King Britain and the Union Jacks (by Alex Ross)Real Name: Brian Braddock

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Earth-X) mutant

Occupation: King of Britain

Group Membership: Captain Britain Corps; Lord Sunfire's Pact;
(formerly) Excalibur of Earth X -- Black Knight (Dane Whitman) of Earth X, Meggan of Earth X, Nightcrawler / Belasco (Kurt Wagner) of Earth X; Spitfire (Jacqueline Falsworth-Crichton) of Earth X

Affiliations:  Black Knight (Ahura) of Earth X; Cap (Steve Rogers); Czar Colossus / Mr. Sinister (Peter Rasputin) of Earth X; Dragon Man of Earth X; the Iron Avengers of Earth X -- Clint, Hank, Jan, Pietro, Wanda; the Mar-Vell boy of Earth X; Merlin; Queen Medusa of Earth X; Roma; the Union Jacks of Earth X
(formerly) Black Bolt of Earth X;
(briefly) the Skull (Benny Beckley) of Earth X

Enemies: Grey Gargoyle of Earth X; the Skull (Benny Beckley) of Earth X; Mephisto of Earth X; Absorbing Man (Crusher Creel) of Earth X; the Tong of Creel;
(formerly) Jude the Entropic Man of Earth X

Known Relatives: Betsy Braddock (twin sister); Meggan (first wife, deceased); Queen Medusa (second wife); Ahura (the Black Knight, adopted son)

Aliases: Captain Britain (formerly)

Base of Operations: Windsor Castle, Britain (Earth X)

First Appearance: Earth X Sketchbook (February, 1999); Earth X#9 (October, 1999)

the Sword of Death and Amulet of LifePowers/Abilities: King Britain's mystical armaments amplify his strength, stamina and reflexes; permit him to fly; and enable him to generate a protective forcefield.  He possesses both the Amulet of Life and the Sword of Death (also known as the sword Excalibur from Arthurian legend), which combined allow him to "heal the world with myth."  Specifically,  Excalibur has the power to heal Deviants as well as the power to cut stone without harming it.  King Britain's steed the Dragon Man is a gigantic, powerful beast capable of flight.  King Britain also has access to the Siege Perilous in Darkmoor, England, allowing him to traverse the Omniverse.


(Universe X#2 (fb)) -- One night in Darkmoor, England (Earth X), a student of science named Brian Braddock found himself facing both Merlin and his daughter Roma before the Siege Perilous following his first brush with death.  Braddock was given a choice between two powers that night: either the "Amulet of Life" or the "Sword of Death".  Being a well-educated man, Braddock chose the Amulet of Life and was dipped in magic of ancient power a moment later -- transforming him into the being of myth known as Captain Britain.

Braddock attends the funeral of MerlinAs Captain Britain, Braddock used his newly acquired power to fight for peace.  But Braddock, as a scientist, had difficulty believing in the magic that now powered him.  As a man of science, Brian Braddock was not given to the musings of magicians who had died hundreds of years before.  Unprepared for the horrors he now faced as Captain Britain, Brian Braddock attempted to kill himself.  But instead of finding that there was nothing after death, as he had always believed, Braddock awoke in Otherworld where he fought alongside the Black Knight (Dane Whitman) of Earth X against an enemy to whom science meant nothing.  Braddock died in Otherworld, only to be reborn in an alternate reality where all of Earth's super-heroes had been killed by something called the Fury.  Brian Braddock died yet again in this world.

Brian Braddock's multiple deaths were intended to prepare him to use myth to repair reality and to teach him to use death as an escape route rather than to fear death.  Merlin reconstructed Brian Braddock's body and sent him to hunt down and destroy the Fury and the man who had built it.  Merlin himself died in the process, but death and reality themselves were now suspect for Brian Braddock.

At Merlin's funeral, Brian Braddock came to realize the size and breadth of reality and that it was not singular.  Braddock learned of the Omniverse and its unending alternatives.  He learned that the Omniverse was the collection of all the possible directions a life could take and that these unrequited possibilities were the basis of myth throughout the world.  Most importantly, he learned that the Siege Perilous was the doorway to the Omniverse and to myth, which is why Captain Britain had to become a myth himself.

