Real Name: Cassandra Romulus

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Terrorist

Group Membership: Hydra (Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, Lt. Gregory Belial, Garrote/Tyrannus Cordin, Guillotine/Nicos Pelletier, Lt. Erik Saltz, numerous unidentified agents)

Affiliations: Next Wave (Agent-X/James Burley, Fin, Sandman/William Baker, Snare/Robert Fielder, Turk/Todd Flaminirezck), David Purcell LMD, Sathan;
formerly Mark (Hydra section leader)

Enemies: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Crule, Dakini, Double Helix Facility (Dr. Fishman, unidentified others), Gail, Genesis Coalition, Gideon, Ophrah Industries, S.H.I.E.L.D. (G.W. Bridge, Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan, Nick Fury, Network Nina, Kate Neville, Alexander Pierce, David Purcell, numerous unidentified cadets), Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Nick Fury, Agents of SHIELD II#22 (April, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Cassandra possessed enhanced human strength (lifting 800 lbs.) and superhuman senses of smell and hearing (and presumably also vision, taste and touch). She possessed a genetic memory that enabled her to record an opponents every move and duplicate them (though she seemed limited to a certain degree due to her own physical and mental limits). She was mentally imbued with centuries of military strategy and fighting techniques. She had lupine features including pointed ears and highly durable talon-like fingernails.

   Ruthless and loyal to Hydra's dogma Cassandra Romulus showed no remorse in killing. She remained loyal to her superiors as long as she considered them strong enough serving them in every way possible.

Height: 5'8" (by approximation)
Weight: 160 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde


(Nick Fury, Agents of SHIELD II#22 (fb) - BTS) - Not much is known about the past of Cassandra Romulus, but she rose through the ranks of Hydra and became a lieutenant in a faction led by a Hydra section leader named Mark.

(Nick Fury, Agents of SHIELD II#22) - Back from the dead Baron Strucker lured Mark's Hydra faction into a trap at a Mayan temple as part of his purge of any undesirables within Hydra after he took back control of the organization. While Mark couldn't believe what Strucker was doing Romulus saw the strength in Strucker's actions. Impressed by her loyalty to Hydra's ideologies Strucker asked Romulus to become one of his lieutenants and handed her a dagger. Feeling honored she used it to slay her former leader Mark because she realized the one setting up the trap would have a brighter future than the one who blindly fell into it.

(Captain America Annual I#10/1 (fb) - BTS) - Romulus volunteered as test subject for Hydra's super-soldier program.

(Daredevil Annual I#7/1 (fb) - BTS) - At Hydra Genetics Laboratory #5 in Bronx, New York City she was mutated into a feral warrior mentally imbued with centuries of military strategies.

(Nick Fury, Agents of SHIELD II#25) - Cassandra Romulus and Garrote surprised S.H.I.E.L.D. cadet David Purcell and his girlfriend Gail at their apartment on the day of David's graduation. Cassandra killed Gail while Garrote choked David to death. Romulus contacted Strucker to inform him they were ready for the next step in their plan. Strucker proudly announced to Hydra's soldiers how Romulus and Garrote prepared to announce Hydra's return to the world.

   Romulus prepared a Life Model Decoy to pose as David Purcell filled it with the powerful explosive cyclonite. The Hydra agents then sent the Purcell LMD to S.H.I.E.L.D. Central were it blew up after infiltrating the facility, causing the death of 1,500 S.H.I.E.L.D. graduates.

(Captain America Annual I#10/1 (fb) - BTS) - Strucker came up with a plan to update Hydra's database on the potential threat posed by Daredevil and Captain America and to determine if the Punisher could become an asset. He revealed his plan to Romulus, who became an active participant in his scheme.

(Daredevil Annual I#7/1) - Cassandra Romulus, Sathan and Guillotine broke out of Hydra Genetics Laboratory #5, slaughtering numerous agents and scientists in the process. Strucker sent three bounty hunters after the test subjects. In Romulus' case it was Dakini. Strucker wondered who would win in this game of his.

(Captain America Annual I#10/1) - Cassandra Romulus attacked the Double Helix Facility and brutally slaughtered security guards when Captain America, alerted to the possible superhuman attack via an anonymous (either Cassandra or Dakini) call to the NYPD, arrived to stop her. She claimed she didn't wish to hurt a security guard, but couldn't stop herself from doing so. Captain America blocked a fatal blow to a guard with his shield and knocked back Cassandra, but at the same moment she got hold of the guard's keys. Cap stayed behind to bandage the guard and save his life while Cassandra used the keys to enter the facility's lab and steal hands from two corpses injected with a solution to correct genetic defects. She escaped before Captain America and Nick Fury arrived in the lab.

