Real Name: Karl Coven

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (apparently)

Occupation: Psychopathic murderer

Affiliations: Captain Marvel (former)

Enemies: Caffrey, Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), Lucy Harper, many victims of his killings, Rick Jones, Spider-Man, Tlaango, the Wyler family

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Captain Marvel VI#9 (July, 2003)

Powers/Abilities: Coven's original powers are unknown. His alien physiology allowed him to survive lethal injections, and may have had an accelerated healing factor of some sort. It is unknown whether or not his alien physiology granted him any other powers or enhanced skills. After being given the power cosmic by Captain Marvel, Coven possessed incredible strength and energy manipulation powers to an unknown degree, as well as flight among other powers that go along with the power cosmic. For a very brief period of time, Coven possessed the full power of an insane Captain Marvel. 

Note: He has a tattoo or some other marking that makes it appear as if his brain were exposed.

History: Coven was a psychopathic serial killer who killed many people over the years he was active. He was also claimed to be an extra-terrestrial, but his home world, as well as how and when he arrived on Earth are a mystery.

(Captain Marvel VI#11) (fb) - At some point, Coven killed a cop, who was also husband of Lucy Harper, when he pulled Coven over for a busted tail light and checked the trunk and found body parts of Coven's victims. 

(Captain Marvel VI#9) (fb) -  Three years ago, he used some gas to paralyze the Wyler family while he killed them, and the gas got Rick Jones as well. Rick was luckily concealed by bushes and not seen by Coven. Coven killed the family and used their organs for rituals.

(Captain Marvel VI#9) - Rick Jones and the families of the victims of Coven watched as Coven was given a lethal injection for his crimes. He died, was declared dead, but then miraculously returned to life. Since Coven was sentenced to death, and the sentence was carried out, Coven was free to go. A trial was held with hopes of getting Coven to be lethally injected again. Many of the victims' families, including Rick testified against him, but to no avail, and Coven was set free, but not before he could plant a kiss on Rick Jones, just to add insult to injury (I think). Coven quickly came after Rick Jones, and armed with a rifle, he came to Rick's apartment. Rick banged his Nega-Bands together, and Coven stood face to face with Captain Marvel. Marvel, who had appointed himself as a judge, offered Coven a chance to go into business with him, which Coven accepted.

BTS- Captain Marvel imbued Coven with the power cosmic.

(Captain Marvel VI#10) -  Coven and Marvel watched as a small alien, Tlaango, was chased by a larger one, Caffrey, with the intention of being the judges on who should be punished for the crime and how. However, Spider-Man rescued the little alien, and Coven watched as Marvel captured both aliens and Spider-Man and prepared them to stand trial with himself as a judge and Coven as an enforcer. The trial began and when the larger alien tried to get up, Coven smacked him back down hard. It ended up that the big alien wasn't trying to harm the little alien, but this was actually a sexual practice (I kid you not). What Marvel's ruling would have been was never observed, because the bigger alien started the threaten Marvel, and Coven snapped the alien's neck with ease. Marvel then declared that court was adjourned.

(Captain Marvel VI#11) - Coven rode a flying motorcycle to Rick Jones' apartment while Lucy Harper, the wife of a man Coven killed, was there. He scooped up Lucy, and flew away, with the intentions of torturing her. He started by telling her in detail how her husband died. However, he was interrupted when Rick Jones shot him with a blaster from behind with a powerful blaster. He continued to blast Coven, but knew it won't stop him, it would only slow him down.

(Captain Marvel VI#12) - Coven chased Lucy and Rick all over a hall of mirrors, but then Marvel, who had been threatened by Rick Jones into taking away Coven's power, began to drain the power cosmic away from Coven. Coven screamed that he wanted the power back. Rick Jones went on to shoot the now powerless Coven in the groin. But then, Coven, with his alien physiology, somehow managed to drain the power back from Marvel, until finally, Coven stood before Rick and Lucy with all the power of Captain Marvel. Suddenly, a bunch of aliens (the family of Caffrey), who were seeking revenge on Coven and Marvel for killing the alien earlier, appeared. Coven told them to give him their best shot, but just then, Marvel revealed he had just been toying with Coven all along and that Marvel let Coven steal the power. Marvel then took all the power back, and the aliens shot Coven dead. 


Comments: Created by Peter David and Ivan Reis

I'd guess the chances of seeing Coven again are low, but they could easily have let him survive the alien onslaught due to his own alien physiology. 
    Coven was clearly nuts and claimed to be alien, but his true origins are unconfirmed--Snood.

Thanks to Leader's Lair for letting me use the top image (like usual). The rest are from Snood.


CLARIFICATIONS: Karl Coven should not be confused with:

Captain Marvel VI#9-10 (July, 2003) - Peter David (writer), Ivan Reis (pencils), Chris Sotomayor (inks), Andy Schmidt (editor)
Captain Marvel VI#11-12 (August-September, 2003) - Peter David (writer), Ivan Reis (pencils), Chris Sotomayor (inks), Andy Schmidt (editor)

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