Real Name: Unrevealed, possibly Bro-Man (see comments)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Dimension Echh/Dimension X) human

Occupation: Warrior

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Princess

Enemies: James Harmon, Lena Harmon, Mike Peterson, Sir Scarlet (sports mascot), Slapstick (Steve Harmon)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Buddy," "Conan," "Doody-Man," "Master of the Multiverse," "Muscle Beach"

Base of Operations: Castle Greykin, Dimension Echh

First Appearance: Slapstick Infinite Comic#1 (2016)

Powers/Abilities: Bro-Man's body was composed of electroplasm, allowing to withstand intense physical damage without permanent injury. Slapstick likened Bro-Man's body to "like hitting a marshmallow." Bro-Man's skin was capable of withstand handgun fire and even after being chopped completely in half, the still-living Bro-Man was capable of speech and thought.

Bro-Man wielded the Blade of Castle Greykin, which was said to be able to cut through any substance. Bro-Man could also call upon the power of Greykin to charge the Blade with electrical energy that he could project outward.

Bro-Man briefly utilized a small handheld device capable of tracking electroplasmic energy.

Height: Possibly variable (see comments)
Weight: Possibly variable (see comments)
Eyes: Unrevealed
Hair: Brown

History: (Slapstick Infinite Comic#2 (fb) - BTS) - Hailing from Dimension Echh, Bro-Man was sent to Earth by the Princess to slay an unidentified champion.

(Slapstick Infinite Comic#1) - As cartoonish mercenary Slapstick visited a New Jersey University football with his niece, nephew and friend Mike, Bro-Man came out onto the field as the game was announced over the loudspeaker. A referee, thinking the cartoony Bro-Man was a mascot, went onto the field to inform Bro-Man that the game was about to start and that all mascots were to get off the field. Ignoring the referee's words, Bro-Man thrusted his sword outward and proclaimed that his Princess' magicks showed "he" was near. As the crowd began berating Bro-Man's interference of the game, one of the sports mascots, Sir Scarlet, came onto the field. Unsure if Sir Scarlet was the man he sought, Bro-Man eviscerated Sir Scarlet, only to find him filled with meat and viscera, proving Sir Scarlet to not be Bro-Man's target. Slapstick and his friends then watched in shock as Bro-Man proclaimed that he would any and all who vexed him.

(Slapstick Infinite Comic#2) - Announcing that he would only speak his demands once, Bro-Man threatened to eviscerate every single person at the football game until the man he sought came forward. Reluctant to engage Bro-Man for free, Slapstick watched as the police arrived and attacked Bro-Man, only for the bullets to bounce off of the impenetrable skin of the barbarian. Admitting that the police were warriors not made of jelly, Bro-Man fought back, announcing that he would cut the police open anyway just to be sure. After cutting the police to ribbons, Bro-Man asked if there was anyone with the substance to face him and he was immediately met with a pie in the face from Slapstick, who had finally been convinced to stop Bro-Man by his niece and nephew. Proclaiming Slapstick unworthy of his man-seeking quest, Bro-Man cut Slapstick's arm off but Slapstick quickly reconstituted himself. Slapstick then followed up the attack by pulling random items out of pants and pelting Bro-Man with them, staining Bro-Man's loincloth with mustard from a sub sandwich.

Annoyed, Bro-Man held aloft his magic sword and said the words "By the power of Greykin, I have the power!," charging his sword with electrical energy and projecting it outward in a blast that knocked Slapstick into the football locker rooms, where Slapstick was buried beneath used jock straps. Catching up to Slapstick, Bro-Man arrived in the locker rooms in time to catch the car keys that Slapstick threw towards his friend Mike in order to get his niece and nephew out of harm's way. When Slapstick's niece and nephew began crying, Bro-Man grew annoyed at the sound and nearly cleaved them in half before Slapstick hurled a bar of soap at Bro-Man, who slipped and fell on it. Slapstick then grabbed Bro-Man's sword and cut Bro-Man in half. Mike then commended Slapstick on defeating Bro-Man, noting that Bro-Man seemed to be made of electroplasm, much like Slapstick himself, and that Bro-Man might provide a connection to Slapstick's origin. Shortly thereafter, the A.R.M.O.R. organization arrived to investigate an interdimensional breach and found half of the still-living Bro-Man laying on the locker room floors mumbling. While A.R.M.O.R. had tracked the breach to Bro-Man, Slapstick took the other half of Bro-Man into his bedroom, where he was working with the computer Quasimodo to find a way to return to normal. Quasimodo confirmed that Bro-Man was from the same dimension from which Slapstick's power originated and overnight, Quasimodo researched Bro-Man and created a portal to Dimension Echh. Before the portal could be activated, however, A.R.M.O.R. arrived and took Slapstick into custody, having been led to his house by the other half of Bro-Man.

