FOSGRAVE, PAUL - atomic scientist, targeted for abduction by Grizzly
    --Captain America I#120

FOSSIL of Earth-Cable - spreads the word of the Askani
    --[X-Men: Books of the Askani], Askani#1

FOSTER - with Straker, pilot of passenger ship that fled Raptra, Reptyl, and Syn, escaping into a nebula; possibly consumed by the Rot (and if so, possibly later restored)
    --Avengers: Celestial Quest#2 (8?

FOSTER, BELINDA - former top model, dated Wilfrid Sobel, sent to Sweden by Punisher to protect her from the rest of the Rockhouse Operation
    (app-sobel)--Punisher II#1

FOSTER, BILL - see GIANT-MAN/Black Goliath.
    (D#4)—Avengers I#32 (Black Goliath#1(fb), Power Man#24(fb), Av32-35, 41, 54, 75, Marvel Feature#9->BG
    Spider-Woman I#47, Marvel Two-In-One#96, Amazing Spider-Man I#244, Avengers West Coast#100/2(fb), Av246, West Coast Avengers An3->gm.
    Avengers III#66?

FOSTER, FLASH (Robert Foster) -
    (net-preff)--(g) Daring Mystery Comics#1?, Young Men#21

FOSTER, Dr. JANE - former nurse of Don Blake, ex-wife of Dr. Keith Kincaid, mother of Jimmy
    FOSTER-KINCAID*,JANE--Journey into Mystery I#84 (JiM minus 1, JiM#84-96 Avengers I#1, JiM#97,98, Av3, JiM#99,100, Av5, Thor:Godstorm#1(ff), 2(ff1), JiM#101, 103-109, Marvels#2, Av9, JiM#110,111, 113-117, 121,122, 124, 125, Thor: Blood Oath#1, 6, Thor I#126,127, Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annual 1997, Th129-136, 279(fb), 172, 231,232, 234-249, 279, Thor An9, [Thor334],335,336,336/2->jfk.
    Thor I#502, Heroes for Hire#5, 13, Quicksilver#11,HsfH#16, Thor II#1, 5,6, Iron Man III#11(fb), 11,12,15, Th8,10,12,13, Avengers III#17, Thor14-16,19-21, Thor Annual 2000, Th24, 26,27, 29,30, 36,37, Avengers Annual 2001, Thunderbolts#39, Thor40, 60, Civil War#4-6

FOSTER, MARTIN - publisher, struck a deal with William Wexler and Walter Krantz to reprint Copperhead, attacked by Copperhead, saved by Daredevil
    --Daredevil I#125?

FOSTER, OBERON of Earth-9602 - Jane Foster + Oberon, assistant to Don Free
    --[Thorion#1 (letters)]

FOSTER, Dr. (    ) -
    --Sub-Mariner Comics#6

FOSTER, - Chicago criminal, former torturer for Jimmy Delfini sr, concealed his death and ran his business along with Nobby Pyles to prevent his idiot sons, the Delfini bros, from gaining control, ultimately killed by Pyles who wanted total control
    --Incredible Hulk III#22 (22(fb), 22,23

FOSTER, Dr. - archeologist, encountered Apocalypse, pitted in fight to the death against the powerless Gazer, nearly won until being skewered from behind by Ozymandias
    *D*--X-Men II#181 (182d)

FOSTER, Dr. - aided by Lorna, brought medicine to cure M'Tuba and his tribe of fever
   (app-M'Tuba)--Lorna the Jungle Girl#19

FOSTER, parents of Bill
    Amazing Spider-Man#538, Black Panther IV#23

FOSTER, TOM - nephew of Bill
    --Black Panther IV#23, (named) Incredible Hulk II#107 (BP23, Hulk#107-109, World War Hulk#4

FOSTER, ?? - sister of Bill
    --Black Panther IV#23

    (U#3)—Thor I#336 (336/2(fb), 372, ?293?, 402, 475-477,480,482-484,Fantastic Four Unlimited#9, Th486,488,489->jf)

