FORAGERS 2099 (Packrat, Solly) - revived Flipside
    --Spider-Man 2099#29 (30

FORBES, special agent SCOTT - arrested Terrence Haller Jr.
    (app-jr)--Inhumans V#12

FORBIDDEN JUNGLE - movie starring Brad Carter
    --Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD I#2

FORBIDDEN LAND - see el DORADO (1960s)--Avengers I#30

FORBIDDEN SWAMP of the pre-Cataclysmic era - site in which Serpent Men built a temple
    --Kull the Conqueror I#2 (2(fb)

FORBIDDEN ZONE - portion of Khystym (USSR), rendered uninhabitable by release of radiation
    --Defenders I#? ( Incredible Hulk II#258,259

    --Not Brand Ecch#5?

    --[Daily Bugle 1939 newspaper]

FORBUSH, STAN - husband of Jacqueline, father of Irving
    --[Daily Bugle 1939 newspaper]

FORBUSH MAN (Irving Forbush) -
    --Not Brand Ecch#5

FORBUSH MAN (    ) - New Paramounts, forgotten super hero
    vast powers, send others' minds into alternate/delusional realities
    --[Nextwave#8], 9 (9 (fb), [8], 9-10

FORBUSH, AL of Earth-Amalgam - Irving Forbush + Al, owner of Subterranean Diner
    (app-lobo)--Lobo the Duck#1

FORBUSHION - virtually indestructible metal; a pot coated with this was worn as a helmet by Edwin Jarvis
    --She-Hulk I#3

FORCE (Clayton Wilson) - Iron Legion, former criminal and agent of Justin Hammer, former mercenary, assisted in repentance by Iron Man/Stark, given new identity and employed at Barstow electronics, has worn Iron Man armor on occasion to assist Iron Man/Stark, blackmailed by Sonny Burch into assisting his use of Stark Technology, sent to rescue Stark in Iraq against Vitriol.
    formerly wore armor enabling him to project force field and force blasts, control energy fields
    -Carl Walker, Taylor, IRON MAN* (U#3, M, IM, net)--(CW) Sub-Mariner I#66, (F)#68 (67+68(fb), 66-69, Iron Man I#140,141, 222-224, 244, [Darkhawk Annual#1], Iron Man#300, Iron Man III#82(fb), 79, 81,82

"FORCE, the" (    ) - "Terrigen Marines"
    --Silent War#5 (6

FORCE of Earth-691 (Brahl, Broadside, 86, Interface, Photon, Scanner, Tachyon)
    - 31st century intergalactic band of thieves, organized by Interface, competed with Guardians for possession of Captain America's shield, leadership briefly usurped by Brahl
    (net)—Guardians of the Galaxy#3 (4-6, 11, 13-16

F.O.R.C.E. (Gloria Morgan, Riley, Simmons, others)
    - eco-terrorists, assaulted Parallel Conglomerate and Marrs Corporation, employed by Desmond Marrs to assault Namor, attempted to blackmail New York by setting afire oil from Parallel Conglomerate/Oracle Inc tanker, threat overcome by Namor
    Front for Organic Responsibility and a Clean Environment (app)--[Namor I#3], 5 ([3 (fb)], 5 (fb), 3, 4 (fb), 4, 5

FORCE of NATURE (Aqueduct, Firewall, Skybreaker, Terraformer, Firebrand)
    - Eco-terrorists
    --New Warriors I#7

"FORCE COMMANDER" - see RANN, DALLAN--[Micronauts I#8]

FORCE COMMANDER (Argon*) - Microverse, wore sacred armor first worn by Dallan Rann, led rebels against Karza, later mind taken over by Karza, betrayed rebels, Karza reincarnated in his body
    *D* (app—Micronauts I#8

force field device - see WHIZ KIDS
    (app-whizkids)--Black Goliath#1

FORCE FOUR (Firemane, Ghostmare, Teamleader, Thunderhoof) - Kymellian warriors
    (OH2006#4, app)--Power Pack I#50 (51, 52

