Real Name: Ent

Identity/Class: Human/Mutant

Occupation: Homeless person

Group Membership: Morlocks

Affiliations: Anna Johnson, Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Enemies: Firebrand (Broxtel), the Marauders

Known Relatives: Mother Inferior (mother), Pester (wife)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: homeless shantytown on the upper west side of Manhattan; formerly, the Poseidon Hotel; formerly, the Morlock Alley

First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man#77 (June, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Ent possesses superhuman strength and agility.

Weaknesses: Ent is mute.

History: (Web of Spider-Man#77)- While investigating several mysterious accidents at a charity fundraiser for the homeless in the old Poseidon Hotel, Spider-Man came across Ent, Pester, Baby, Mother Inferior and Anna in the sub-basement of the hotel. Thinking that the Morlocks were threatening “Anna’s” baby, Spidey came to the “rescue”. Naturally the Morlocks fough back, and Spider-Man received a crushing bear hug from Ent. Ent was just about to bean him with a massive pipe, when suddenly he stopped and started to grin, as Anna gave Pester their baby. Anna explained to Spider-Man that this little Morlock family fled “something called the Mutant Massacre”, and took up residence in the Poseidon Hotel, hiding in the sub-basement when it was turned into a homeless shelter. They had staged the sabotage, being careful not to hurt anyone, in an attempt to get their new home back, (it not occurring to them that the people they were trying to take it back from were just as needy.) As Anna explained all this to Spider-Man, the villain known as Firebrand attacked the fundraiser above, weakening the dilapidated building and causing the sub-basement ceiling to start to cave in.

(Web Of Spider-Man#78)- As Ent and Spider-Man used their superhuman strength to give the others time to escape, Ent realized that Mother Inferior was to big to move, and he and Spidey tried to go back and rescue her. Mother Inferior, however, realizing that there wasn’t enough time, warned them away, and when that failed, ordered her rat hordes to push them safely from the room, tearfully waving goodbye to her family as the ceiling collapsed in on her, killing her. Ent was heartbroken, but he still had to protect the rest of his family as the broken water pipes began to flood the sub-basement with water. At Peter’s request, Ent and Pester swam down into the water and made a hole in the debris, releasing the water pressure and sweeping them from the flooding room. They floated around in a web-raft until Pester saw a light and ordered Ent to “Stop!” which he did by reaching out and grabbing the wall, digging in his fingers and bringing the raft to a screeching halt. “Boy, when Pester speaks, Ent sure listens, stopped us dead in the water!” They climbed up into the dance hall, where several people, mainly Daily Bugle staff, their families, and the always-endangered Aunt May were trapped. Ent and Spider-Man broke down a wall, and everyone was able to escape. Spider-Man, Cloak, and Dagger took care of Firebrand, who was arrested, and Ent, Pester and Baby found a new home with the local homeless. Ent helped them rebuild their shantytown after Firebrand burned it.

Comments: Created by Terry Kavanagh, Alex Saviuk, Keith Williams, Bud LaRosa, and Kevin Tinsley.

Ent and Pester’s baby was never named in the comics, but Pester referred to him as “Baby”, so I believe that may be his real name. Such a name would not be unusual among the Morlocks, who already have, (had, he’s sadly been murdered since), a member named Tar Baby. Ent, Pester and Baby have presumably moved back into the Poseidon Hotel, which was being re-built at the end of Web of Spider-Man#78 as a new and improved homeless shelter. In one of those great, misleading covers, Web of Spider-Man#77 blares “Spidey-trapped between the all-new Firebrand and a kill-crazed Morlock!” Ent was about as vicious and “kill-crazed” as a Care-Bear!

by Darc_Light

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Web of Spider-Man#77, p17, pan6 (main image)

#77, Cover (head shot)

Web of Spider-Man#77-78 (June-July, 1991) - Terry Kavanagh (writer), Alex Saviuk (pencils), Keith Williams (inks), Danny Fingeroth (editor)

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