FOSTER-KINCAID, JIMMY - son of Jane foster and Keith Kincaid
    —[Thor I#372(fetus)],402,475(named)(Th402,475-477,480,482-484,Fantastic Four Unlimited#9, Th486

    former criminal reporter for Daily Bugle, attempted to consolidate New York criminals under himself as Big Man, cell mate of Mendel Stromm, rehired by Daily Bugle following his release from prison, learned Crimemaster's id and notified the police, attempted to discover connection between Peter Parker and Spider-Man, killed by agents of Kingpin when attempted to infiltrate and betray them
    -BIG MAN*, PATCH* *D*--Amazing Spider-Man I#10 ( 23,26, Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man #3, A37, 46, 50,51,52d)

FOSWELL's GYM - site where Battling Jack Murdock trained, now owned by Melvin Potter
    --Daredevil I#1( Daredevil: Yellow#6

FOTHERGILL, KEVIN - Earth-9272 thief, tried to rob Motormouth --Motormouth#2

FOULUP, CLUMSY - extraterrestrial, former pawn of Reptyl, briefly took over Kree empire with assistance from Contemplator imposter
    *D* (app)--Silver Surfer III#11 (12, 20, 25-31, 53

FOUNDATION - allegedly kidnapped and mutated Ripper (Rico) as culmination of experiments in unstable molecules designed to turn him into the first of a new generation to safeguard humanity against mutants
    (app-ripper)--[Marvel Comics Presents#21/4]

FOUNDATION of Earth-148611 ( )-attempted to discover source of power of psi-force

FOUNDER - facsimile of Charles Xavier, created by Cerebro in an effort to stop the virus designed to erase its programming
    --X-Men II#80

FOUNDRY- blood
    (app)--Midnight Sons Unlimited #4

FOUNDRY - Avatar of mandarin.
    fire eyeblasts ,morph hands into weapons
    (app-av)--Force Works#6 (Iron Man I#312

FOUNTAIN of EROS - used by Amora to compel Hercules to fall in love with her and battle the Avengers
    --Avengers I#38?

FOUNTAIN of ETERNAL YOUTH - grants immortality when bathed in, but removes capacity for emotion; those who drink it are transformed into purple-skinned humanoids (ogres/fathers)
    -FOUNTAIN of YOUTH*, RAINBOW FOUNTAIN* (app-ha)--Man-Thing I#7 (8, 9; She-Hulk II#7,8

FOUNTAIN of FOREVER - used by Enchantress to observe earth

FOUNTAIN of YOUTH - used by Tyrannus to maintain youth
    --Tales to Astonish I#80

FOUNTAIN of YOUTH - Florida Everglades, accessed by Creature from the Black Bog
    --[Tales of Suspense I#23]

FOUNTAIN of YOUTH - see FOUNTAIN of ETERNAL YOUTH (app-ha)--Man-Thing I#7

FOUNTON of the Hyborian era (Charn, Dhan, Mina, Sarla)- city within the Drought-Monster, built by Charn and his followers, worshipped Vekechai, taught to fear the existence of Caliki outside their city
    --Savage Sword of Conan#72

FOUR, the (Trachos/Miles Gourney, Raga, Karath, Ellin) - demonic agents of N'Garai, actually used as pawns by Miles Gourney (alias Satan), trapped Satana on earth, killed by Gourney
    *D* (app)--[Vampire Tales#2], Haunt of Horror#2/5 ([VT#2,3], HoH#2/5,2/6,4d)

FOUR, the of Zephyrland (Ariel, Ibbar, Kabal, Zargus) - refers to the four able to resist Virago's spell of warrior frenzy
    (app-zeph)--Sub-Mariner I#64 (65-69

FOUR BROTHERS of the NIGHT - Hyborian era deities, worshipped by Picts, sleep beyond black mountains of the dead alongside the sleeping Old Ones
    --[Conan the Wanderer novel]

FOUR CULT - see CULT of the UNLIVING FOUR (app-karindu)--Defenders I#42

4-D MAN - see MERCURIO (app)--Thor I#208

4D-MAN of Earth X (Kyle Richmond) - cosmic consciousness, once chronicled the events of earth x till he was betrayed by Christians
    - NIGHTHAWK--Universe X #0

FOUR-EYES of Earth-148611 ( ) - Forsaken, paranormal. Four eyes, 360 degree field of vision

FOUR FANTASTICS of Earth-187319 ((Hulk, Victor von Doom, Johnny & Sue Storm) - perished with the destruction of their world
    --Exiles#95 (96-98

