FRACTAL ( ) - Tektos
    (app-tek)--Genetix2 (3-6

FRACTURE (    ) - super-villain, bank robbery interrupted by Spider-Man, tranquilized into submission by Blade
    generate cracks throughout structures on contact
    --Blade III#10 (Amazing Spider-Man#565

FRAG - Inhumans, betrothed to Tally even though she didn't love him
    (app-Tally)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Inhumans

FRAGMENT ( ) -  encountered Banner/Gray Hulk.
    puzzle-like body, used own neuroses against victim
    (app)—Incredible Hulk II#328


FRAGON - resident of Asgardian nether realm, conjurer, agent of Casiolena
    (app-casiolena)--Defenders I#4

FRAM CHARM - Xandarian good luck piece used by Sandarian pilots
    --Nova II#17

FRAMES, JOHNNY - formerly engaged to Deborah of Starkesboro, allied with Wong, Clea, and Dr. Strange against the "Serpent Men of Starkesboro"
    (app)--Marvel Premiere#6

FRAN ?? - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, old friend of Peter Parker
    (app-dcc)--Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk in: Southwest Showdown

FRANCESI - criminal, owner of "Flowers by Francesi," had heart attack when confronted by Blind Justice
    (app)--Solo Avengers#1

FRANCIS, Doctor @ World War II, duped Catman to kill his fellow patients
    (app-catman)--Captain America Comics#60/4

FRANCIS ?? - Baile Construction
    (app-baile contruction)--Avengers I Annual#19/5

FRANCOIS ?? - French Underground
    --Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#21( An2

FRANK ?? - Project/Fortress agent, committed suicide
    *D* (app-fort)--[Marvel Comics Presents#114]

FRANK ?? - opposed Moomba
    (app-moom)--Tales to Astonish I#23

    alias used as part of First Line
    (app-fm)--Marvel: Lost Generation#5

FRANK - see PARAGON (app-par)--Quasar#57

FRANK ?? - reporter, watched the opening of Teen Bump

FRANK ?? - mutant, Xavier Institute student, wrote simple rhyming poem "She's my flower"
    --X-Men Unlimited II#10

FRANK ?? - SHIELD, former poker buddy of Eric O'Grady
    African-American with a beard
    --Irredeemable Ant-Man#1 (1 (fb), 5 (fb), 6 (fb)

FRANK ?? - Seagate guard, felt Captain America (James Barnes) should fry for his crimes as Winter Soldier
    --Captain America#612 (2011)

FRANK (a man named) - @ 1910, became a roving punisher of crime after losing his family to criminals
    (app)--Punisher: A Man named Frank

FRANK, Dr. EMIL - father of Whizzer, framed for murder, fled to Africa, died from straining of saving son
    --USA Comics#1

    son of Whizzer + Miss America, radioactive powers siphoned by ISBISA, eventually regained powers
    --Vision & Scarlet Witch I#2 ( Captain America Annual#8, Avengers I#311, Thunderbolts#40->nuklo

FRANKEN's TEEN (    ) - an unholy assemblage of parts from dead soccer hooligans, previously dated Elsa Bloodstone, later battled Elsa and Tabitha Smith
    --Astonishing Tales: One Shots (Boom Boom & Elsa) digital comic #1

FRANKENCLONES - creations of Walston Kraft
    (app-kraft)--Spider-Man Unlimited#21

"FRANKENGOD" - see God of the Second Assembly (app-sec)--Druid#2, 3

FRANKENHEIMER, Professor - inventor of the Holoflex Device, sold rights to it to Ted Silverberg
    (app-silverberg)--Marvel Two-In-One#97

FRANKENSTEIN, ANNA - created monster, encountered Captain America and Bucky circa World War II
    --USA Comics#13

