Real Name: Caffrey

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (unknown race)

Occupation: Unrevealed, possibly none due to his father's wealth

Affiliations: Tlaango (lover)

Enemies: Captain Marvel, Karl Coven, Spider-Man

Known Relatives: Ulzak (Father);
    member of the Borozil clan

Aliases: "Master"

Base of Operations: Unnamed homeworld

First Appearance: Captain Marvel VI#10 (June, 2003)

Powers/Abilities: Caffrey was very large and muscular and had super strength and durability to an unknown degree (possibly class 10-25 since he could knock over a building by hitting  it and be unaffected by it falling on him). He also used an energy whip that could stretch and  probably shock people that it wrapped around. He can shoot energy blasts.

History: Nothing is known of Caffrey accept that he was the lover of Tlaango and from a very wealthy family. They apparently had a type of "psycho-sexual domination" relationship in which Caffrey was the dominant one.

(Captain Marvel VI#10) - Caffrey got a little too caught up in his role as the dominant one in the relationship and got a little too rough. Caffrey chased Tlaango while Tlaango ran frantically looking for a place to hide. Eventually, Caffrey cornered Tlaango, but before Caffrey could whip Tlaango with his energy whip Spider-Man entered the scene, took Tlaango, and swung away. Caffrey was livid and chased them , eventually knocking over a building and being buried by the rubble. Caffrey quickly recovered and caught Spider-Man around the ankle with his whip. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel, who had gone insane, and Karl Coven, were watching from afar intending to act as judge and jury in the case regarding Tlaango being abused by Caffrey. Captain Marvel knocked out Caffrey by sending an energy blast through Caffrey's whip, and knocked out Spider-Man with a kick.

Later, Marvel, acting as a judge in a mock trial declared court in session, but Caffrey, Tlaango, and Spider-Man were still unconscious. Marvel woke them up, and when Caffrey started to get up, Coven smacked Caffrey back down. Caffrey started to yell at Coven, but backed down, when Coven's eyes glowed with power. After the trial revealed to all present that Caffrey was not Tlaango's slave master, but his lover, it looked like everything was resolved. Caffrey however, stood up and yelled that it was an outrage and that he would file a complaint when he got back to his home planet and that Marvel would pay. Coven, having warned Caffrey before, killed Caffrey for contempt of court by breaking Caffrey's neck.




Comments: Created by Peter David and Ivan Reis.

At first I thought perhaps one of the two lovers was female, but I think they were both male. This means quite possibly the first ever extra-terrestrial gay relationship in comics (I seriously doubt it--Snood). However, since they are aliens, it might not be so simple as can be defined by human sexuality.

Thanks to for helping me out on determining these characters' sexuality. And thanks to Snood for the images.



Images: Captain Marvel VI#10, page 3 panel 4
             Captain Marvel VI#10, page 6 panel 5

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