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Real Name: Maria Callasantos

Identity/Class: Alternate Earth (Earth-92131) human mutant

Occupation: Adventurer

Group Membership: None;
    formerly Magneto's army (Arclight/Philippa Sontag, Blockbuster/Michael Baer, Callisto, Copycat/Vanessa Carlysle, Dawnsilk, Forearm/Michael McCain, Garrison Kane, Kangaroo/Frank Oliver, Marianna, Mole, Moondragon/Heather Douglas, Reaper/Pantu Hurageb, Sunder, Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida), Toad/Mortimer Toynbee, Tusk and unrevealed others)

Affiliations: Aurora (Jeanne-Marie Beaubier), Avalanche (Dominikos Petrakis), Blob (Fred J. Dukes), Caliban, Domino (Neena Thurman), Northstar (Jean-Paul Beaubier), Pyro (St. John Allerdyce), Rictor (Julio Richter), Warpath (James Proudstar), X-Men (Gambit/Remy LeBeau, Jubilee/Jubilation Lee, Storm/Ororo Munroe)

Enemies: Genoshan magistrates (Boone, Leader and unrevealed others), Sentinels, Bolivar Trask

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly Hammer Bay, Genosha

First Appearance: X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon - "Slave Island" (February 13, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Feral is a mutant with a feline mutation, covered in light orange fur she possesses razor-sharp claws and has superhumanly acute senses.

Height: 5'9" (presumably same as her 616 counterpart)
Weight: 110 lbs. (presumably same as her 616 counterpart)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Orange and white


(X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon - "Slave Island" - BTS) - Along many other mutants, Feral was apprehended and imprisoned on Genosha. Outfitted with power-dampening collars to prevent them from using their mutant abilities the imprisoned mutants were made to work as slave-workers to complete a dam which would power a Sentinel factory.

(X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon - "Slave Island") - Feral, Aurora, Domino and other slave-workers were in for a shock when three of the X-Men: Storm, Gambit and Jubilee were also imprisoned and forced to work alongside them. However, when the Magistrates deactivated the collars Storm immediately tried to escape and was quickly rendered immobile by a Sentinel and placed in the "box" (isolation). Not long after, the slave-workers once again stopped work when the Magistrates noticed a fire in the nearby forest (courtesy of time traveler Cable), to be safe all slave-workers were returned to their cells.

   That night, the slave-workers were woken by the optimistic Jubilee, who escaped her cell and urged the mutants to join an uprising. Feral and the others refused, believing they would be released when the work on the dam was finished. However, the following morning morale had shifted as the mutants told Jubilee they would join the uprising. Sadly Jubilee's uprising failed when she proved unable to deactivate the power-dampening collars.

(X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon - "Slave Island" - BTS) - The following day, Gambit acquired the power-dampening collars' key, freed his friends and together agreed to free the slave-workers.

(X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon - "Slave Island") - Feral, Blob, Warpath and many other slave-workers were shocked when the X-Men returned, successfully deactivating the power-dampening collars. Freed, Feral and the others joined the X-Men in their fight against the Magistrates and Sentinels. Having defeated them, Jubilee urged the former slaves to help them deal with the Sentinel factory. Sunfire, speaking for the former slaves refused reminding her of their last failed uprising and explained they would take over Genosha as a whole after which they left. To deal with the Sentinel factory, Storm then summoned a powerful storm causing the dam to collapse and destroy the factory.

(X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon - "Graduation Day") - Feral and other former slave-workers built their own civilization on Genosha. Attracting many other mutants as time went on, amongst them Magneto who they viewed as their leader.

(X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon - "Graduation Day") - From Genosha, Feral, Sunfire, Tusk and several other mutants watched the televised debate between Henry Gyrich and Charles Xavier over the "mutant containment bill". Worldwide viewers were shocked when Gyrich attacked Xavier, used an energy disruptor to reveal Xavier's mutant nature to the world. Enraged even one such as Xavier would be attacked on television, Sunfire rallied the Genoshan mutants to stand besides Magneto and declare war on humankind.