FORCE TRANSMITTER - device which allowed the holder to transmit his powers through another man.
    Kingo Sunen used one on Dave Chatterton to teach Ransak a lesson
    —Eternals II#7

FORCE WORKS (Iron Man/Stark, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman/Carpenter, USAgent, Wonder Man, Century)
    - West coast team of super-heroes based on remnants of Avengers West Coast after its dissolution, financed by Tony Stark, disbanded following the events of the Crossing
    (OH: Teams, net)--Force Works#1(2,3, Marvel Comics Presents#159, 166/4,168/4, FW6,War Machine#9, Iron Man I#311,FW7,WM10 MCP169/4, 170/4, 171/4, 172/3, 172/4, Iron Man#312,FW8, MCP171/3, FW8/2,9/2,10/2,9,10-12, IM317, FW#13,14, IM319, FW15, Avengers: Crossing, Incredible Hulk II#434, FW#18,19, WarM22,IM324,FW#20

    - Initiative, Iowa-based super-team
    --[Civil War#6]

FORD, Major - @ 1960, astronaut, vessel assaulted by Monster
    (app-monster)--Tales to Astonish I#12/5

FORD, -assistant to Dr. Niles Roman
    --X-Force#103 (104,105, 112,113

FORD, BILL - Arizona, crooked cattle rancher, partnered with Lefty Walsh in plot to steal cattle of John Hawks to force him to sell his remaining cattle and ranch, missing cattle located by Godzilla, exposing his involvement
    --Godzilla#15 (16

FORD, KEVIN - mutant, Xavier Institute, native of Atlanta, Georgia, powers killed father, recruited by Moonstar, quit after lost control and nearly killed Donald Pierce
    Disintegrate organic matter on contact
    --New Mutants II#3 ([3(fb)], 3-6, New X-Men#3-->Wither)

FORD, MONTGOMERY - former scientist, used lasar wand to impose rule over Savage Land tribe in Gondora city, stopped by Ka-Zar, fell into lava
    (app)--Ka-Zar II#8

FOREARM (Michael McCain) - mutant, Mutant Liberation Fronts, relatively nice guy, neck broken by Anaconda in the Bloodsport.
    superhuman strength and durability, four arms, wm, dark hair
    Michael McBride (net)--New Mutants I#86, 87(named)(100, XFor1, 7/2, 9/2, 10, Cable: Blood & Metal#2, XFac77,78, XM14,XFor16,XFac85,XM15, XFac An4, XFor43, XFor+CabAn1997,XFor67, Wolverine II#167d?, X-Force II#4-6

FOREARM (    ) - mutant, lost powers on M-Day
    [New Avengers#17?]

FOREIGNER ( ) - master assassin, leader of 1400 Club, former ally of Black Cat, ex-husband of Silver Sable, had Kris Keating killed and replaced him, had Ned Leeds assassinated when believed him to be Hobgoblin, used Blaze as pawn, used Death Squad.
    briefly hypnotize others so as to appear to possess superhuman speed, focus self to achieve feats of near superhuman strength, skilled warrior, master of disguise
    -Basil, Rafael Sabitini, "Lt. Kris Keating"
    (U#3,M)--Web of Spider-Man#15( Spectacular Spider-Man II#115-117, 123, 125, Amazing Spider-Man I#289, Web29 Spec129,130 [Darkhawk#10], Marvel Comics Presents#142/4, [Silver Sable#2],3, Web91-93,[94], 97-100, Spec209,210, Sable28, Spec An14/2, Sable30,31, Civil War: War Crimes

FORELLI, LYNNE - daughter of Morris
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#52 (53, 54

FORELLI, MORRIS - crime boss, had the Vegas Thirteen killed back in 1957, hired Spider-Man to protect him from Digger. Spider-Man took his money and defeated Digger, but taped his confession and had him sent to prison
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#51, 52 ([51(fb)], 51-54

