Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial technology user

Occupation: Space Pirate

Affiliations: Silver Surfer, Rava and other citizens of Shunlee

Enemies: Silver Surfer, Rava and the people of Shunlee

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Small unnamed Planetoid orbiting a Singularity (a black hole?)

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#50/4 (1990)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman Strength, energy blasts from his hands


History: The Marauder's origins are unknown.
He moved the singularity through the hyperspace lanes to disable ships and he did this for a long time. Years ago he destroyed a ship from Shunlee and he enslaved all the people on it.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#50/4) - The Silver Surfer was hit by the singularity and fell through it. Marauder found out about the arrival of the Silver Surfer through his slaves and instructed Rava to bring the Surfer to him. Marauder told the Surfer who he was and that he was responsible for the Surfer's situation. Marauder bragged about his doings in the past, showed the Surfer the singularity that he controlled and joked about the race that were his slaves. Marauder then told the Surfer that he had no reason to keep him alive and gave him three hours to think about one. A short time later the Marauder sensed that the Surfer used the singularity and attacked him with all his powers. The board of the Surfer returned and blocked all of the blasts from the Marauder. The Surfer then flew against the Marauder who fell into the singularity. The Marauder was now trapped forever.



Comments: Created by Ed Simmons and Jack Sparling

by Markus Raymond

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The Silver Surfer remembered the planet Shunlee as one of the meals of his former master Galactus. Rava didn't know this, but she knew that her people were prisoners of Marauder for many years since he destroyed their ship. Rava took care of the Surfer after he fell through the singularity. Later, she brought him to the Marauder who wanted to talk to the Surfer. She stayed with the Surfer when the Marauder joked about her people because they empathized with him. After the Surfer was threatened by the Marauder, Rava told the Surfer that he could use the singularity to find his board. After the Surfer defeated the Marauder, Rava was very thankful and asked the Surfer if he could return her people to Shunlee. The Surfer couldn't (as Galactus had consumed the planet) but he brought them to another planet with the help of Marauder's own technology.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#50/4



Marvel Comics Presents I#50 (May, 1990) - Ed Simmons (writer), Jack Sparling (pencils), Chris Ivy (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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