Real Names: Tlaango

Identity/Class: Extra-Terrestrial (unknown race)

Occupations: Unknown

Affiliations: Caffrey (lover), Spider-Man, Ulzak

Enemies: Captain Marvel, Karl Coven

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile, Unnamed Home world

First Appearance: Captain Marvel VI #10 (June, 2003 )

Powers/Abilities: Tlaango was very small and had strength probably of a normal human. 

History: Nothing is known of Tlaango except that he was the lover of Caffrey, whom apparently came from a wealthy family. They apparently had a type of "psycho-sexual domination" relationship in which Caffrey was the dominant one.


(Captain Marvel VI #10) - Tlaango thought that Caffrey was getting too rough and Tlaango was running from Caffrey frantically looking for a place to hide until Caffrey calmed down. Eventually, Tlaango was cornered by Caffrey. Before Caffrey could whip Tlaango with his energy whip, however, Spider-Man entered the scene, took Tlaango, and swung away. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel, who had gone insane, and Karl Coven, were watching from afar intending to act as judge and jury in the case regarding Tlaango being abused by Caffrey. They captured all three.

Later, Marvel, acting as a judge in a mock trial declared court in session, but Caffrey, Tlaango, and Spider-Man were still unconscious. Marvel woke them up. Spider-Man started to plead Tlaango's case to Marvel and told him that slavery was wrong and that Tlaango should not need to be Caffrey's slave. Tlaango then informed all present that the two were lovers, not slave and slave master. Spider-Man, who was quite embarrassed, said that he was done with his defense, and asked if they could leave. Before they could leave, Coven killed Caffrey and Tlaango cried over his lover's body.

(Captain Marvel VI #10 - FB,BTS) Tlaango returned to his home world and told Caffrey's father, Ulzak, of what had transpired.  Ulzak gathered several troops and headed to Earth to gain vengeance on Captain Marvel. 

(Captain Marvel VI #12) - Tlaango, Ulzak, and their troops sped back to Earth to gain their vengeance. Tlaango said that it was Coven who killed Caffrey, but Ulzak said that since Marvel was in charge, it was he who they would kill. When they arrived on Earth, Coven had temporarily usurped the power of Captain Marvel, and took on an appearance similar to his. The aliens traced the cosmic energy to Coven, mistook him for Captain Marvel, and just as Marvel took his power back from Coven, they opened fire, killing Coven. Their vengeance gained, the aliens presumably returned home. 


Comments: Created by Peter David and Ivan Reis.

At first I thought perhaps one of the two lovers was female, but I think they were both male. This means quite possibly the first ever extra-terrestrial gay relationship in comics (nope!). However, since they are aliens, it might not be so simple as can be defined by human sexuality.

Thanks to for helping me out on determining these characters' sexuality.



Images:  Captain Marvel VI #10 page 2

             Captain Marvel VI #10 page 8 panel 4

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