FRANKENSTEINs - see von FRANKENSTEINs (app-vf)--Monster of Frankenstein#1

FRANKENSTEIN's MONSTER - First Line, Immortus' first Legion of the Unliving, ally of Ulysses + Elsa Bloodstone, created by Victor von Frankenstein @ 1800, made from bodies of several corpses, brought to life by lightning, terrorized Victor Frankenstein and his family before attempting to commit suicide by jumping into arctic waters, sent into suspended animation, revived @1900, battled and temporarily destroyed Dracula, frozen again until pre-modern era (1970s)
    "Frankenstein", Monster of Frankenstein, FRANK*, ADAM*-*D/R* (I#4,D#4,M, OH: Hor, app)--X-Men I#40, Monster of Frankenstein#1 (1(fb), 2(fb1+2), 1-11, 12(-p5), Avengers I#131,132, GS Avengers#3, Frankenstein Monster#12(p6+), Legion of Monsters#1, Monsters Unleashed#2-11, Marvel: Lost Generation#5, Giant-Size Werewolf by Night#2, Frankenstein Monster#13-18, Marvel Team-Up I#36,37, Iron Man I#102(fb), 101,102, [Dr. Strange III#37], Spider-Man Unlimited#21, Bloodstone#1-4, Legion of Monsters: Werewolf by Night#1/2
    Wolverine and the X-Men

FRANKENSTEIN's MONSTER of WORLD WAR II - created by Basil von Frankenstein as first of zombie Nazi soldiers, powers enhanced by siphoning of Human Torch’s android energies, mind cleared when ran into electrical equipment during battle with Invaders, carried Basil and Kitigawa to top of castle and leapt to his death to end his slavery
    (net-lostgen)--(g)USA Comics#13; Invaders I#31 (USA#13

FRANKENSTEIN's MONSTER android - created by aliens, sent to Earth @ 1850, went on rampage until frozen in ice, found and brought to museum in modern era by Dr. Powell, broke free and went on another rampage until destroyed by intense cold by Iceman
    (app)--X-Men I#40 (40(fb), 40

FRANKENSURFER - see BORGO. (app-borg)--Silver Surfer I#7, Dr. Strange III#37

FRANKIE (    ) -
    --Marvel Mystery Comics#9

FRANKIE ?? - US soldier vampirized by Mary Arnett, destroyed by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Bucky (James Barnes)
    *D/R/D*--Captain America#601 (2009)

FRANKIE ?? - peer of and fought with young James Barnes, at Camp Lehigh?
    --Captain America and Bucky#620 (2011)

FRANKIE - dog, pet of Joan the Mouse, bit the tongue off of the dog Stalin
    --Punisher VI#19

FRANKIE - partner of Victoria, one of a series of clones sent by Bob to capture and control the spawn of Venom

  1.  *D*--Venom#6 (11-13, 6d
  2.  *D* --Venom#9
  3. Killed by Vic *D* --Venom#10 (14, 16d)

FRANKIE ?? - mutant, ally of Boy, participated in wilding spree
    --X-Men II#167, (named) #168

FRANKLIN of Reality-928 circa 2099 A.D. - robotic creation of Mr. Fantastic in the Savage Land
    --2099: World of Tomorrow#2 (3-5, 7,8

FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - @ 1775, grandmaster of a society of philosopher/mystics fighting on behalf of America during the Revolutionary War
    --Dr. Strange II#18

FRANKLIN, "CORKY" - Quentin Carnival clown, father of Clown (Eliot "Crafty" Franklin) from Circus of Crime
    --Ghost Rider II#64(66,69-72,75,79,80

FRANKLIN, JEREMY - father of Martha/spider-woman, old friend of Jonah Jameson and Marla Madison, old business associate of Norman Osborn, declined involvement in Gathering of the Five
    --Spectacular Spider-Man II#262, (fully named) Spider-Woman III#2

FRANKLIN, LOIS - agent of Kingpin, killed Nick Manolis and broke Ben Urich’s hand to keep them silent, prevented from killing Ben + Doris Urich by Daredevil, killed in prison by agents of Kingpin to silence her.
    large + strong woman
    *D*--Daredevil I#229 (230, 231, 232d)