After his adventures in alternate realities, Brian Braddock returned to his native Earth X.  By this time, his scientific mind had given way completely to magic and impulse.  A mutant named Meggan bore the brunt of Braddock's new surrender.  Meggan was a mutant shaped by the superstitions of the fearful -- she was a shape-shifter whose form and personality were shaped by the opinions of others.  To please Brian Braddock, Meggan became a beautiful super-heroine, the object of Braddock's lust and desires.  Where Meggan originated from was never discovered.

Brian Braddock eventually formed a team of mutants known as Excalibur.  He named the team "Excalibur" due to the subconscious doubt starting to crawl into his consciousness from originally picking the Amulet of Life rather than the Sword of Death.  Braddock found himself fighting wars on plane after plane of reality, where his allies of Earth X were transformed into knights and warriors of the Old World.  Braddock had chosen life when he first reached for the amulet, yet he had since been surrounded by death -- but to choose the sword would have meant more death without reason to motivate each battle.  It was then that Braddock realized that he was supposed to take both the Amulet of Life and the Sword of Death -- to heal a world with myth required both faith and reality, both myth and science.  Now with the Sword of Death (also known as the sword Excalibur from Arthurian legend) in his possession, Brian Braddock was finally complete.

(Paradise X#4, 9 (BTS)) - Brian Braddock and the mutant shape-shifter Meggan were eventually married, although deep down Braddock secretly felt like he was using Meggan.  Braddock thought the reason Meggan was so beautiful was because of his influence and desires on her mutant shape-shifting ability. He looked at his relationship with Meggan as one of taking advantage her  magic and grace.  Braddock even felt that Meggan's love for him was a result of his manipulation, a sorry and unintended result of the maturity of Meggan's mutation.
 Braddock slays the Grey Gargoyle, comdemning Excalibur in the process

(Earth X#9 (fb)) - In his final battle against Excalibur, the villainous Grey Gargoyle turned the Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Meggan, Spitfire (Jacqueline Falsworth-Crichton), and the right arm of Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) to stone.  In his rage over what the Grey Gargoyle did to his teammates, Brian Braddock slew the Grey Gargoyle, inadvertently condemning his former allies to exist in the form of a petrified statute forever.

(Universe X#2 (fb)) - Realizing that by killing the Grey Gargoyle of Earth X he also condemned his former teammates to spend eternity as a stone statute, Brian Braddock frantically tried bringing Grey Gargoyles from alternate realities to Earth X in an attempt to free his friends of their curse.  But his efforts did not work.  Although Excalibur, the Sword of Death, was said to be able to pierce stone without harming it, Braddock chose not to use it because he did not know if it would free his friends from the Grey Gargoyle's curse or kill them outright.

Cap comes to King Britain throne room for help against the Skull(Earth X Sketchbook#1) - All of what was once Europe became a monarchy known as Britain.  Under the kingship of Brian Braddock (now known as King Britain), England's famed Navy aided Russia (ruled by Czar Colossus) in the distribution of food to the rest of the world's populace.  An army of Union Jacks guarded shore and crown as agents of His Majesty's Secret Service.  The Dragon Man became King Britain's trusted steed.

(Universe X Sketchbook#1) - The villain known as the Absorbing Man (Crusher Creel), after absorbing the super computer Ultron, was able to compute the perfect solution for killing the final assembly of the Avengers of Earth X.  The Avengers (Giant Man, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and the Wasp), who made their final stand in Washington, D.C., found themselves without Captain America (who was guilt-ridden over his recent decision to break his own moral code and kill the Red Skull) and were soon slaughtered by the Absorbing Man.  The android Avenger known as the Vision shattered the Absorbing Man into pieces in retaliation shortly thereafter.

Lord Sunfire of Japan was at the United Nations in New York when news of the Avengers' death reached the startled delegation.  Knowing the dangers of what might happen if a new computer-brained Absorbing Man were to be reborn on Earth, Lord Sunfire created a secret society of super-powered heroes whose purpose was to keep the individual pieces of Crusher Creel from ever being reassembled.  But he chose only loners, the unlikely heroes, to uphold this task, hoping that these individuals would be harder to track down.  The Chest-Piece of Creel was given to Storm (Ororo Munroe), the Queen of Wakanda.  But when Wakanda began its policy of isolationism as a result of becoming a wildlife preserve, the Chest-Piece was passed on to another of her mutant teammates: King Britain.

