Membership: Arnold Hansen (chairman), Roky Vance (broker)

Purpose: Firm run by Arnold Hansen to perform both legal and illegal activities, mostly through insider trading. Also operates Praxdorf and Microcorp.

Affiliations: Tokegura, Ldt.

Enemies: Punisher, Takegura

Base of Operations: Hanset headquarters, Praxdorf headquarters, Manhattan, Microcorp, Connecticut

First Appearance: Punisher II#8 (May, 1988)

History: (Punisher II#8 (fb, BTS))- At the age of 24 Arnold Hansen inherited his father's company Hanset when his father fell from a cliff in Wyoming. At the age of 26, Roky Vance acquired his seat on the New York Stock Exchange.

After a series of bad investments Arnold approched Tokegura, Ldt. in order to do business with them.

(Punisher II#8 (BTS))- Hansen appeared on the cover of the Wall Street Journal after his company Hanset had taken over Komoco.

(Punisher II#8)- Arnold Hansen arrived at a house in Warrick county, Connecticut, owned by Microcorp a subsidiary of Praxdorf, to meet with Takegura and Roky Vance. The next day Takegura and Arnold Hansen were discussing their business plans at the Praxdorf headquaters in Manhattan. The plan was to have the public believe that Tokegura, Ldt. was interested in buying Praxdorf, thereby raising the stock price so that the Billionaire Boys Club could use the money this would earn to buy Itel Intl stock, which they presently owned 30% of, ultimately allowing Tokegura. Ldt. to get its hands on Itel Intl.

(Punisher II #9)- When Takegura called for Roky, Arnold was surprised that he didn't want him to come along. After Roky left, Arnold decided to follow them. Roky Vance was killed by Sijo when Takegura showed his true colors, and turned against the Billionaire Boys' Club. Arnold arrived and shoots Takegura down, realizing that Takegura now wanted to kill him.

Arnold captured Punisher, telling him that he found out that Takegura was double-crossing him. Punisher claimed that he was after Takegura and was sent by the Ikegigure clan to make sure that Takegura didn't return from America. Arnold told him that Takegura wouldn't make it back, and neither would Punisher. Suddenly Takegura appeared behind them, cutting down Arnold's bodyguard and informing Arnold that he survived the assassination attempt by wearing Kevlar. He was about to kill Arnold but told him that he would leave it to a man of honor, and handed the katana to Punisher, but Punisher cut Takegura's throat instead. Arnold begged for his live, telling Punisher that he had $500,000 in cash back at the estate. But Punisher told him that he had left documents with the FBI, who would arrive the next morning. He handed him a gun with one bullet, telling him that he could one of two things. He could shoot him in the back, but if he wasted it in on him, he would kill him slowly, and told him to do the right thing, then left.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron, Whilce Portacio and Scott Williams.

by The Beetle

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