FRANKLIN, MARTHA "MATTIE"-see SPIDER-WOMAN. –[Spectacular Spider-Man II#262],Amz441->spider-man

FRANKLIN, Dr. MICHAEL - Fortress, researcher; Steel Raven usurped his control of a training exercise for New Genix
    (app-fort)--Marvel Comics Presents#175

FRANKLIN MODULE of Counter Earth-Franklin - control module, powers briefly usurped by doom
    --Doom: Emperor Returns#1 (2,3

FRANKLINTOWN of Earth-712 - New Babylon City, hometown of Golden Archer and Lady Lark
    --Squadron Supreme I#1

"FRANKLINVERSE" - pocket reality/Earth created by Franklin Richards, fleeing the returning Onslaught; uncertain whether this was a transformed Counter-Earth or a new pocket reality
    --Onslaught Reborn#1 (2-5

FRANKS, BARNEY - former security guard for Metro-General Hospital, killed via magical flames by Louis Childs
    *D*--Nightcrawler III#1 (2d)

FRANKS, JOHN - pre-modern era, hunter, formerly possessed by the Demon in your Head
    (app-mental)--Uncanny Tales I#11/3 (11/3(fb), 11/3

FRANZ (    ) -
    --Daring Mystery Comics#7

FRANZ ?? - vampire, vampirized by Marietta Borgezia, gained control of bloodlust after Jasmine Destine usurped Marietta's body and destroyed Marietta's spirit
    --Clan Destine#3 (2008); (identified) Clan Destine#4

FRASER, inspector KATHERINE "KATE" - former partner of Dai Thomas.
    psychicometry, wf, blond
    --Captain Britain I#5 ( Giant-Size Dracula#2, #3, Marvel Preview#3

FRASIER, RAYBURN - 212 Security
    --White Tiger#3

FRATER INFICIO - @ 1300 Northern Italy, occult order, spent 100 years creating the Inficio Aquilus
    ORDER of the FRATER INFICIO *(app)--Gambit IV#3 (3(fb)

FRATERNITY of RAPTORS (Gyre, Razor, Talon, Talon-R) - armor and amulet bearing warriors, associated with Shi'ar Empire and Darkhawk
    --War of Kings: Darkhawk#1

FRATERNUS PRIME (    ) - Banari, former leader of the Banari Brotherhood, former husband of both Tamara and Trieste, led Banari to Earth, unwittingly slain by the Atlanteans.
    *D* (app-banari)--Sub-Mariner I#56

FRATHAG - Deviant priesthood, took charge of the Fifth Host, killed by angry mob of Deviants when Kro exposed "purity time" as a falsehood
    *D*--Eternals II#12

FRAU HEINZ - see HEINZ, Frau--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#65

FRAULEIN FATALE (    ) - Ubermadchen
    --Miss America 70th Anniversary Special#1 (2009) (Avengers 1959#3-4

FRAXIX - demon of Satan/Marduk Kurios' Hell, destroyed by Possessor (Raphael Zoran)
    (app)--Son of Satan#2

FRAZIER, MARLENE - see BRASHEAR, CANDACE--Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel#2 (2009)

    giant, savage, nearly mindless, superhumanly strong humanoid, mutated on several occasions by exposure to cobalt radiation and/or Stark's Enervator
    (1960s, IM-Hogan, app)--Tales of Suspense I#74 (75, Iron Man I#3,4, 84,85

    Briefly mutated into darker-skinned duplicate of Hogan's version
    (IM-March, app-freak)—Iron Man I#67

FREAK ( ) - agent of Silvereye, stabbed by Blade when he rebelled against his control.
    mentally control others, bm, shaved head, green costume with yellow "x"
    --Blade: Vampire Hunter II#2 (3,4d?