   As time went on the world saw many localized mutant uprisings which caused the impatient Sunfire to complain against Feral wondering when their enigmatic leader Magneto would finally lead them into war against humankind. Then, moments later Magneto addressed his people and calling all mutants from around the world to stand beside them.

   However, the X-Men also picked up the message which led them to send a small strike team consisting of Cyclops, Jean Grey and Wolverine to try and persuade Magneto to stop. During the night Feral and Sunfire noticed suspicious movement in the encampment, discovering the X-Men. However, because it was night, both Feral and Sunfire didn't recognize the mutant heroes and interrogated them until Magneto appeared again which allowed the X-Men to sneak away. The X-Men successfully reached Magneto after which they revealed Charles Xavier was dying and could be saved if he'd help them send a message to Shi'ar empress Lilandra. Determined to help Xavier, Magneto called off the impending mutant war and left with the X-Men.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld;
    adapted by Mark Edward Edens and AKOM Productions. (see Appearances list for full list of artists)

I'm unable to locate Feral's voice actress. Although some online sources claim there is none, she was voiced when Feral was talking with Jubilee.

When, in 2015's Secret Wars, the Multiverse was destroyed following the incursions of planets it appeared as if Reality-92131 was drafted onto Battleworld as the Westchester domain. All Earth-92131 profiles on the Marvel Appendix reflected that information, however, this has since been debunked with the news that the original X-Men: The Animated Series will receive a brand new season to pick up where the original series ended. As such the reality seen in two volumes of X-Men '92 (2015-2017) now have their own reality-designation. The X-Men '92: House of XCII 2022 series was inspired by both the animated series and Hickman's House of X run but is its own separate reality. Nearly thirty years after X-Men: The Animated Series first debuted the new season will appear on Disney+ in fall 2023.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Feral has no known connections to

images: (without ads)
X-Men The Art and Making of The Animated Series book, p58 (main image, digitally colored by MarvellousLuke)
X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon - "Slave Island" (alongside Storm and Jubilee)
X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon - "Slave Island" (attacking Magistrates)

X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon - "Slave Island" (February 13, 1993) - Mark Edward Edens (writer), Kathi Castillo, Rick Hoberg, Louis Williams (model design), Thibault Descamps, Steve Olds (prop design), Steve Olds (layout design), Jeff Richards, Dennis Venizelos (background design), Flavia Mitman, Trish Medelson (color key design), Dan Gausett, Michael Swanigan, Romeo Francisco, Douglas P. Battle, Clint Taylor, Grey Garcia, Adrian Gonzales, John Ahern, Armando Carillo (storyboard directors), Fred Carillo, Pat Agnasin, Rudy Mesina, Cesar Magsombal, Steve Simone, Abel Laxamana (storyboard cleanup), AKOM Productions (animation studio), Eric Lewald (story editor)
X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon - "Graduation Day" (September 20, 1997) - James Krieg (writer), Roy Burdine, Mark Lewis (model design), James Agnasin (model clean-up), Marcos Borregales, Vadim Sokolov (prop design), Patricio Agnasin, Zhaoping Wei (layout design), Joe Dempsey, Romeo Francisco, Bob Fuentes, Rick Hoberg, Aleta Kozak Tom Nesbit, Danny Taverna, Thomas Tholen, Danilo Tolentino, Dan Veesenmeyer (storyboard design), Patricio Agnasin, Ernie Chan, Vinton Heuck, Abel Laxamana, John T. Miller, Kirk Van Wormer (storyboard clean-up), Trish Mendelson (color key), Ladonna Hannover, Trish Mendelson (ink and paint), Kelly Akins, Rey Zipagan (color backgrounds), Philippines Animation Studio Inc. (animation), Tom McLaughlin (producer)

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