FOUR FREEDOMS PLAZA - 2nd headquarters of Fantastic Four, taken over by Thunderbolts during Heroes Reborn, destroyed by Zemo after revealing true identities to public
    (U#3)--Fantastic Four I#289,

FOURHAND (Peter Derby) - M.O.N.S.T.E.R.
    --Generation X: Genogoths novel

FOUR HORSEMEN of APOCALYPSE (Death, Famine, Pestilence, War) - Axi-Tun, former prisoners on Stranger's Lab World
    --Giant-Size Fantastic Four#3 (Quasar#14,[15],16

FOURNIER, MARCEL - @ 1885, Sunset Riders, French Canadian trapper/government agent, paid by Tarantula (Riley) to lead Two-Gun Kid + others into trap of Nightriders, killed by Two-Gun Kid after discovering his betrayal
    *D*--Two Gun Kid: Sunset Riders#1 (2, Blaze of Glory#1-3,4d)

FOURSAKEN (Jamie Braddock, Godfrey Calthrop, Ned Horrocks, Amina Synge)
    - four beings chosen by the First Fallen to be the representatives taken to his paradise world, while the rest of Earth was to be left frozen in time
    --[Uncanny X-Men#472], 473 (473 (fb), [473 (fb)]/474 (fb), [472], 473-474

FOUR T's (    ) - Vietnamese gang, some operated out of Madripoor
    TIEN, TINH, TIEU, THOI <Love, Money, Sin, Prison)
    --Amazing Fantasy II#8 (Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#1 (fb)

FOUR WINDS (East, North, South, West) - Chinese ninja assassins serving the Master of the Winds (recently Timothy Lee), have existed since the 11th century, presumably as a line of successors
    (app)--Elektra I#9 ([9(fbs)], 9

FOUR WINDS (Manishi/West, Hiyashi/East, Minamiyari/South, Kita/North) - Japanese assassins, unwittingly killed by Deadpool
    *D*--Deadpool III#65 (65(fb), Agent X#13

FOURTH ASSEMBLY OF THE SECOND QUARTER OF HELL - "Ungentle Demons", tried to kill Thor, slaughtered by him; @Thor I#613

FOURTH dimension -
    --Mystery Tales#18/3

"FOURTH dimension" (Mercurio, Gramosians) - alien world, earthlike, somehow became reversed in polarity so that stars turned black and sky white and began to die, Mercurio came to earth to steal its magnetic field, but was defeated by Thor
    - contradictory sources identify Mercurio's world as being within Earth's dimension
    —Thor I#208 (216(fb), 208, 214(fb), 216(fb), Captain Marvel I#51

FOURTH dimension - see KARZZ the CONQUEROR
    Realm through which he traveled to transport across Earth
    (app)--The Avengers Battle the Earth-Wrecker


    (net-goldage)--(g) Comedy Comics#9

FOURTH REICH (Wilhelm Bucher) - neo-Nazi organization, led by Bucher
    (app-buch)--Master of Kung Fu I#23 (24

14 (    ) - Psigns of the Times, runaway kidnapped and mutated by Adrenamix
    Generate stick resin, which she can project as streams or tendrils to wrap and bind others.
    (app-psigns)--Justice: Four Balance#1, (fully seen, identified) #3 ([3(fb)], 1, 3, [4]

1400 CLUB (Battlescar, Dead Aim, Death Squad, Foreigner, usurping leader, Warzone)
    - organization of assassins formed by the Foreigner, taken over by usurper

    alias used while infiltrating Albion's Shadow Captains
    --New Excalibur#19 (20 (fb), 20-24)

FOWLER, ERICA - agent of SHIELD?, encountered Nomad (Rikki Barnes) and Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) as they finished off the Second Shadow
    --Captain America#613/2 (2011)

FOWLER, "RED" - former friend of John Blaze as a stunt-rider for Quentin Carnival
    --Ghost Rider II#63 (Marvel Super-Heroes III#11

FOX of the Old West (Mr. Stanley) - brother of Professor Steven Stanley, enemy of Two-Gun Kid, posed as single criminal mastermind, Prof. Stanley pretended to try to trap the Fox, duping Two-Gun, defeated and exposed by him
    (app)--Two Gun Kid I#67 (rep116)

FOX (Jasper Whifflegrass) - Alaskan fur trader, sent furs via motorized torpedoes via underground stream to Seattle to avoid paying customer and sales tax; employed Red Larson; discovered, captured & turned over to US government by Namor
    bestial appearance
    (net)--Marvel Mystery Comics#27 (or 23?

