of his assassins.

    What SSI illegal activities could be Girard aware of? The missions in the Rain Forest, the Cyberwarriors and Trefkov's murder were not even into USA territory. What activities did he expose to the C.I.A. benefit? I guess they all were thing happened behind the scenes.

Profile by Spidermay.


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Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#18
, p8, pan7 (head shot)
Silver Sable and the Wild Pack#16/1
, p10, pan5 (Girard as the Foreigner's target)

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