FOREMAN ( ) - Worldform INC
    (app-ram)--Iron Man I#37 (37(fb), 37

FOREMAN 2099 - Million Palms Family Fun Facility

FOREST, GREG - Action 8 news, covered Scarlet Spiders and Spider-Man
    --Avengers: Initiative#7

FOREST,  of Earth-982 - father of Betty, alcoholic, frozen by Bitterfrost as punishment for never having been there for her
    *D*--Amazing Spider-Girl#3 (3d)

FOREST TROLLS - Otherworld, plant creatures
    --Hulk Comic#2_

FORESTER, DOUGLAS - motorcyclist, family killed in airplane crash, participated in his own motorcycle race, saved from the Hulk by Lemuel Driftwood
--Ghost Rider II#11 (11 (fb), 11

FOREVER CITY Subterranean city built by High Evolutionary (Herbert Wyndham) in which he used a Darwin (time) bubble and an Ascension Engine, but it de-evolved its inhabitants instead of evolving them, and Wyndham and his New Men had to flee. Moloids entered the city and were transformed into something closer to human and gained advanced intellect; those born within the city had Moloid physiology but retained permanently advanced intelligences. The human-formed natives abandoned these children in the area beneath the city, and stopped having more children, instead drawing in more of the outside Moloids. Representatives of the native Moloids include Korr, Mik, Tong, & Turg
    --Fantastic Four #575 (2010)

FOREVER CRYSTAL - chronal power item, created from collapsing of Chronopolis/Heart of Forever by Immortus
    --Avengers Forever#3

FOREVER PHIAL - given to Ranelphi in the Hyborian Age by the "Elder Gods," granted eternal youth
    --[Savage Sword of Conan#8]

FOREVER MAN (Gideon Smith II) - reincarnated many times, prophesized that would only die after meeting the dead man, withdrew into coma after meeting with Dracula.
    crescent shaped mark on right cheek in each incarnation
    -Gideon Smith I, Patrick J. O'Reilly, Franklin X. Pomeranze, Roger Perry-van Dumann, Clark Johnson (app)--Tomb of Dracula I#57 (57(fb1-6), 57

FOREVER MAN - eternally reincarnated after death, attempted to achieve permanent death after gaining memory of previous existence, hijacked Star Core III rocket and redirected it into sun, briefly transformed into being of solar power, apparently lost memory upon removal of powers
    -Morgan MacNeil Hardy*, Andy, Willy (app)—Avengers I#218 (218(fb)->hardy. Av218

FOREVER MAN - see MASTER of the WORLD (D#8,M,net)--Alpha Flight I#2

FORGE ( ) - Cheyenne mutant, X-Men, X-Factor, Vietnam vet, former apprentice to Naze, trained to oppose Adversary, once used magical powers to summon demons to slay enemy troops in Vietnam, created Neutralizer, participated in Wraithwar, built device to stabilize Shard in solid form.
    limited magical ability, able to design advanced weaponry and technology, prosthetic hand and leg used to replace those lost in Vietnam
    -the MAKER (D#4, M, OH2006#4, 198, net)--Uncanny X-Men#184 (Fury minus 1, UX262(fb),263(fb), 227(fb),184-188, Rom61-66, UX224,[225],226,227, New Mutants I#65,66, UX253-258 Alpha Flight I#88-90, UX259-264 XFac57,58 Fantastic Four An23, X-Factor An5, UX An14, UX270, NM95, XFac60, NM96, XFac61, UX272,NM97,XFac62 [Excalibur I#41], UX273-279 XFac69 UX280 XFac70, Wolverine II#40-43, Deathlok II#2,[3,4],5, XMen II#1-3, Wolv50(fb) [X4],5, UX282-286, Wolv51, XM An1, UX287, X8, UX288-290, Infinity War#1-3, 6, XFor35, X-Men Unlimited#5, Dr. Strange III#69, Ex79,[80], XFac93-102, An9, X-Factor I#106, XFor38, [Ex82], XFac107, BishopI#1,2, XFac108-111, XM:Prime, XFac112-115, X-Men/ClanDestine#1,2, XFac116-124, UX339, Marvel Fanfare II#6, XFac125, Storm1,3, XFac126-130, X-Men Forever#2(fb2), XFac132-135, X-Factor minus 1, Incredible Hulk II#455, XFac136-139,141,145, Generation X#47, UX An1999, [X102],103(X An2000), UX384, X-Men Unlimited#29, UX388, Mystique#1-3, 7, Wolverine/Captain America#1(fb), 1, 4, Mystique#10, 11,12, 14, 20,21, 23,24, Cable/Deadpool#15, 18, Black Panther IV#16, New X-Men#25-31, Wolverine III#46, X-Factor III#23/2, 25, NX44, UX494, Cable II#6 (fb)