FOX (Reynard Slinker) - criminal mastermind, encountered Spider-Man + Human Torch, possibly served in Hydra as head of administrative division
    (1960s, app)--Strange Tales I Annual#2 ( [Daredevil I#121?], Spider-Man Unlimited#5

FOX of Earth-5555 - circa 8162 A.D., leader of the Chain Gang
    (app-cg)--Death's Head I#2

FOX DIVISION - Hydra, agents of Imperial Hydra, used the Betatron Bomb as part of Operation: Doomsday to try force the surrender of the government of the USA
    (app)--Strange Tales I#138

FOX, AARON - oil tycoon, battled Manphibian
    (app)--Legion of Monsters#1/2

FOX, BETH - wife of Aaron, left comatose after encounter with Manphibian
    --Legion of Monsters#1/2

FOX, CHARLIE - Indian guide, encountered the "Howler," tried to stop army from attacking it
    (app-howler)--Tales of Suspense I#6/1

FOX, HUGH of Earth-93060 - see GRENADE

FOX, JACOB - truck driver hired by Stark West, sold equipment to Nicholas Trask, slain by She-Droid
    (app-lasercannon)--Savage She-Hulk I#2

FOX, JOHN of Earth-59265 - criminal, rehabilitated via virtual reality
    (app)--World of Fantasy#16/5

    --Nightwatch#2 (3-12

FOX, PHIL - reporter, attempted to blackmail Cage, killed by Rackham
    *D* (app)--Hero for Hire#4 (5, 10, 11, [Amazing Spider-Man I#123], HfH#12-14d)

FOX, - widow of Jacob
    (app-lasercannon)--Savage She-Hulk I#6

"FOX in the SNOW" (   ) - presumptive Oracle Adventures security agent or bounty hunter on Perdita; attempted to prevent the Oracle/Kvasir's rescue
    (app-oracle)--The Mighty Valkyries#2

FOXBAT - Dark Riders, assassinated by teammates
    red skin, sharp spikes on arms + legs
    (net)--X-Factor I#65 (66,67, X-Men I#14,15, Uncanny X-Men#296, Cable II#17-19

FOXEYE (   ) of Reality-93060 - Alien Elite
    (app-ae)--Ultraverse Unlimited#2

FOXFIRE (Sheila Donner) - alias used by reporter to assist Human Torch in the search for Rose Delaney. Used false story of having developed technology to control path of fire, used it in arson and murder after the fire department refused to buy the technology from her
    --[Human Torch II#2], 4

FOXFIRE of Earth-712 (Olivia Underwood) - Institute of Evil, Squadron Supreme, underwent behavior modification, former lover of Dr. Spectrum, killed Nighthawk and then killed when stabbed through heart by Mink in battle between Redeemers and Squadron.
    able to cause matter to decay
    *D* (D#12,M,app)--Squadron Supreme I#5 (6-12d)

FOXFIRE of Earth-93060 ( ) - Aladdin
    --Hardcase(uv)#4 (Strangers#4

FOXFIRE of Earth-93060 (Rose Autumn) - genetically engineered from future, sent into modern era, powers triggered by Phoenix
    --(RA) Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis; (Ff) Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations (Phoenix Resurrection: Aftermath#1(fb), PR:G,PR:R,PR:A, FoxFire#1-3, Ultraforce II#9, Ultraverse: Future Shock

FOXHOLE - former headquarters of Black Fox, Foxwood Farms, near Woodstock, Illinois
    (net)--Marvel: Lost Generation#8

    identity used to seduce Gambit
    --X-Men II#171 (172-173)

FOXXE, BARRY - Executive director of Cosmic Oneness
    (app-co)--Amazing Spider-Man I#273

FOXY BRIGGS - see BRIGGS, FOXY. henchman of Dr. Octopus (at least)
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#31

FOYLE, TERRY - American celebrity, visited troops in Belgium
    --Captain America#601 (2009)

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