(Earth X#X (bts)) - Before the Inhuman Royal Family left the planet Earth to live elsewhere, Black Bolt, the King of the Inhuman people, left his only son Ahura on Earth in the care of King Britain because he sensed that inhumanity would one day require an heir.  Even Black Bolt's own wife Medusa never knew what Black Bolt was planning.  He gave up his own son for the sake of everyone on Earth, so that mankind would have his son to lead it into its new age.  King Britain, who was sworn to silence, never thought that the Inhuman Royal Family would return to Earth and thus raised Ahura as his own Black Knight hoping that he might one day be his heir as the King of Britain.
 King Britain reveals the fate of Excalibur

(Earth X#9) - Twenty years later, Cap (Steve Rogers) and his allies (including Czar Colossus of Russia, Lord Sunfire of Japan, and Ka-Zar of the Savage Land) traveled to the Kingdom of Britain in hope of recruiting King Britain's help in the impending war against the mind-controlling villain Skull (Benny Beckley) in America.  But King Britain denied Cap's request.  Claiming not to be the fool he once was, King Britain said that his decisions affect too many others and that he must bow to wisdom and providence's demands.  King Britain was afraid that joining Captain America's war against the Skull would leave Britain defenseless and vulnerable to an attack.  When asked if Britain's other heroes would be able to help, King Britain revealed that the team Excalibur had been turned to stone by the Grey Gargoyle.  When Cap asked if the Black Knight (Ahura), the king's bodyguard and intended successor, would help, King Britain said no.  In a final attempt to sway King Britain's opinion, Cap told him that no man is an island and pleaded with him to serve his people by helping to stop the Skull.  King Britain reluctantly joined Cap's growing alliance against the Skull.

(Earth X#10) - King Britain traveled with Cap and his allies to the African nation of Wakanda, where they asked King Panther (T'Challa) to join the in the war against the Skull in America.  King Panther refused to join the alliance, saying that the spirits would guide him if the Skull ever reached Wakanda's borders.  King Britain and the alliance then traveled to New York City to stage a final battle against the Skull and his mind-controlled hordes of followers.  With the sword Excalibur in his hand, King Britain rode into the battle atop his trusted steed, the Dragon Man while his Union Jacks engaged the enemy forces on the ground.  After a valiant effort, King Britain and most of the other heroes allied against the Skull succumbed to the villain's mind-control powers and turned against Cap.

(Earth X#11) - A mind-controlled King Britain stood among the Skull's followers as the Skull declared himself the victor and renamed the Earth "Planet Skull".  But Cap, the Thing (Ben Grimm), Spidey (Peter Parker), Daredevil, the X-Men (Mr. S, Charmer, Tower), and an army of Alicia Grimm's clay marvels soon led a final assault against the Skull.  The Skull soon discovered that he was unable to control Alicia Grimm's clay marvels since they had no minds of their own.  An angered Skull ordered his minions to destroy the animated clay structures, and King Britain and the others complied.  Disguised as a clay copy of himself, Cap was able to get close to the Skull and break his neck.  With the Skull dead, King Britain and everyone else who fell victim to the Skull's mind-control snapped out of their trance.

(Earth X#12) - Although the battle against the Skull was finally over, minutes later King Britain and his allies watched in horror as the Celestial Host arrived on Earth to harvest the Celestial egg that lay dormant within the planet's core.  Later, King Britain and the rest of the assembled heroes gathered around the fallen body of Tony Stark, who had valiantly sacrificed his life in an attempt to stave off coming of the Celestials, although Stark's sacrifice failed to stop the threat to Earth's existence altogether.

