Real Name:  Unknown

Identity/Class: Human martial artist

Occupation: Movie actor or stuntman (see notes)

Affiliations: Ching Bros. Movie Studios; unwilling agent of The One

Enemies: (while drugged and working for The One) Annie Wong; Nick Fury 

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: Lightning Shadow (translation of his name)

Base of Operations: Ching Bros Movie Studios, Hong Kong

First Appearance: Hulk Comic#18/3 (July 4th 1979)  

Powers/Abilities: Ma Yung-Chen is a world class martial artist, and skilled with bladed weapons. In spite of his advancing years, he is extremely fast.

History: (Hulk Comic#18/3) Nick Fury was in Hong Kong hunting for The One, leader of the Sept. He and local agent Annie Wong followed a lead back to Ching Bros. Movie Studios, where they were attacked by a group of martial arts trained actors, drugged to turn them into slaves of The One. Having avoided them, the two agents head for a suspicious building new to the complex. Nick commented as they approached that it didn't have much security, but Annie stated they didn't need it: Ma Yung-Chen is guarding the door.

Nick looked at the old man squatted down by the door, and unimpressed by this statement, walked to towards him. Annie shouted a warning to Nick: the elderly guard's name translated into English as "Lightning Shadow", and Nick dodged just in time.  With incredible speed the old man uncoiled and his blade flashed millimetres away from Fury's face. Ma Yung-Chen brought both his blades down on the prone agent, but Annie managed to block them with her own weapon. She noted that although he was drugged and his reflexes were slowed down as a result, he was still deadly enough to kill them. At Annie's suggestion, Nick tackled Ma Yung-Chen's legs while simultaneously, Annie leapt at his from the other side, occupying his swords. This succeeded in bringing the old man to the ground, and before he could recover, Nick punched him unconscious.  

Comments: Created by Steve Moore and Steve Dillon

Though the story doesn't specify Ma Yung-Chen's normal profession, I'm ASSuming he is an actor. The other opponents faced by Nick Fury and Annie Wong at the studios are drugged actors, and Ma Yung-Chen is immediately recognised by Annie. Annie, who used to work in the movie business, knows that he will be a formidable opponent, in spite of his age and being drugged, and with a name that translates as "Lightning Shadow", I'd say its a safe bet that he is either action movie star (like Jet Li or Jackie Chan), or one of the martial art stunt fighters from those movies.

When Ma Yung-Chen attacks him, Nick Fury claims he has never seen anyone move so fast. Even given a level of hyperbole on Fury's part, I take this to mean the Ma Yung-Chen is a top level martial artist - after all, considering that Nick has seen the likes of Spider-Man and Shang-Chi in action, his comment is no faint praise. 

Profile by Loki

CLARIFICATIONS: No known connection to and not to be confused with

Image list:  Hulk Comic#19/3, p2. panel 7

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