FOAM (Emil ) - Plug-Uglies, slain by Blood Wraith
    *D* (app-plug)--Avengers I#366/2

FOCUSING CRUX - created by Galactus under the manipulation of Hunger, combined the powers of the Infinity Gems to allow Hunger to enter the Earth-616 dimension
    --Thanos#3 (4, 5

FOE ( ) - hostess ad, referee, planned to kill Aldo Moomjay, couldn’t count past two, foiled by Spider-Man
    (app)-- March 1977, ie. Nova I#7

FOE-DOG (Chin Hsi) - Japanese superhuman, assisted Iceman against Alan Weiss and Augmen.
    Old man, transform into youthful version, open portals in space, generate and project energy balls from chain, fast + agile
    --Iceman II#2 (3, 4

FOFO ( ) - ally, weaponsmaker of Blade, fingers bitten off by vampires
    --Blade#2 (3-5

FOG (Dr. Rhinestone) - used fog gun to cover criminal activities, battled Defender and Rusty
    --USA Comics#2 (USA Comics#4

FOGEL (    ) -
    --Mystic Comics II#2

FOGG (Thomas Fogg) - British assassin, former partner of Knight, mutated by exposure to energy from particle-wind generator experiment of Professor Henry Lewis, killed Arranger for Kingpin, partnership with Knight broke down when Fogg nearly killed Leonard Knight.
    Transform into gaseous form of varying density, nullify Spider-Man’s spider-sense
    (net-k+f)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#165(166(fb),165-167, Marvel Knights Spider-Man#6?, [12?]

FOGG, ARCHIMEDES "Archie" - former scientist working for MI-6, former ally of Peter Wisdom, developed process to duplicate a person’s neural patterns into a computer, used self as first test subject, killed in the process, but mind survived in computerized brain, which was installed into an experimental satellite that disappeared midway through its journey to the far reaches of the galaxy, presumed lost for two years until managed to send homing signal to Peter Wisdom from Genosha, rescued by Wisdom + X-Force, mind transferred into synthetic humanoid form
    (app)—X-Force#94 (95(fb), 94,95

FOGG, Det. JONAS - New York Police Department, investigated apparent death of Richard Treyman
    --Sensational Spider-Man III#24 (35-37

FOLD - US government organization?
    --Nightwatch#10 (12

[FOLD] - criminal/political cabal, sent Daze to assassinate Senator Gaines
    --Web of Spider-Man Annual#10/2

FOLD of Earth-Chromancer ( ) - Clan Hellfire, brother of Trickster.
    combine power with trickster to teleport self + others
    --Bishop: Last X-Man#5 (6,7

FOLD of Earth-93060 (Trinity Kirkbride(d) ) - anti-ultra group, controlled and killed Pascal
    --Ultraforce(uv) Infinity

FOLDCASTLE of Earth-253 - headquarters of heroes of that Earth

FOLD-SPACE - warp space
    --Fantastic Four III#1_

FOLD-SPACE TRANSCEPTORS - invented by Reed Richards, designed to allow instantaneous transport across planetary distances design flaw resulted in the Fantastic Four being trapped in a series of dimensions
    --Fantastic Four III#1_( 16-19

FOLDING CIRCLE (Bloodstrike, Left Hand, Midnight’s Fire, Silk Fever, Smiling Tiger) - grandchildren of Tai, children of women of the Temple of the Dragon’s Breadth and a Viet Nam War Troop, gathered by Left Hand, sought to usurp power from Tai and substitute New Warriors as the sacrifice, several members went on to become allies of Tyger Tiger
    Children of the Pact (OH2006#4, net-hand)--New Warriors I#21 (22-25

FOLDING CITY - portion of Latveria warped extradimensionally by Exalted One, Mengo Brothers + Sekmeht Conoway were briefly trapped there until rescued by rogue, time passes at a slower rate there, natives are unable to return to Earth
    -KINGDOM of FOREVERWHEN,<Zer Zumtenklabppar Grodstadat>--Gambit III#15

