Classification: Extradimensional humanoids (Weirdworld)

Location/Base of Operations: Weirdworld, including the villages of Dwarf Haven, Nanty Glo and Treehaven and the City of Seven Dark Delights.

Known Members: Mud-Butt, Perna

Affiliations: Tyndall, Velanna

Enemies: Dragons of Klarn, Goblins, Humans, Lord Raven, Night-Fangers, Were-Men

First Appearance: Marvel Super Action I#1 (January, 1976)

Powers/Abilities: Dwarves are short, feisty people, but not necessarily courageous in battle.

History: (Marvel Super Action I#1/3/Marvel Premiere#38 (fb)) - The elf Tyndall of Klarn lived among a warren of dwarves who were besieged by the Night-Fangers. Fearing for their lives and disliking Tyndall, they charged him with the mission to destroy the Night-Fangers by venturing into the Region of Shadow and destroying the "Heart of Evil." However, they had set him up in an attempt to slay Velanna, a fellow elf.

(Marvel Fanfare I#24) - Three dwarf women from the village of Nanty Glo were taken by the wizard Lord Raven to use in the summoning of his Were-Men. The village was visited by Tyndall and Velanna, and they met the dwarf thief Mud-Butt during their visit to the Pine Cone Inn.

(Marvel Fanfare I#25) - A band of human barbarians led by a goblin went on a pillaging through the area near Nanty Glo, heading toward Lord Raven's castle.

(Marvel Fanfare I#26) - Nanty Glo was attacked by the human barbarians and pillaged. Three of the dwarf women taken by Lord Raven were released from his control and rescued from his castle by Mud-Butt, Tyndall and Velanna.

(Marvel Super Special#11) - Numerous dwarves were seen in the City of Seven Dark Delights (including an unseen dwarf named Perna) as the city was visited by Mud-Butt, Tyndall and Velanna.

(Marvel Super Special#12) - Numerous dwarves were seen in the City of Seven Dark Delights as Tyndall, Velanna and Mud-Butt were pursued by the Dark Riders/Night-Fangers.

(Epic Illustrated#9/5 (fb) - BTS) - A year after the Darklens incident, Tyndall and Velanna had moved to the village of Treehaven, but were treated as outsiders for being elves. Mud-Butt learned of various dark tidings, including the men of Nanty Glo going beserk and killing each other, and the women of Dwarf Haven throwing their infants into a cookfire.

(Epic Illustrated#9/5) - When the dragons of Klarn were released by Nightgaunt and Murkandor they assaulted Treehaven, and were narrowly sent away by Tyndall. The dwarves blamed Tyndall and Velanna for bringing the dragons and sent them away.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench and Mike Ploog

Mud-Butt often swore epitaphs to "Dwarf-Mother," invoking either her red hair, golden eyes, silver bracelet or hairy teat. It is not known whether she is one of the gods of Weirdworld.

In Thor I#292, Thor fought Odin's Eye in another dimension, where it was attacking a village of "Dwarflings." The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#14's Appendix: Other Dimensions entry for Weirdworld suggested that this dimension may have been Weirdworld, but there is nothing conclusive.

by Prime Eternal

The Dwarves of Weirdworld should not be confused with:

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