(Captain America Annual I#10/1 - BTS) - Dakini sent a report to Strucker about the hunt for the escaped genetic experiments and their secondary mission to test the subjects' capabilities by bringing them into contact with Daredevil, Punisher and Captain America (test subject Sathan had to be executed, bounty hunter Crippler went AWOL, bounty hunter Takimoto was killed by test subject Guillotine). Though Dakini didn't question Strucker's orders she wondered what he actually wanted and decided to wipe out the genetic experiments because she considered them a stain on Hydra's reputation.

(Captain America Annual I#10/1) - Captain America delivered a DNA sample of Romulus from his shield (she hit it earlier) to Double Helix scientist Dr. Fishman, who confirmed Fury's suspicion that Cassandra was some kind of Hydra super soldier with crude enhancements and alterations to her DNA. Cassandra was listening to them through a window when Fishman surmised Cassandra sought a way to revert her genetic alterations. Dakini had found Cassandra and shot her in the back from a roof across the street. The shot hurled Cassandra through the window. Captain America blocked more of Dakini's bullets with his shield while Cassandra stumbled into Fury's arms and immediately slashed his face. She then handed Fishman the severed hands she had stolen and asked him to draw out and distill the solution she needed. Captain America asked Fishman to comply and while Captain America fought Dakini outside, Cassandra received the solution from Fishman. She then knocked out Fury and cut Dakini's rope because she had clearly overstepped her authority by attacking Captain America and trying to kill Cassandra. Cap and Dakini dropped down to the street, followed by Cassandra, who picked up Dakini with one arm and slew her. Though Captain America was shocked he still believed Cassandra when she claimed she actually wanted to be human again even though she had volunteered to be mutated originally. Captain America allowed her a chance to leave with the serum.

   Cassandra returned to Strucker as ordered, informed him she had recorded all of Captain America's techniques and prowess and how Fury had never looked beyond the deception of bounty hunters going after escaped experiments. Strucker welcomed Cassandra back and looked forward to a full debriefing. Though Strucker was glad he received the Hydra database updates he sought, Cassandra wondered if everything could've gone smoother if the other Hydra operatives involved were privy to the full plan as well. Strucker reminded her he needed to keep everything secret and as long as the result pleased him nothing else mattered. Strucker was impressed with Cassandra's very convincing performance in front of Captain America. Cassandra destroyed the serum, assuring Strucker that her wish to become human again was just an act. Strucker warned her to keep it that way.

(Nick Fury, Agents of SHIELD II#27) - Baron Strucker sent his lieutenants Romulus, Garrote, Guillotine and Saltz to find a nuclear powered ice breaker the Russians had abandoned somewhere in the North Pole in 1981. He warned them not to fail or else they would be severely punished by him.

(Nick Fury, Agents of SHIELD II#28) - Cassandra Romulus and her fellow lieutenants headed to the arctic circle on their plane Arctic-1 along with heavily armed Hydra troops. Cassandra was the first to spot on the plane's radar that someone was closing in fast on them. When she realized the other plane had changed its angle of decent from pursuit to a kamikaze-style attack she ordered everyone on board to grab everything they could in a hurry and get into the cargo container. While the others still wondered who the attacker could be Cassandra was sure it was Nick Fury. With everyone inside the container Cassandra closed it and released it from the plane. The cargo container parachuted down to Earth and landed with only a few casualties. Cassandra was sure they could still complete their mission. Guillotine repaired their Geiger Counter and Saltz got out the map to find out how far away they still were. The four lieutenants headed on snowmobiles to the right coordinates as fast as possible. The other Hydra agents were ordered to finish repairs on the equipment and follow them, but they never did because they were taken out by Fury and his allies.

(Nick Fury, Agents of SHIELD II#29) - Cassandra and the other lieutenants awaited the arrival of the supplies, but when they heard snowmobiles close by Cassandra realized that the scent didn't belong to their men, but to Nick Fury. Cassandra tried to escape on her snowmobile, but Fury was too fast and she decided to just attack him. Ripping up his back with her claws she ended up being shot in mid-air by Fury. After Saltz blew up a snowmobile with plastic explosives, he ran over Dugan with another snowmobile and picked up the injured Cassandra. The four lieutenants escaped Fury's team and soon found the coordinates of the abandoned ship. Cassandra fixed herself up and the quartet rappelled down to the Soviet vessel through cave openings and started detaching the nuclear reactor and its controls from the ship. When their helicopter arrived Cassandra attached a cable to the reactor control. She smelled the blood of their enemies before Guillotine could attach the other cable to to the fuel assembly. Cassandra and Saltz stayed on the reactor controls while it was hurled up, but Fury managed to detach the fuel assembly itself by using Guillotine to cut through the cables. The fuel assembly dropped to the bottom of the ocean, but Cassandra, Saltz and Garrote escaped with the reactor controls, though Cassandra didn't see much use in keeping the controls without the fuel assembly.

