Membership: Many unnamed terrorists

Purpose: Terrorism

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Clarence, Ernie, Red, other veterans

Base of Operations: Veterans' Administration Hospital in Arlington, Virginia

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#47/3 (1990)


(Marvel Comics Presents#47/3) - A group representing the Fifth World Front broke into radiology lab of Arlington's Veterans' Administration Hospital. They tried to steal radioactive isotopes from the lab to build a nuclear bomb and make the world listen to them, but Captain America was in the hospital and stopped them. Two terrorists tried to shoot him, but he blocked the bullets with his shield and knocked them out. Another terrorist took a nurse hostage, but Cap threw his shield in a tricky way and he was out too. The remaining terrorists fled to the veterans with the isotopes. Their leader threatened to destroy the box and set the isotopes free, but Cap's new friends Clarence, Ernie and Red worked together to get the box, and Cap knocked the group leader out while the other veterans took care of his partners.



Comments: Created by Len Wein, Deni Loubert, Steve Bucellato & Gerry Talaoc.

They were really unlucky! Any other day they wouldn't have had any problems, but they pick the day Captain America is visiting. Besides their bad luck they were the typical Spanish accent speaking terrorists from South/Middle America.

Old Clarence didn't meet Steve Rogers in Korea, but the guy who would become the Grand Director who was Captain America at that time.
Or maybe not!
The "Steve Rogers" of those days (the fake) according to the Handbook never got deployed in the Korean War.
--Per Degaton

Profile by Markus Raymond

Fifth World Front has no known connection to:

Clarence, Ernie and Red have no connection to:


Clarence was in Korea were he fought his way up Pork Chop Hill together with Captain America. He told Cap about their meeting, but Cap had to tell him that another man wore the costume at that time. Later Clarence hit the terrorist leader with his crutches and made him lose the box with isotopes. Afterwards Cap thanked him for his help.


--Marvel Comics Presents#47/3


Ernie fought in World War II and met Captain America in France. Cap only had kind words for the old man who was bound to a wheelchair. Later Ernie caught the box with isotopes the terrorist leader dropped. Afterwards Cap thanked Ernie for his help.


--Marvel Comics Presents#47/3


Red fought in Vietnam and never met Captain America. He told Cap how he was blinded by a white phosphorous blast in that war. Later he pushed Ernie into the right direction so Ernie could catch the box with isotopes. Afterwards Cap thanked him for his help.


--Marvel Comics Presents#47/3

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