FORGE CANAL - Dr. Strange's extradimensional sanctum
    --Dr. Strange III#62

FORGET-ME-NOT (    ) - circa 1907 AD, Sinners
    --Runaways II#28 (29-30

FORGIVEN (Ghost Blade, Inka, Night Eyes, Quickshot, Visigoth) - clan of vampires associated with Raizo Kodo, banished from Transylvania, returned to oppose the Hulk (possessed by / existing as Nul: Breaker of Worlds after picking up one of Cul's hammers)
    --Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula#1 (2-3

FORGOTTEN (Cole, Watts, Roust, Joust) - see ABOMINATIONS--X-Man#20 (20(fb), 20

    (D#4, M, OH: BoD, app)--Eternals I#13 (<myth history>, Captain America Annual#11(fb), Thor Annual#17(fb), [Thor I#287(fb)], [Av300(fb)], [Thor I#291(fb)], [Av300(fb)], [Av300(fb)], Avengers Spotlight#35(fb), [Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#6(fb)], [AvSpot35(fb)], "Tales of the Zombie#3", [Et#13(fb)], Thor I#287(fb), 287-289, 291-292, Eternals II#2, 4-6, 9, 11-12, Avengers I#299,300(306(fb)), X-Factor An4/3, Thor I#402?, New Mutants An4/3?, Av301-303, Avengers An18/2, [Marvel Comics Presents #21], Av304-310, Avengers Spotlight#35, [Quasar28],29, Av345, Avengers West Coast#81, Cap400/2, 401, Fantastic Four Unlimited#10, [, Avengers I#391(fb)], Avengers: Crossing, Avengers I#391d)

FORGOTTEN ZONE - realm in which dwell the various pantheons no longer associated with Earth
    --[Marvel Universe: The End#2]

FOR LEAVING UNLOCKED SANITARY HABITATS - see FLUSH (app-frimp, felicity)--Amazing Spider-Man Golden All-Star Book (1977)

FORMES, CARL of Reality-4096 circa 2300 AD - evil scientist active on planet Glakor, opposed by Space Rangers
    --Mystic Comics#3

FORMICHENKO, ALEXANDR BARANOVICH of Earth-200111 - elderly Russian man living in USA, protected by Punisher
    --Punisher VII#13 (18

FORMULA 410 - Soofi, knock-out gas
    (app-soof)--Howard the Duck I#21 (II#4/2


FORMULA X - anesthetic gas, used as weapon by agents of Baron (Helmut) Zemo against Captain America
    --Tales of Suspense I#60/2

FORNES, JAVIER - New York youth, fell through thin frozen and died, body recovered for mother by Human Torch and Namor
    --[Marvel Knights 4#8], 9

FORNES, Mrs. - mother of Javier, requested aid from Human Torch in locating his son
    --[Marvel Knights 4#8], 9

FORR, GREIGAR - see GREIGAR FORR (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes (UK)#385

FORREST, EMILY - @ 1953, wife of Waldo, shot and killed him when he turned into a werewolf, killed by him before his death
    *D* (app-waldo_forrest)--Menace#3 (3d)

FORREST, Dr. SETH - brilliant biochemist, experimented on victims, could project energy
   (app)--Avengers: Solo#1 (2-5