Comments: Created by Reilly Brown, Fred Van Lente and Diego Olortegui.

Bro-Man was an obvious homage to 1980s cartoon and toyline, He-Man. Some of the parallels include Bro-Man's name, his base in Castle Greykin (vs. He-Man's Castle Grayskull) and his title of Master of the Multiverse (vs. He-Man & the Masters of the Universe).

While never called anything other than Bro-Man, I like to think Bro-Man is a prince named Prince Alec who transforms into keeping with the He-Man homages....

The entire Slapstick Infinite Comic mini-series was physically reprinted in normal comic book form as the 2017 Slapstick series. Also, I could not find a month for the Infinite Comic's release in 2016.

Some online sources list that a toy of Dimension Echh's Castle Greykin was in Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur I#11-12, but upon looking at the issue, it looks more like the real life toy of Castle Grayskull from He-Man & the Masters of the Universe. Since Earth-616 is based on real life, I'd lean more toward it being a He-Man toy rather than a toy of a castle in Dimension Echh.

While Bro-Man did not alter his shape at will like some natives of Dimension Echh who had been transformed into electroplasm, he was capable of animating both halves of his body after being cut in two. Therefore, it's possible that Bro-Man has some degree of shape altering ability.

There was a barbarian seen in later issues of the Slapstick Infinite Comic that looked similar to Bro-Man but with braided hair and a slightly different helm. Perhaps Bro-Man was part of a group of barbarians called the "Masters of the Multiverse" not unlike He-Man and his Masters of the Universe? Additionally, perhaps Bro-Man's loyalty to the Princess had something to do with the He-Man character's serving of the Sorceress in the 1980s toyline/cartoon?

Profile by Proto-Man.

Bro-Man has no known connections to:

Castle Greykin

Castle Greykin was area of Dimension Echh that vaguely resembled the medieval era of Earth. The Castle itself had a large skull above its front entrance and it was home to the barbarian hero Bro-Man. Bro-Man would often call upon the power of Greykin during battles and he could use that power to charge his sword, the Blade of Greykin Castle, with electrical energy. When Bro-Man was sent to Earth, he called upon the power of Greykin several times, such as when he demanded the champion he sought show himself, when he attacked police and when battling Slapstick.

--Slapstick Infinite Comic#1 - BTS (#2 - BTS, #5,

images: (without ads)
Slapstick Infinite Comic#1, p1, splash page (Bro-Man, main image)
Slapstick Infinite Comic#1, p84, pan3 (Bro-Man thrusting sword)
Slapstick Infinite Comic#1, p87, splash page (Bro-Man eviscerating Sir Scarlet)
Slapstick Infinite Comic#2, front cover (Bro-Man facing down Slapstick)
Slapstick Infinite Comic#2, p28, splash page (Bro-Man pronouncing that he has the power)
Slapstick Infinite Comic#5, p2, splash page (Castle Greykin)

Slapstick Infinite Comic#1 (2016) - Reilly Brown (writer, layouts), Fred Van Lente (writer), Diego Olortegui (art), Jordan D. White, Darren Shan (editors)
Slapstick Infinite Comic#2 (2016) - Reilly Brown (writer, storyboards), Fred Van Lente (writer), Diego Olortegui (art), Jordan D. White, Darren Shan (editors)

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