Real Name: Takegura (full name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: CEO of Tokegura, Ldt.

Group Membership: Tokegura, Ldt.

Affiliations: Billionaire Boys' Club, Kiyami, Sijo Kanaka

Enemies: Punisher

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Takegura, Ldt. in Japan

First Appearance: Punisher II#8 (May, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Takegura was an excellent businessman, but also a very conservative one, believing in old-fashioned business methods. Among his highest values were honor. Takegura was capable of killing people who got in his way.

History: (Punisher II#8 (fb) - BTS) - At a seminar in Hokkaido in 1972, Quentin O'Toole was present when Mr. Takegura gave a speech, a virtual blueprint for the takeover of the American electronics industry. When students tried to throw an egg at Tokegura, one of the bodyguards hit a male student the head, and broke a girl's leg.

(Punisher II#8)- Takegura arrived at a house in Warrick county, Connecticut, owned by Microcorp a subsidiary of Praxdorf, to meet with the Billionaire Boys Club. The next day Takegura and Arnold Hansen discussed their business plans at the Praxdorf headquaters in Manhattan. The plan was to have the public believe that Tokegura, Ldt. was interested in buying Praxdorf, a copmany owned by Arnold Hansen, thereby raising the stock price so that the Billionaire Boys Club could use the money to buy Itel Intl stock, which they owned 30% of, so that Tokegura. Ldt. could get its hands on Itel Intl. Takegura watched as Arnold took some drugs.

Takegura was driving his car when he was suddenly attacked by the Punisher. The Punisher brought down Takegura's bodyguard and driver, and then took Takegura with him. Takegura told him about the deal with the BBC. The Punisher asked Takegura if Roky was the Slasher, whereto Takegura told him that "Roky is a genius. We must allow genius its eccentricities." Takegura cut a deal with the Punisher, calling Roky to meet him later. When the Punisher and Microchip, Jr. brought Takegura to the meeting place, he asked the Punisher why he was doing what he was doing, and the Punisher told him about the mob shooting in Central Park which killed his wife and children. When the three of them arrived, they were met by Sijo and Roky, and the Punisher sent Takegura to Sijo, while Sijo sent Roky to the Punisher.

Arnold arrived and shot Takegura down, realizing the true plan, that Takegura now wanted to kill the Billionaire Boys' Club. Takegura appeared behind Arnold and his bodyguard, cutting down the bodyguard, and threatened to kill Arnold. He revealed that he was wearing kevlar to survive Arnold's attack. He was about to kill Arnold, but told him that he would leave it to a man of honor, and handed the katana to the Punisher, but the Punisher cut Takegura's throat instead. Before dying he asked the Punisher "Why?", whereto the Punisher answered "For the bums, Mr. Takegura."

Comments: Created by Mike Baron, Whilce Portacio and Scott Williams.

Sijo's last name was revealed in Classic Punisher#1/3 (December, 1989)

Profile by The Beetle

Takegura should not be confused with:

Kiyami (depicted on the right) was Takegura's bodyguard. He was strong, and looked like Sijo. (possibly the two of them were brothers) Kiyami captured the Punisher at the house in Connecticut, but was knocked down by him. Later alongside Sijo, he brought Roky Vance to the meeting place, to exchange him for Mr. Takegura.
--Punisher II#8-9

Sijo Kanaka (depicted on the left) also served as Takegura's bodyguard, and was both strong and an excellent hand-to-hand combatant. He wielded a katana, and sometimes dressed in the garb of a ninja. Sijo assisted Roky Vance in his exploits as the Slasher. Sijo killed Microchip, Jr. and Roky Vance before he himself was killed in a fight with the Punisher.
--Punisher II#8-9

Punisher II#8-9 (May-June, 1988) - Mike Baron (writer), Whilce Portacio (pencils), Scott Williams (inks), Carl Potts (editor)

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