FORREST, WALDO - @ 1953, husband of Emily, obsessed with werewolves, accidentally killed the prankster Matt Collins, bitten by werewolf, killed by Emily and killed her, reverted to normal and assumed to have died in a domestic dispute
    *D* (app)--Menace#3 (3d)

FORRESTER, ALETYS "LEE" - ship captain, rescued Magneto after Asteroid M crashed to earth, briefly involved with him, father driven to commit suicide by D'Spayre
    --Uncanny X-Men#143 (144-150,168,188, New Mutants I#23,24,26,28,29 [35], X-Men: The Return, UX196,199, Marvel Fanfare I#33, Cable II#11-14, X-Men Unlimited#9, UX386,387

FORRESTER, Dr. CEDRIC - brother of Corona, had her captured and experimented on
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#176 (176(fb), 176,177

FORRESTER, captain GERALD - commanded the USS Dauntless submarine
    (app)--Namor I#41

FORRESTER, Sgt. WILLIAM - INSERT, former lover of Stacy Matheson, killed by agents of North Institute
    *D*--Black Widow IV#2 (2d)

FORSA of Earth-93060 (Carlos Jiminez) - Squad
    *D*--Hardcase(uv)#1 (Ultraverse Year Zero: Death of the Squad#1- /Hardcase#1(fb,d)

FORSAKEN of Earth-148611 (Augur, Desiree, Dog O’ War, Figurine, Fire-Baller, Four-Eyes, Horny Toad, Impact, James, Judge Mental, Justice, Kleenex, Seraph, Shudderbug, Angie Tensen; possibly Playback)
    - group of paranormals living below Coney Island, formerly led by Judge Mental, later by Justice
    (app)--[Justice(nu)#25], 31 ([25-27], 30-32

FORSAKEN ONE - see X-TREME (app)--X-Force Annual#2

FORSUNG - Enchanters, brother of Brona + Enrakt + Magnir, killed by Odin, spirit briefly reanimated by Malekith and sent after Thor
    *D* (app-enchant)--[Thor I#129], 143 (144,145d, 486-488(spirit))

FORSYTHE, BRANDON - came to Dr. Strange complaining of nightmares
    --Strange Tales I#110, (identified) Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#9

FORT BENNING of Earth-148611-base of paranormal platoon

FORT LARGO of Earth-S-us military installation
    --Squadron Supreme I#4

FORT LEHIGH - see CAMP LEHIGH--Captain America I#1

FORT RANGO (Ned & Rafe Hacker, Josephs, O'Keefe, Major Brett Sabre, Johnny Wakely, Clem, Jake, Slim ) - 19th century
    (Outlaw Files, app)--Western Gunfighters#1 (Marvel Spotlight I#1(fb), Red Wolf#1-6

FORT TUSCELAN  of the Hyborian era (Conan, Gallus, Soractus, Tiberius, Valennus)- along the Black River, overrun by Picts
    --Beyond the Black River; Savage Sword of Conan#26 (27d)

FORTEAN, Dr. REGINALD - former protégé of General Ross, now driven to avenge Ross' seeming murder by the Red Hulk

FORTISQUE - home planet of Fortisquian race, orbits the star Arcturus
    --Fantastic Four I#317

FORTESQUE, Sir REGINALD - British ambassador
    --Hulk! I#25/3

FORTISQUIAN race (Caretakers, Max ) - the Comet Men, created by Beyonders to act as their agents, travel long distances by teleportation, disguise ships as comets for local transport
    (app)--Comet Man#1 (Fantastic Four I#316(fb), [Comet Man#1(fb)], 2, 3, [Marvel Comics Presents#50/2(fb)], Fantastic Four I#315-317, Captain Marvel V#7

FORTNITE, MALLAX of Earth-829 - Minister of Defense of Wilamean system, allied with Hercules in humbling Arimathes
     (app)--Hercules: Full Circle GN

