Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human; Temasikan citizen

Occupation: Ruler of Temasikan and slave trader

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Blowfly and his men, Eunuch, women

Enemies: Tigra (Greer Nelson), Aborigines, his female slaves

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Palace on the Southeast Asian island nation of Temasika

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#162/1 (early September, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: None

(MCP#162/1 - BTS): The Sultan was the ruler of Temasika. For years he bought women for his Harem from slave gatherers like Blowfly. He also traded them with his ministers or gave them to his men when the women were too troublesome.

(MCP#162/1): Sultan once again hired Blowfly to bring him women. This time he wanted three, but if Blowfly found some other interesting and exotic women he was allowed to bring them with him because Sultan and his ministers were always enticed by such things.

(MCP#163 - BTS): Sultan bought all three Aborigine women Blowfly brought him and one of his ministers even wanted a few more for himself.

(MCP#165/2): Sultan and his guards captured Tigra along with the three Aborigine women she tried to rescue from Temasika. Tigra surrendered herself when Sultan threatened to hand over her three friends to his soldiers. Sultan was amused by Tigra and ordered the Eunuch to tame her. Three days later she seemed to be tamed and Sultan awaited her in his bed. He sent out his guards to be alone with her. Tigra attacked Sultan and took him as a hostage. With his life in danger he ordered his men to let her and the three Australian girls leave with his fastest transportation. Sultan promised that this wasn't over after Tigra and the three women were gone.

Comments: Created by David DeVreis, John Czop & Pablo Marcos

I think the Eunuch didn't live too long after he failed to tame Tigra. Sultan didn't seem to be a man who liked men that made mistakes.

Profile by Markus Raymond


Sultan has no known connections to

Eunuch has no known connections to


He was the loyal, castrated servant of Sultan. The first time he saw Tigra he thought that she was part of the Harem already. He led her to the Australian girls and was shocked when she ran away with them. He called for the guards, who managed to retrieve them. Afterwards he tamed Tigra in three days by the order of Sultan with baths, massages and other luxuries. He let her go to Sultan when she seemed to be tamed.

--Marvel Comics Presents#164/4 (165/2

Palace of Temasika

This was the beautiful palace of Sultan on the island nation of Temasika. It was guarded by the soldiers of Sultan who lived in it with his Harem and his loyal Eunuch. In the palace there were many pools. Couches, pillows and curtains were everywhere. Sultan had some furs in his personal bedroom too (ice bear and leopard furs).

--Marvel Comics Presents#162/1 (164/2, 165/2





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Marvel Comics Presents#163 (September, 1994)

Marvel Comics Presents#164-165 (October, 1994)

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