FREAK (    ) - attended FEAST shelter, hid out from Raymond, snorts anything he can get his hands on, unwittingly shot himself up with animal stem cells from Curt Connor's experiments, mutated, defeated by Spider-Man, turned over to police, though it turned out to be Oscorp who secretly captured him
    reforms in chrysalis after injured, reborn in more powerful form, enters chrysalis when exposed to quicklime, kept inert by extreme cold
    --Amazing Spider-Man#546/4 (552-554, 558, 572-573

FREAK of SCIENCE (Rico Gawren) - unknown origins (mutate), transferred to Springdale High School, sought by Bliss and Mr. Huggins for unidentified parties
    Unspecified abilities
    (app)--Speedball#5/3 ([5/3(fb)], 5/3

FREAK-FACE - petty criminal, allied with Itch and Bull Taurus (Man-Bull) in acquiring test subjects for Mr. Kline and the Professor
    --Daredevil I#78 (79


FREAKMASTER ( ) - normal appearance, child of two freaks in freakshow of Ralph Quentin many years ago, organized large group of freaks to serve as agents in takeover of Quentin Carnival, mutated many normal people into freaks
    (app)--[Ghost Rider II#70], 79 (79(fb), [70, 75, 77, 78], 79

FREAKOUT (Arthur Amadeus van Krijg) - Derangers, former rock star, drug abuse caused him to lose sense of pain, died from injuries from fight with Sasquatch/Langkowski while under control of Bedlam.
    wore leather costume and hockey mask
    *D* (app)--Alpha Flight I#49, 53d

FREAK QUINCY ( ) - insane, invaded Stark Enterprises in attempt to have voices in head silenced, briefly switched minds of Iron Man and Crimson Dynamo (Shatalov) by linking to Devastator’s power uplink to satellite while he blasted Crimson Dynamo, arms blown off by Crimson Dynamo in body of iron man. tapped into all known communication wavelengths
    (app)--Iron Man I#255

FREAKS - agents of Master (Sinoda)
    (app-mast)--Monsters Unleashed#7 (8

FREAKS (Gorilla Girl, Muck Monster, Six, ) - group of circus Freaks, former pawns of Moondark, battled by Hammer + Anvil
    (app)--Marvel Team-Up I#91 ([91(fb)], 91, Marvel Tales#256/2

FREAKS - agents of Freakmaster
    --Ghost Rider II#70

freaks of RHOULAN of the Hyborian era - dwarves, hermaphrodites, hunchbacks, etc. summoned by Bayla
    --Savage Sword of Conan#72

FREAKSHOW (Kevin ) - young mutant, nearly fell to death when attempted to impress others after High Evolutionary temporarily eliminated all mutant abilities.    
    fly, wm, blond
    --X-Force I#101

FREAKSHOW (    ) - "Genoshan Excalibur," allied with Xavier in Genosha, lost powers during M-Day, temporarily gained over-exaggerated powers via Terrigen
    --Excalibur III#1 (2-4, 5-7, Mystique#23, Son of M#5-6

FREAKSHOW 2099 (Breakdown, Contagion, Dominic, Psyclone, Tantrum)
    --X-Men 2099#6 (7,8

FRED (    ) - Big Hero Six
    channels the strength and spirit of a great dinosaur or beast, ala Godzilla
     --Big Hero Six#2 (2008)

FRED ?? - old friend of Jack Russell, legs crushed in accident caused by Russell while working in sewers, life saved by Werewolf
    —Werewolf by Night II#5 (5(fb), 5,6

FRED of the Microverse - Little D’s Den O’ Thieves
    (app-ld)--Micronauts I#53

FREDA ?? - servant of Nosferata.
    middle-aged wf, white hair in bun
    --She-Hulk II#19 (20,Marvel Comics Presents#123,124,126

    --[Mighty Avengers#12]

FREDD - evil twin clone future self from an alternate dimension of Captain Marvel, inadvertently brought to Microverse by Psycho-Man who forced Drax to break open cocoon containing him
    (net)--Captain Marvel V#15(16(fb),15,16