FORTRESS - base of Tyrant
    --Silver Surfer III#78

FORTRESS (Lou Mason, Leland & Marty Townsend, Nicholas Reed, Racine Wells)
    - terrorist gang, team leader Leland Townsend killed in action, attempted to force Colorado Memorial Hospital to save his life, defeated by Crossbones, but allowed to escape
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#129/2 ([129/2(fb)], 129/2

FORTRESS (Dr. Michael Franklin, Dr. Zachary Hoofner, New Genix, Steel Raven, Sidney
    - formerly the Project?, superhuman research
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#150 (151, 175

FORTRESS of SHANKARA-headquarters of the hand
    --Daredevil: Ninja#2

FORTRESS of the WARLORD of Other Earth -
    (app-other)--Fantastic Four I#19 (273(fb), 272, 273, 19/What If II#39

FORTUIT, MAURICE - ClanDestine, active in 1839, killed in modern times by .
    project energy beams
    *D*--ClanDestine#1 (8(fb), 2(fb), 1d)

FORTUNATO (Vincente Paolo Fortunato) - crimelord, associated with Hydra, father of Jimmy Six and Angelo Fortunato, ousted by Kingpin at time of his original takeover, allied with Black Tarantula and Rose/Conover, one eye
    (OH2006#4)--Spider-Man#70 (Amazing Spider-Man minus 1/Daredevil: Man without Fear# , Spdm70,71,73,74, Amazing Spider-Man I#422,S79,80,A432,434-436, Spider-Man: Made Men [Spdm95], Marvel Knights Spider-Man#6-8

FORTUNATO, ANGELO - son of crimelord, given Venom symbiote by father, killed while using it against Spider-Man
    VENOM* *D*--MK Spider-Man#6 (7, 8d)

FORTUNE 2099 - ally of Zefiro
    precognitive powers
    --Doom2099#1( 26-29,32,43

FORTUNE, DION - occultist, published manuscript referencing Ley lines on Earth from which one could access Dimension π
    --[Dr. Strange: The Oath#1]

FORTUNE, DOMINIC - see DOMINIC FORTUNE (Duvid Fortunov) (D#4, M, OH2006#3, net)--Marvel Preview#2

FORTUNE, DOMINIC - see DOMINIC FORTUNE (Jerome Fortunov) (M, OH2006#3)--(JF) Marvel Team-Up I#120 ; (DF) Iron Man I#212

FORTUNE, ROY - brother of Spellbinder, singer for Cataclysm, developed magic powers by using conversion rings of order & chaos after his sister gave them up, sent Zxaxz into blackhole and imprisoned Erica in crystal, destroyed bracelets after imprisoning Erica. wm, blond
    --Spellbound#1(2-6, Marvel Comics Presents#138/2-142/2

FORTUNE, SALLY - sister of Spellbinder, young girl, limited ability to tap into magic, wf, blond
    --Spellbound#1(2-6, Marvel Comics Presents#138/2-142/2

FORTUNOV, DMITRI - grandson of the Baron Tristan Mangegi de Sabbat of Latveria who was deposed by Doom, attempted to take over castle doom when Dr. Doom vanished post-Onslaught, trapped in Liddleville until freed by X-Force, inadvertently sent into past via time platform
    (app)--Tales of the Marvel Universe#1/2 ([X-Force#63(fb)], 63,64

FORTUNOV, VLADIMIR VASSILY GONEREO TRISTIAN MANGEGI - ruler of Latveria prior to Dr. Doom, father of Rudolfo and Zorba, slain by Doom
    BARON of SABBAT*, BARON of HAASEN*, BARON of KROZI* (app-fortunovdimitri)--Fantastic Four Annual#2, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#3, X-Force#64 (64, [OHotMU D#3], [Blade III#6 (fb), 2 (fb)], [F4 Annual#2(fb)] / [Books of Doom#1 (fb), 3 (fb) 4 (fb)], 5, 6d)

    --Captain America Comics#32

FORUNN - Shi'ar
    --New X-Men#122

    *D*--New X-Men#22

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