(Earth X#X) - After being called to Earth by the Inhuman king Blackbolt shortly before his death, Galactus (Franklin Richards) finally arrived and forced the Celestials to retreat from Earth.  Before departing, Galactus consumed the Celestial egg within Earth's core.  With the Celestial threat to Earth finally over, Medusa and the surviving Inhumans prepared to leave Earth once again.  Before leaving, Reed Richards informed Medusa that her son Ahura was actually the Black Knight, who had been in King Britain's care since he was a child.  Medusa decided to stay on Earth with her long-lost son.
King Britain, Ahura the Black Knight, the Union Jacks, and the Vision rebuild the Iron Avengers 

(Universe X: Iron Men#1, Universe X Sketchbook#1) - Shortly after the Skull's death, Tony Stark's Iron Avengers, which were destroyed in the battle against the Skull, were reassembled by King Britain and Ahura the Black Knight.  But without the direction of the late Tony Stark, the Iron Avengers had no direction, no home, and no purpose.  But then King Britain invited them to become Knights of the World.  Now known as the "Iron Men", Tony Stark's creations were no longer led by the Vision, who did not believe that building robot replicas was the proper way to honor the memory of the fallen Avengers, but were instead led by Ahura the Black Knight -- much to the disappointment of Ahura's mother Medusa, who wanted him to wed his intended wife Luna and become the new Inhuman king..

(Universe X#0) - With most of the Earth's population now mutated into Inhumans by the Terrigen Mists, King Britain knelt before Ahura the Black Knight.  King Britain bowed before a sovereignty greater than his own -- for Ahura the Black Knight was the rightful king of the world's Inhuman population.  But the Black Knight did not want to be the Inhuman king, opting to instead continue serving his adopted homeland of England.

(Universe X#2) - Slightly over three years after the dual threats of the Skull and the Celestials were averted, the temperatures of Earth began to fluctuate wildly as a result of the planet's shifting polarities.  As a result, the continent-nation of Britain began to transform into a tropical paradise.  Cap and the Marv-Vell boy (a supposedly reincarnated version of the original Captain Marvel prophesied to spark the return of humanity to Earth X) traveled to Britain to meet with King Britain.  King Britain bowed before the Mar-Vell boy, asking how he could serve him.  Cap and the Mar-Vell child asked for the Books of the Darkhold and Vishanti, claiming that they needed their inherent power.  King Britain obliged, but added that he had heard that the Mar-Vell boy also sought any device that could be used as a weapon of mass destruction on Earth.  Cap explained that they no longer lived in a democracy and that the right to bear arms may be the worse thing for the world at this point in time.  King Britain feared that Mar-Vell would want the sword Excalibur, which he viewed as his only chance to free his petrified friends, if he ever worked up the courage to use it on them.  The Mar-Vell boy explained to the disheartened King Britain that the sword would not bring his allies back to life, but he allowed King Britain to keep the sword, claiming that it would serve a greater purpose in the future.  King Britain begged the Mar-Vell child to bring the Grey Gargoyle of Earth X back to life so that he could reverse the curse placed upon his friends.  But the Mar-Vell boy said that he did not have the power to do so.

Later, in Windsor Castle, King Britain presided over the official presentation of his heir, the Black Knight (Ahura).  At the presentation, the Black Knight knelt before the Mar-Vell boy and pledged his allegiance to him.

King Britain enters the OmniverseOne day later, King Britain, the Black Knight, Cap, the Mar-Vell boy, and the Inhuman Queen Medusa left for Darkmoor, England with the purpose of entering the Siege Perilous in search of the mythic Books of the Darkhold and Vishanti.  The group entered the Omniverse, where they were greeted by Betsy Braddock, Merlin, and Roma.  Merlin presented the Mar-Vell child with the Books of the Darkhold and Vishanti, which were hidden within the Siege Perilous by Dr. Strange when he learned that his mistress Clea was going to betray him.  Merlin then assured King Britain that his sister Betsy would be returned to him once her training in the Siege Perilous was complete.

After emerging back on Earth X, the group noticed a dark entity looming on the Darkmoor horizon.  Cap noted that the entity had been following him since he left New York and that it did not seem to tire.  King Britain ordered his fellow travelers not to look at the mysterious entity, for he had seen it twice before.  It was Death, and she following Cap.

(Universe X#3) - King Britain was present in his court when the Black Knight (Ahura) announced that he would not be the King of the Inhuman world, leaving his mother Medusa and his intended wife Luna with little hope for the stature they might once have commanded.  Afterward, Cap expressed to King Britain that it was a little more than three years ago that he took the child Skull's life, and now he was insecure about watching over the Mar-Vell child, who was supposedly "the child of all humanity's future children."