(Nightstalkers#2) - Cassandra and other Hydra lieutenants had a meeting with Baron Strucker. She informed Strucker that S.H.I.L.D. had been reduced to roughly a half dozen augmented agents, which amused Strucker.

(Silver Sable & the Wild Pack#11) - Cassandra informed Strucker the mobile base recently stolen by the Genesis Coalition was located. Strucker ordered a crippling blow to the traitors of the Genesis Coalition and asked Cassandra to hire an outside strike team to retake the base and leave a calling card for the Genesis Coalition so they knew Hydra was coming for them. Strucker didn't want to destroy the Genesis Coalition completely though because they were more of a hindrance to their enemies than to Hydra. He warned Cassandra not to displease him.

(Silver Sable & the Wild Pack#11 - BTS) - Cassandra hired the Next Wave to deal with the Genesis Coalition.

(Nick Fury, Agents of SHIELD II#44) - Cassandra was naked in a jacuzzi with Strucker and had a drink when a Hydra agent entered to inform Strucker that Fury had recovered the data Hydra had left behind for him in Canada and that the last brainwashed S.H.I.E.L.D. agents from the Delta Affair were defeated by Fury. While listening to the report Strucker threatened to gouge out the agent's eyes if he didn't avert his eyes from Cassandra. The agent then proceeded to tell Strucker that Hydra was apparently behind hijacking the Helicarrier, which infuriated Strucker because it meant somebody within his organization undermined his authority.

(Nick Fury, Agents of SHIELD II#45) - Cassandra was at Strucker's side when he watched his stormtroopers vow their loyalty to Hydra. She then offered herself as a gift to Strucker. In Strucker's quarters Cassandra was comforting him when Lt. Scodell was brought in to answer for his actions. Strucker seemed pleased at first to finally meet the operative, who had successfully infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. with super-agents, but then killed him for this unauthorized move (also including the hijacking of the Helicarrier).

(Nick Fury, Agents of SHIELD II#46) - Strucker sent Cassandra and Saltz to bring in the External Gideon, who according to Strucker had taken power that rightfully belonged to Strucker. In case Gideon didn't cooperate he ordered them to kill him.

   Cassandra, Saltz and a group of Hydra stormtroopers attacked Gideon at the Ophrah Industries Administrative Offices in Denver, Colorado. Cassandra offered Gideon a place within Hydra or death if he refused to join. Gideon sent his ally Crule against the attackers. While Crule overpowered Saltz, Cassandra managed to break Crule's already broken right leg again. She then joined Hydra stormtroopers in their attack on Gideon. When Nick Fury, Pierce, Bridge and Neville arrived they aided Gideon against Hydra. Cassandra went up against Fury, who realized she had tricked Captain America and never wanted to regain her humanity at all. Cassandra ripped through Fury's uniform with her claws before he knocked her out with a right hook.

(Nick Fury, Agents of SHIELD II#47) - Fury threatened to shoot Cassandra if she didn't tell him where Strucker was. Even though an attempt to escape Fury failed and he knocked her to the ground once again she wouldn't give up Strucker. Fury handed her over to Alexander Pierce to put her into custody.

Comments: Created by D.G. Chichester (writer), Jackson Guice (pencils) & John Beatty (inks).

It was more than just hinted at that Cassandra was in a relationship with Strucker during his tenure at the top of Hydra.

In Silver Sable & the Wild Pack#11 her hair was miscolored black. The story's artist probably knew her from Captain America Annual I#10 where her hair looked almost black due to the heavy inkjob of Mike Manley.

Pointy ears and sharp talon-like doesn't need much more to be called feral. She didn't go full furry like fellow Hydra mutate Sathan.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Cassandra Romulus has no known connection to:

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Nick Fury, Agents of SHIELD II#45, p18, pan1 (from behind)
Nick Fury, Agents of SHIELD II#47, p3, pan3 (pointy ears)

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