FOLD SHIP - designed by Reed Richards, used to jump quantities of space in seconds
    (app)--Fantastic Four#544 (545, 546

FOLEY, DENNIS of Earth-148611 - paranormal, ex-convict, gained acceptance in hometown of Duncanville, TX, with aid of Justice
    manipulate air molecules
    (app)--Justice#24 ([24(fb)], 24/[24(fb)]

FOLEY, JACK - child molester, beaten by Moon Knight
    --[Moon Knight VI#14]

    --New Mutants II#5 (6, 7, 8-12, 13, New: X-Men: Academy X#1,2-->Elixir

FOLEY, TINA - FBI or SHIELD II, followed Captain America on mission to bring in Nicoli Spano
    --Captain America: What Price Glory#1

FOLEY, Mr. - father of Josh, decided to leave him at Xavier Institute to avoid having to deal with his being a mutant
    --New Mutants II#6 (7

FOLEY, Mrs. - mother of Josh, decided to leave him at Xavier Institute to avoid having to deal with his being a mutant
    --New Mutants II#6 (7

FOLIO (    ) - Cannibal Catch
    used a rifle
    (app-cc)--Nomad II#18 (Captain America I#421

FOLLOWERS - The Followers were humanoid-shaped devices designed to home in on magnetic signals transmitted by discs attached to the Fantastic Four. Each of the Followers was in a "phased" mode, unable to be harmed by any physical attack. While following the Fantastic Four, they recorded data which was then transmitted to Dr. Doom.
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#17

FOLLOWERS of ASHURADO - Worship the demons of Ashurado, including Ryuki, served Hana
    --Wolverine: Soultaker#1 (3(fb), 1-3

FOLLOWERS of BA’AL - originally composed of inhabitants of Gehenna under Baal’s rule, descendents later reincarnated him by reassembling the Gehenna Stone, mimicked vampires, briefly transformed into true vampires when Baal completed the stone, lost all power when he and the stone were destroyed by wolverine
    (app-baal)—Wolverine II#11 (13(fb), 11-16

FOLLOWERS of DARKNESS (Maur-Konn, Magar, Dark Agents ) - members of Myndai race, set up outpost on earth @ 175,000 years ago during the Jurassic period, placed themselves in suspended animation, enemies of Shogun Warriors and Followers of Light, activated/created Rok-Korr and the Mech-Monster, allies of Dr. Demonicus
    --Shogun Warriors#1

FOLLOWERS of the LEFT HAND PATH (Asmodeus, Morning Star) - Satanic Cult, sought to gain power by drinking Werewolf (Jack Russell)'s blood
    --Moon Knight I#29 (30

FOLLOWERS of the LIGHT (Basque, Charn, Sherna, Tambura) - members of Lumina race, came to earth in Jurassic Period to wage great chaos wars against the Myndai, entered suspended animation after defeat of myndai, reawakened to combat revived myndai in recent times, created shogun warriors, killed by followers of darkness
    *D* (1980s)--Shogun Warriors#1 ( 16d)

FOLSOME, Dr. - agent of Norman Osborn, delivered May Parker, apparently faked her death and delivered her to Alison Mongrain
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#418 (Spider-Man#75

FOMALHAUTI (Figillullli, Xlyym; Spoor(mutant) ) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way, planet Pumor, conquered and enslaved the Banari
    amoeba-like, single eye, amphibious, communicate telepathically, form pseudopodia
    (I#4,D#15,app)—Thor I#256 (257, Avengers Spotlight#25/2, Starblast#1, Namor I#46,47, Fantastic Four I#386, Quasar#58

FOMOR (Balor, Bres, Cethlann, Dulb, Elathan, Indech, Tethra,
    Taranis, Morrigan, Cernunnos, Lug, Belanos--imposters )
    -enemies of Celtic Gods of Avalon
    -FOMORIANS (app)—Avengers I#225 (226, Black Knight#4, Avengers III#1