King Britain and the Dragon Man defend Windsor Castle from the Tong of Creel

(Universe X#5) - King Britain was among the many Earth X heroes present at the funeral of Cap, who was killed by the Night People of Zero Street.

Later, King Britain returned to his homeland with the Black Widow, a new Russian ambassador from London.  But soon after King Britain's return to Windsor Castle, the Union Jacks informed him that the Tong of Creel (a cult dedicated to putting the Absorbing Man back together piece by piece) were storming the castle gates.  King Britain mounted his steed the Dragon Man and rode into battle against the Tong of Creel alongside Medusa of the Inhumans, the Black Knight, the Unions Jacks, and the late Tony Stark's Iron Avengers.  The Tong of Creel eventually retreated, but not until they obtained the Chest-Piece of Creel, which was kept inside Windsor Castle under tight security.

(Universe X#9) - Walking through the halls of Windsor Castle alongside Dragon Man, King Britain explained to the Black Knight (Ahura) that he had been a servant to the people of England for a long time.  But the world would not recognize a servant hero who would not also rule.  For that reason, King Britain told the Black Knight that he must transform himself into the Black King.  The Black Knight, who viewed King Britain as the only father he ever knew, promised that he would do as King Britain asked.
King Britain unmasks and proposes to Queen Medusa of the Inhumans


(Universe X#X) - After the defeat of the Absorbing Man in New York City, the Black Knight (Ahura) instructed his army of Iron Avengers that they should not only protect Britain.  Instead, they should expand their territories and become the armory of the entire world.  The Inhuman Queen Medusa, who had always hoped that her son Ahura would eventually accept his destiny as heir to the Inhuman throne, finally admitted defeat.  Although she had lost a son, she told King Britain that his world had gained a perfect champion.  The Black Knight was England's champion and King Britain's heir apparent, not an Inhuman King.  But King Britain was willing to compromise.  He had been thinking that if there were a way to link the heir to the throne of England to the Inhuman population, then England would rule the world.  With that, King Britain got down on one knee and proposed to Queen Medusa.

(Paradise X#0) - With the Earth increasingly a place of magic and mystery rather than commerce and science, England eventually replaced New York as the capital of super-humanity.  In England, King Britain and Medusa prepared for their wedding.

(Paradise X#1) - As the Inhumans Medusa and Luna continued preparations for the wedding, King Britain knelt before the petrified members of Excalibur in the court of Windsor Castle.

(Paradise X#3) - King Britain finally married Queen Medusa of the Inhumans.  Hundreds of the world's heroes attended the wedding ceremony, held at Windsor Castle in England.  The devil Mephisto was also in attendance disguised as the fallen former X-Man Banshee (Sean Cassidy).  When Scott Summers, the former X-Man known as Cyclops, saw Banshee at the ceremony he immediately attacked him, knowing that the real Sean Cassidy was dead.  Mephisto escaped Summers' attack and transformed himself into the Grey Gargoyle.  The disguised Mephisto then began searching around Windsor Castle for the petrified members of Excalibur.

(Paradise X#4) - Before King Britain and Queen Medusa were able to consummate their marriage, a servant informed King Britain that Captain U.K. brought a Grey Gargoyle from an alternate dimension to Earth X and successfully reversed the curse that was placed upon the team Excalibur.  Thus, the Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Spitfire (Jacqueline Falsworth-Crichton), and most importantly, Meggan, King Britain's first wife, were still alive.

(Paradise X#5) - King Britain's royal court rushed to the courtyard of Windsor Castle where the curse that had turned the team Excalibur to stone had just been lifted.   King Britain was elated to see his wife Meggan alive again, but Meggan was horrified to learn that King Britain had remarried. The Inhuman Medusa had mixed feelings about these developments because now her future as King Britain's wife was uncertain.  But unknown to everyone, Captain U.K. and the Grey Gargoyle were actually the devil Mephisto in disguise.  Later, the false Captain U.K. and Grey Gargoyle taunted the assembled heroes before merged back into one being,, transforming into a dragon-like beast that flew away toward Latveria

(Paradise X#7) - King Britain struggled over whether to choose Meggan or Medusa as his queen.

