Scar has captured Paul ProustScar

Real Name: Brian Lash

Identity/Class: Human, technology user

Occupation: Burglar

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Formerly the Black Cat, Vandal

Enemies: A lot of unspecified ones, Black Cat

Known Relatives: Loop (father)

Aliases: Scar the Stalker

Base of Operations: Unspecified, presumably mobile

First Appearance: (Brian Lash) Felicia Hardy: The Black Cat#1 (July, 1994);
    (Scar the Stalker) Felicia Hardy: The Black Cat#3 (September, 1994) 

Powers/Abilities: Lash is a normal human well-trained in physical combat. Scar uses armor and special weapons, such as a little wrist-crossbow with drugged darts, some spears, a sword and unspecified devices to neutralize various security systems and the Black Cat's super-senses, too.

Scar wants his revenge on the Black CatHistory: (Black Cat#4 (fb) - BTS) - Brian Lash and Felicia Hardy were friends and lovers. They also were partners in burglary affairs. They both were young and inexperienced. Lash had lots of enemies he betrayed for something unspecified.

(Black Cat#4 (fb)) - One night, Brian Lash and the Black Cat stole jewels from the van deposit of the Liberty Security Agency. Lash also wanted the cash and wanted to kill a guardsman; the Black Cat tried to defend the guard, so she scratched Lash with her talons defacing him forever.

(Black Cat#4 (fb) - BTS) - Despite the wounds, Lash killed the guardsman and ran away with the money. He hid the money in a tunnel of the subway. The police found him and during the escape a train ran over him. Lash went in coma and was put in a prison of maximum security. His location was kept secret because he had lots of enemies who wanted to kill him.

(Black Cat#1) - Years later, in a jail of the State of NY, the vital signs of Brian Lash seemed to be fading. After some minutes, unseen, he opened the eyes.

(Black Cat#2 - BTS) - Worried about his condition, the doctors had Lash transferred to another institute with more advanced medical structures, but with fewer security restrictions.

(Black Cat#2) - The doctors noticed that Lash conditions were good. They predicted that in a few days, Lash be well and could be transported back to his maximum isolation. Minutes later, Lash awoke, killed three guardsmen, and fled.

Scar is trying to not pay Vandal (Black Cat#3) - Lash got back the money hidden years before and went to the Vandal's secret lab and bought his armor. He tried to threaten Vandal, but the inventor's robot "dissuaded" him.

(Black Cat#3 - BTS) - Lash wore his armor and became Scar the Stalker. The armor neutralized the alarms of the building, and he sneaked into Felicia Hardy's attic, stole what he could, and devastated the flat. Then he registered a message for the Black Cat on the telephone answering machine: "Liberty". He hid outside and, when the Black Cat left through the attic, he followed her to the Paul Proust Residence.

(Black Cat#3) - Scar attacked the Black Cat in Proust's bedroom, and he hit the 'Cat with his wrist crossbow. She fell, drugged by the dart.

(Black Cat#4 - BTS) - Scar kidnapped Proust, and he brought the drugged Felicia to the top of a pinnacle of a building, leaving a clue about where he could be found by her.

(Black Cat#4) - Lash set several traps outside and inside the building of the Liberty Security Agency. The Black Cat arrived and managed to avoid them all and reached Scar and Proust. Scar threw Proust out the window to hurt the 'Cat. He attacked with his darts, spears, and his sword. Despite his costume neutralizing the Black Cat's super-senses, Felicia beat him. She nearly killed him before Spider-Man and Proust stopped her. She put Scar in a safe.

(Black Cat#4 - BTS) - Lash was taken away by the authorities.

Comments: Created by Terry Kavanagh/Jerry Cavalieri, Andrew Wildman and Stephen Baskerville.

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Scar has no known connections to

Black Cat#4, page 9, panel 3 (Scar)
Black Cat#3, page 23, panel 3 (Scar, head shot)
Black Cat#3, page 16, panel 2 (Lash and Vandal's robot) 

Felicia Hardy: The Black Cat#1-3 (July-September, 1994) - Terry Kavanagh & Joey Cavalieri (writers), Andrew Wildman (pencils), Stephen Baskerville (inks), Eric Fein (editor)
Felicia Hardy: The Black Cat#4 (October, 1994) - Terry Kavanagh & Joey Cavalieri (writers), Andrew Wildman (pencils), Stephen Baskerville, Don Hudson, Rodney Ramos & Fred Fredricks (inks), Eric Fein (editor)

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