 FREDDY ?? - agent of the Astrologer
    (app)--Amazing Adventures II#5/2

FREDDY ?? - mutant, autistic, in form of insectoid carapace, shared symbiotic relationship with Henry Martin Strong, granting him mobility in exchange for awareness
    --X-Force Annual 1999

FREDDY of Earth-691 - Punishers
    —Guardians of the Galaxy#17

FREDERICKSON, KOLINA - nurse, treated and fell in love with Norman Osborn
    --Spider-Man: Revenge of the Green Goblin#1 (2,3

FREDOR of the Hyborian era - Turanian guardsman, slain by Conan
    *D* (app-eithriall)--Conan the Barbarian I#29 (29d)

FREDRICKS, Lt. General - US Army, assisted by Hendershoot
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#3 (X-Men I#2, 17, 23, FF#72, UX94,[95], 147

FREDRICKS, BILLY - Guardsman, aided Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg and Book, present during Starfox's sexual assault trial, former Vault guard
--Darkhawk#5 (5-6, Avengers: Deathtrap - The Vault, She-Hulk II#6-7, 21

FREDRICKSON, Det. - New Orleans police department, partner of Noreen Tanaka, possibly killed by her
    --Gambit IV#7 (9, 11

FREE, SCOTT of Earth-Amalgam - killed during Secret Crisis, former husband of Big Titania
    *D* (app-bt)--Bullets & Bracelets#1

FREEBISH, MORTIMER - costumed criminal, kidnapped Redwing, easily defeated by Falcon.
    used bow and trick arrows
    ARROW ACE, ARROWMASTER (app)--Captain America I#220/2

FREEBOOTER of Earth-982 (Brandon Cross) - Dream Team, Avengers, son of Hawkeye and ??,
    uses bo
    --A-Next#4 ( , Spider-Girl#58,59, Last Hero Standing#1-5

FREEBOOTERS (Gunther, Kehl, Levan, Skunge) - pirates, crew of Nebula
    --Avengers I#257

FREE DIVERS (Lt. Hitch, Commander O'Neill) - hired by Phoebe Marrs to locate the remnants of the Endurance before Leon McKenzie, assaulted by Black Moray, rescued by Namor
    (app)--Namor I#52 ([52 (fb)], 52

FREEDOM FORCE (Mystique, Avalanche, Blob, Destiny, Pyro, Spiral, Spider-Woman/Carpenter, Crimson Commando, Stonewall, Super Sabre)
    -group of superhuman mutant criminals turned government agents, broke up after several were crippled or killed following battles with Desert Sword and the Reavers
    -BROTHERHOOD of EVIL MUTANTS* (net)--Uncanny X-Men#199( Marvel Comics Presents#41/4 UXM206, Marvel Comics Presents#82/2-87/2, UX223-227, 254,255, Avengers An15, Captain America I# 346

FREEDOM FORCE (Challenger, Cloud 9, Equinox (Skrull imposter), Spinner, Think Tank)
    - Initiative's Montana-based team
    --Avengers: Initiative#12 (18

FREEDOM FORCE (    ) - Afghanistan war veterans, volunteered for cybernetic implants, serve as government agents, sent to recover Owen Backes, battled X-Men
    --X-Men III#40 (2013), (identified) #41 (2013)

FREEDOM's FIVE (Crimson Cavalier, Phantom Eagle, Silver Squire, Sir Steel, Union Jack)
    - World War I, team of costumed heroes, formed in 1917, served allied nations of USA + Great Britain + France
    (I#13,net)--Invaders I#7

FREEDOM's FIVE of Earth-84444 (Bucky/Jack Monroe, Captain America/William Burnside, Golden Girl, Hangman/Harlan Krueger, Hawkeye/Clint Barton) -
    - front for William Taurey's forces
   (app-earth84444) --What If? I#44

FREEDOM's LADY 3000 - second ship of Guardians of the Galaxy
    (I#4)--Thor Annual#6