(Paradise X#9) - In an attempt to gain access to the Siege Perilous, Mephisto returned to Windsor Castle with Jude the Entropic Man.  Within the castle, King Britain informed Meggan that he was going to honor his marriage to the Inhuman Medusa, causing Meggan to flee in disgrace.  But unknown to King Britain, the devil Mephisto (once again disguised as the Grey Gargoyle) had gained access to his throne room.

(Paradise X#10) - King Britain learned that England was under attack by an army of Deviants.  While preparing to ride into battle against this new threat to his kingdom, King Britain was fatally wounded by the devil Mephisto (still disguised as the Grey Gargoyle), who had stolen the sword Excalibur.

(Paradise X#11) - With Excalibur in his possession, Mephisto and his Deviant army reigned supreme over the Kingdom of England.

(Paradise X#12) - Mephisto was assaulted by the combined forces of Merlin, Dr. Strange, and Betsy Braddock.  During the course of the battle, the Black Knight got ahold of the sword Excalibur and returned it to King Britain, who was revealed to be alive.  It was then revealed that the "King Britain" that Mephisto previously killed with Excalibur was actually the shape-shifting mutant Meggan, who had used her powers to mimic King Britain's physical appearance.  With Excalibur back in his possession, King Britain killed the devil Mephisto. King Britain revealed that the sword Excalibur had the power to heal Deviants.  King Britain then offered to transport Mephisto's former pawn, Jude the Entropic Man, to an island where his death-inducing powers might be used to help those who are dying.

(Paradise X#X) - The recently slain Meggan arrived in Death’s Realm, eventually finding love with a deceased Captain Britain from an alternate universe.

Comments: created by Jim Krueger and Alex Ross

King Britain may or may not have been enemies with his Earth-616 counter-part's enemies.  Same goes for affiliations. Same goes for relatives to a certain extent.

Some random thoughts on the King Britain of Earth X from Jim Krueger, the character's co-creator:

    My head hurts! Okay, try to follow this, because I'm having trouble doing so. I personally can't take Earth-X as a future version of the current Marvel Universe (Earth-616, a designation which actually comes from a Captain Britain story). There's various reasons, not the least of which is making King Britain a mutant, which Captain Britain isn't (Wolverine being the same species as Moonboy is probably the clincher). However, equally problematic is that King Britain, in his past, fought the Fury, and shared versions of all Earth-616's CB's dimension hopping adventures, including the death of Merlyn. Apart from the unlikelihood of a CB variant's adventures matching so exactly, the implications of there being multiple Fury's, and hence multiple Mad Jim Jaspers anywhere near as powerful as the Earth-616 one, is very scary. I'd always taken it that the Earth-616 Jaspers was unique in his power level (destroying his entire reality was stated as being insufficient to stop him), given the amount of effort omniversal protector Merlyn took to bring about his downfall. If he's actually ten-a'-penny, that's terrifying. For things to match so closely, and to avoid more versions of Jaspers that powerful, I'd prefer to think that Earth-X is a divergent future from Earth-616: i.e. that the reason the adventures match is that King Britain is a continuation of Earth-616's CB down one possible future timeline. But he can't be, because for the reasons I've mentioned above, Earth-X really doesn't fit as a future of Earth-616.

    My own solution to this (and it's messy, but then so is Earth-X), is that in one possible future timeline of Earth-616, another Amalgam style event occurs, merging forever two timelines - the Earth-616 one and another Marvel reality. Earth-616's history remains largely intact, but the characters are subtly altered. That would explain the bizarre combinations seen on Earth-X. We have Franklin Richards merged with Galactus, Nightcrawler with Belasco, Colossus with Mr.Sinister, etc. And that would allow King Britain to have shared CB-616's adventures exactly, while still being a mutant. Why does no-one in Earth-X mention this Amalgamation? Because of course, once it's happened, no one remembers the pre-Amalgamated timelines.
    Earth X is not a divergent Earth, but an alternate Earth. It's past is not the same as that of Earth-616--Snood.

    And for the record, it's closer to 160 stories with Captain Britain before he joined Excalibur, but that's just me nitpicking - Loki  

Profile by Skullogeist (his first non-Amalgam one...maybe (see comments above))

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