Classification: Humanoid/bat, mystical shape-shifters, Weirdworld

Location/Base of Operations: Weirdworld

Known Members: Death, Greed, Hate, Lust, Pestilence

Affiliations: Darklens

Enemies: Dwarves, Mud-Butt, Savage Elves, Tyndall, Velanna, "White Wolf", Zarthon

Base of Operations: Mobile on Weirdworld

First Appearance: (As Night-Fangers) Marvel Super Action I#1 (January, 1976); (as Dark Riders) Marvel Super Special#11 (June, 1979)

Powers/Abilities/Traits: Night-Fangers are giant bat-like creatures with wings who travel together in packs. Their eyes can emit a mystical red energy which they use to track their prey. They can also assume humanoid form as the Dark Riders; in these forms, they ride upon horses, wield throwing stars, and can allow solid objects to pass through them.

History: (Marvel Super Special#13 (fb)) - In the distant past, the god Darklens was slain by a white comet sent to Weirdworld by the god known as the "White Wolf." Five parts of Darklens' soul became the demonic Night-Fangers, who could also assume the form of the Dark Riders. The Dark Riders eventually found the remains of Darklens, and created the five Darklens gems from the comet which had slain their master. They placed the gems upon his bones to absorb portions of his life-force, entombed Darklens' bones within the Tomb of Limbo and prepared for the coming solstice to resurrect their master.

(Marvel Super Action I#1/3) - A band of Night-Fangers assaulted the village of Dwarf Haven. While all of the dwarves scurried for cover, the elf Tyndall was brave enough to open a window and look at the creatures. Because of this, the dwarves decided to send Tyndall on a quest to rid them of the Night-Fangers.

(Marvel Super Special#13 (fb) - BTS) - As the time of solstice drew near, the Savage Elves captured the Darklens gems and sent one of their number to find the wizard Zarthon to request his aid.

(Marvel Super Special#11) - All five Night-Fangers pursued one of the Savage Elves through the Great Marsh, but he eluded them. Mud-Butt, Tyndall and Velanna spied the Night-Fangers from a distance, and likewise hid from their sight; they were saved from the Night-Fangers when the White Wolf appeared and drove the creatures away with its presence. Later, assuming the forms of the Dark Riders, they rode into the City of Seven Dark Delights in continued pursuit of the savage elf.

(Marvel Super Special#12) - The Dark Riders pursued the Savage Elf who possessed the Darklens gems. Although Tyndall, Velanna and Mud-Butt intervened to try and aid the elf, they slew him with their throwing stars. Dying, the elf gave the gems to the three heroes. The Dark Riders became Night-Fangers again, and began to hunt the City of Seven Dark Delights for the gems, but the three heroes eluded them for the night.

(Marvel Super Special#13) - The Dark Riders pursued Tyndall, Velanna and Mud-Butt to the Tomb of Limbo, but were too late to prevent them from entering the tomb to destroy the bones of Darklens. However, the wizard Zarthon intervened to claim Darklens' power for himself. The Dark Riders were enraged at Zarthon/Darklens and attacked him. When the god known as the "White Wolf" intervened for the sake of Weirdworld, he apparently slew all of the Night-Fangers in combat.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench and Mike Ploog; Dark Riders visualized by John Buscema and Rudy Nebres.

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
Marvel Super Special#11, page 18 (numbered), panel 1
Marvel Super Special#12, page 15 (numbered), panel 1

Marvel Super Action I#1 (January, 1976) - Doug Moench (writer), Mike Ploog (artist)
Marvel Super Special#11-13 (June-October, 1979) - Doug Moench (writer), John Buscema (penciler), Rudy Nebres (inker), Richard Marschall, Ralph Macchio (editors)

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