FONABI race - extraterrestrial, semi-humanoid, Milky Way,
    one native was originally believed to have been contained within terminus, but was later revealed to be a Deviant
    (D#15)--Fantastic Four I#269, Avengers Spotlight#25#/2

FONDOZZI, MICKY - criminal, former member of Carbone crime family, forced to get Punisher in as Johnny Tower, exposed and beaten, saved by Castle,
    pretended to assist Punisher/Castle and then inform on him to other criminals, unable to sin after being blasted by Dagger
    (MKE)--Punisher War Zone#1 (2-6, 9,10, Punisher War Zone Annual#1,
    Punisher War Journal#45-47,
PWJ60, 61, PWZ#23, Punisher II#86, PWJ#64, 68, PWZ#31, Pun97-100, PWJ#78, Pun102, PWJ#79, PWZ#41, Pun104, Marvel Knights I#5, 10,11

FONG - henchman of Dr. Claw, defeated in combat by Captain Britain (Brian Braddock).
    Asian male, shaved head, strong, karate expert
    (app-dr.claw)--(UK) Super-Spider-Man + Captain Britain#239(240-242

FONG, Dr. CHARLES WARREN "CW" - created synthetic diamond, expert with optics, empowered spectra
    (app)--Sleepwalker #13 (14, 15, 17

FONG, Dr. CHARLES WARREN of Earth-Transformers
    --Transformers I#39 (30

FONG, LEI of Earth-928 - 2099 AD, ally of Fortune
    --Doom2099#12 (13

FONG, LI - agent of Mandarin, took him to safety when he was comatose following power overload
    —Iron Man I#242 (242(fb),241,242, Uncanny X-Men#256,258

FONG, LINDA - daughter of the Adder
    (app-add)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#3/6

FONG, ROBERT - see ADDER (app-add)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#3/6

FONG, CAPTAIN – Chinese (?) military, aid to General Su, briefly held hostage by Dr. Octopus, rescued by Spider-Man
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#88

FONGJI WU - see FONGJI the SILENT--Avengers vs. X-Men#6

FONGJI the SILENT (Fongji Wu) - circa 1596, repelled the "Phoenix of Life and Death, preventing the celestial rebirth of Earth and the collapse of the Seven Capital Cities"
    CRIMSON HEART*, DRAGON's FIST*, "IRON FIST"*--Avengers vs. X-Men#6 (6 (fb)

FONTAINE, CINDER - Gauntlet, white female, assisted X-Man + Madelyne Pryor + Witness against rogue Psi-Ops agents
    G-3*--X-Man#37, 38(named) (40,44-46, 51,52

FONTAINE, BRIGHAM - young inventor, former student of Peter Parker, designed virtually impregnable bank vault using electromagnetic security system, became involved in a plot with Dr. Octopus, designed a harness to manipulate electromagnetic energy, sought permanent power, but Dr. Octopus interrupted the process at the last second, wishing to spare him a similar life.
    formerly used a harness to control electromagnetic energy
    --Spider-Man/Dr. Octopus: Out of Reach#1 (2-5

FONTANELLE (Gloria Dayne) - mutant, daughter of Black Womb, agent of New Son, dream therapist, has S&M clinic on the side, based in New Orleans, recruited by Courier for New Son, investigated Gambit by probing minds of his confidantes during their dreams, sought to push Gambit to heighten his powers
    wf, telepathic powers
    (app)--Gambit III#1 (20(fb2), 20(fb1), 1-11,13,15, 16(fb2), 17,19,20-24

FOOD of the FAERIE - created by Hela, used by Malekith and Dark Elves.
    Causes souls of mortals who consume it to travel to Hel
    --Thor I#34_

FOOD CONVERTER - Designed by Reed Richards, unwittingly used by Franklin to turn his class into fruits & vegetables, effects reversed by Anti-Mutagenic Compound
    --Power Pack III#3/2

