Real Name: Spikelar (presumably)

Identity/Class: Dragon mutant (11th-17th centuries to modern era) (possibly Irish) (fringe character);
    former inanimate statue

Occupation: Supervillain

Group Membership: The Immoral Relix

Affiliations: The Immoral Relix

Enemies: The Night Marchers (Claw, Fireflower/Denise Flower, the Tsunami/Akela Kea)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "The Loch Ness Monster" (by his own claims)

Base of Operations: Formerly Ireland

First Appearance: Spider-Man Magazine I#8 (December, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Spikelar can alter the size of his horns, claws and the spikes protruding from his body at will. He can also project flames from his mouth.

Height: 9'0"
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Yellow-orange
Hair: Brown (beard & elbows)

History: (unpublished story) - During the Middle Ages in Ireland, a Celtic wizard sculpted a statue of a large dragon using green clay. Interrupted while performing a spell on the statue by a wailing banshee, the wizard accidentally brought the statue to life as a living, breathing monster called Spikelar that rampaged for years. Known for taunting his enemies and for his drinking, which only exacerbated his violent rages, Spikelar was responsible for thousands of deaths over Europe and he developed a preference for killing knights. Eventually, the wizard led Spikelar to the Charleville forest, where he turned Spikelar back into a statue. Spikelar remained an inanimate statue for centuries.

In the modern era, a mad Hawaiian scientist learned of Spikelar's legends and traveled to Ireland to awake Spikelar using a combination of voodoo magic and an evil leprechaun. When the scientist proposed the offer to kill the superhero team known as the Night Marchers, Spikelar declined only to have a chance to talk with the scientist. After rambling to the scientist and making wild claims such as being the legendary Loch Ness Monster and being the only dragon in existence, Spikelar ultimately agreed to the scientist's offer. Traveling to Hawaii, Spikelar attacked the Night Marchers but proved unsuccessful in killing the heroic trio of Fireflower, Claw and the Tsunami.

(Spider-Man Magazine I#8) - The supervillain Spikelar again battled the heroes Fireflower and the Tsunami.

(unpublished story) - Eventually becoming a recurring nemesis of the Night Marchers, Spikelar joined together with other villains originating from ancient time periods to form the Immoral Relix. Together, Spikelar and the Immoral Relix proved so powerful that the Night Marchers had to team up with two other superhero teams in order to defeat Spikelar and his allies.

Comments: Created by Shaun Barrett.

Spikelar was a product of the 1994 Spider-Man Magazine's "Create Your Own Super Hero or Super-Villain" section that ran in most earlier issues of the Magazine. In the case of Spikelar, he was created by then-10-year-old Shaun Barrett of Melville, New York. As a fringe character, Spikelar was not confirm to exist on Earth-616 but there was no evidence to say he didn't exist on Earth-616 either...

Spikelar's height & weight were impossible to approximate, as he was never seen next to any character whose height & weight had been officially determined.

Spikelar's origin was never given but given his appearance and penchant for fire-breathing, I'd almost say he was likely a demon of some sort....or maybe some kind of dragon hybrid character...

HUGE thanks to the now-adult Shaun Barrett for providing a TON of background info on the character, unpublished adventures & new images!!

For the record, Spikelar was the only character in this profile to appear in a Marvel publication (with Fireflower & Tsunami being mentioned but not seen in the Marvel magazine). All other characters (such as Claw & the Night Marchers) are mentioned/seen in unpublished stories provided for this profile by Spikelar's creator, Shaun Barrett, himself.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Spikelar has no known connections to:


Claw is a cat-like mutant member of the Night Marchers and a known enemy of Spikelar.

Claw is superhumanly agile and has great martial arts skills, often using blades, katanas or arrows in battle.

--unpublished story


Denise Flower is a member of the Night Marchers as Fireflower and a known enemy of Spikelar.

Fireflower can control fire and withstand any hot temperature. She can also fly.

--Spider-Man Magazine I#8 - BTS

The Immoral Relix

The Immoral Relix are a team of villains originating from ancient time periods. Spikelar joined the group as part of his ongoing plots to kill the heroic Night Marchers. Despite Spikelar joining them, the Immoral Relix were still defeated by the Night Marchers with the help of two other superhero teams.

--unpublished story

The Night Marchers

The Night Marchers are a trio of superheroes that Spikelar was sent to kill. After failing to kill the Night Marchers in his initial attack, Spikelar became a recurring enemy of the group and ultimately joined the Immoral Relix in an attempt to kill his enemies. The Night Marchers succeeded in defeating Spikelar during this attack as well but only after teaming up with two other superhero teams.

The Night Marchers roster includes Claw, Fireflower and the Tsunami.

--unpublished story

The Tsunami

Akela Kea is a member of the Night Marchers as the Tsunami and is a known enemy of Spikelar.

The Tsunami can transform his body into salt water, which can manipulate at will, often manipulating his watery form into giant tsunami-like waves.

--Spider-Man Magazine I#8 - BTS

images: (without ads)
new artwork provided by Shaun Barrett (Spikelar, main image)
Spider-Man Magazine I#8, p15, splash page (Spikelar, supplemental image)
new artwork provided by Shaun Barrett (Fireflower & the Tsunami)

Spider-Man Magazine I#8 (December, 1994) - "Create Your Own Super Hero or Super-Villain: Spikelar" - Shaun Barrett (writer, art), Michael Teitelbaum (editor)

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