FOOEY (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#31

FOOFERAH - rabbit-like alien, vastly superhuman speed, cheated in Galactic Marathon

FOOH - K'un-Lun, creator of the One, betrayed and executed by Yu-Ti (Nu-An), resurrected via machinations of the One
    (app)--Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#5

FOOL - Brethren, aided Sersi and Thane Ector in forming Uni-Mind to defeat the Collector, but was slain in the process.
    brown + leathery skin, large ears
    *D* (app-breth)—Avengers I#334 (335-338,339d)

FOOLKILLER (Ross G. Everbest) - costumed fanatic, paralyzed below waist since birth, regained ability to walk through faith healing of Reverend Mike, trained as priest under him, made Mike his first victim after catching him romancing a young parishioner, abducted Richard Rory and F.A. Schist, killed by glass shard when purification ray hit the tank holding the body of Rev. Mike.
    used purifier gun to incinerate anyone he believed to be without poetry in their soul, also used armored truck
    *D* (I#13, D#17, M, app)--Man-Thing I#3 (4(fb),3,4d, Thunderbolts Annual 2000(spirit))

FOOLKILLER (Greg Salinger) - veteran, former Empire State University English major and student of peter parker, encountered Richard Rory while briefly jailed, learned of Everbest from him, stole his costume and equipment and emulated him, killed Blockbuster, defeated by Defenders, but escaped capture, committed to asylum after defeat by spider-man convinced him that he himself was a fool, communicated with Gerhardt over e-mail, freed by Mike Clemson in failed effort to frame Vengeance
    Used purification gun and armored van
    -Ian Byrd (D#4, M, app)--Omega the Unknown#8 (8(fb),8,9, Defenders I#74(fb), 73-75, Amazing Spider-Man I#225(fb), Spectacular Spider-Man II#58-60, Amz225,226, Spec#?, Captain America I#319, Foolkiller#1-6,8-10, Marvel Comics Presents#172

FOOLKILLER (Kurt Gerhardt) - used gun of Everbest and Salinger, leather costume, similar modus operandi to Salinger, consulted with him
    - Gregory Ross Curtis, Miles Fish (app)--(KG) Foolkiller#1, (FK)#3 (1-10, [New Avengers#1],2,3(fb)/4(fb)

FOOLKILLER (     ) - targeted Ben Urich, defeated by Daredevil.
    Uses gas mask, knockout gas, and a gun
    --Man Without Fear#3

FOOLKILLER’s purification gun - used by Everbest, Salinger, and Gerhardt. Fires laser-like beam able to incinerate a human being within seconds
    (D#4, app-fkg)--Man-Thing I#3

FOOLKILLER of Earth-928 (Gideon) - circa 2099 AD, trained and mutated by Foolkillers, survived in incubation chamber when others slaughtered by Lawless, went on mission to assassinate Lawless, eventually blew self up
   *D* (app)--X-Men 2099#32 (33(fb3+1), 32(fb2+3), 32,33, 34 (d))

FOOLKILLER of Earth-200111 (Mike Trace) -
    --Foolkiller II#1 ( ; Foolkiller: White Angels

FOOLKILLERS of Earth-928 (    ) - circa 2095 AD, fundamentalist super soldiers named after a 21st century zealot, served as executioners for elders, based out of New Hope, Texas, captured Lawless, all killed by them @ 2095
    *D* (app-foolkiller)--X-Men 2099#32 (33(fb3), 32(fb1)

FOOM (Kevin E, Bertram K, Joey V, Elaine (not actually a former mutant), Michael) - support group for mutants who lost their powers on M-Day
    - Former Order Of Mutants--Generation M#3

FOOT of DOOM (    ) - super-villain, regular at Three Strikes Bar
    generate concussive force by stomping foot
    --Cable & Deadpool#37

FOOTSU, Admiral (    ) - commanded super-submarine, served by Lt. Sadu, encountered Namor
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#53

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