FREEDOM RING (Curtis Doyle) - found ring made from Cosmic Cube fragments after Captain America used it in battle, crippled in first adventure against the Abomination, trained by Crusader, apparently slain by Iron Maniac
    *D* (OH:AZU#1)--(Doyle) Marvel Team-Up III#20; (Freedom Ring) #21 (22, 23/3, 24d)

FREEDOM SCIENCE STUDIES (Railsback/Brew, McDonald/Lime, nurse Kupper, nurse Goren)
    - Project: Glamour, based in California, served as laboratory to develop and test "the juice" which created several super soldiers
    -IVORY TOWER (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#2/2 (3/2-8/2

FREEDOMSLIGHT - urban terrorist organization led by Lottie Hederman, disbanded when Black Widow impersonated Ebon Flame and claimed to be using them for SHIELD II
     --Journey into Mystery I#517(518,519

FREEDOMTOWN - capital city of Burunda
    --Moon Knight III#2

FREEFALL of Earth-148611 (Arthur Benway) - Clinic, group B

FREEFALL of Earth-982 ( ) - Wizard’s Warriors.
    uses anti-gravity disks, wf
    --Fantastic Five#2

FREEHOLD - Leader's New England HQ
    —Incredible Hulk II#400 (401,438-440,Avengers I#397, Hlk441,46_

FREELANCE RESTORATIONS (Clive Reston, Shang-Chi, Sir Denis Nayland Smith, Black Jack Tarr,Leiko Wu)
    -private detective firm based in England, former members of MI-6
    --Master of Kung Fu#

FREELANCERS of Earth-148611 (Bernard, Fraley, Lezar, Perricone, Price, West, Jerry)
    - mercenaries hired by clinic to bring back DP7

FREEMAN, ANGELA - vampire, old friend of Misty Knight
    *D/R/D*--Vampire Tales#6/3 (Bizarre Adventures#25/3d

FREEMAN, BARBARA of Earth-93060 - mother of Eden Blake
    --Mantra (uv) I#1

FREEMAN, DEREK - FBI, brother of Duane
    (app)--Avengers I#263 (270,271,286, Captain America I#394,395, Captain Marvel III#1, Avengers III#55, Amazing Spider-Man II#580

FREEMAN, DUANE JEROME - government liaison to avengers following return from heroes reborn dim, Triune Understanding, brother of Derek, killed in Kang's destruction of Washington. bm, shaved head
    (app)--Avengers III#4 (5, Iron Man I#15, X-51#4,5, Av24,25, 27,31, Thunderbolts#44, Maximum Security#1, Av35 43,44 [49d]

FREEMAN, EMILEE - owner of Freeman Bonding, Inc.
    --She-Hulk II#24

FREEMAN, "SPIKE" - public relations agent for X-Statix/X-Force, manipulates members to maintain popularity, neck broken by Orphan when revealed to have dealt with Saddam Hussein, Mr. Code, and Euro-Trash, arranged assassination attempt on Lacuna, killed by Orphan after admitted it
    TRILLION DOLLAR MAN* *D* (app)--[X-Force I#117], 120 (X-Statix#15(fb), [XForce117], 120, 121, 125, 129, X-Statix#1, 2-5, 6-8, 9, Wolverine/Doop#1,2, X-Statix#11, 13,14, 15, 16d, 17 (spirit))

    --Thing I#2

FREEMAN, TOM - vampire
    --[Bizarre Adventures#25/3]

FREEMAN BONDING Inc. (Emilee Freeman, Jazinda, Pierce, She-Hulk) - subsidiary of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtsburg, & Book
    --She-Hulk II#22 (23-24

FREE MEN of Earth-691circa 2019 AD (Arrow, Dagger, Carmilla Frost, Grok, Hawk, Killraven, Old Skull, M’Shulla Scott)
    - battled Martian Masters and their agents
    -KILLRAVEN’s FREEMEN (U#4)--Amazing Adventures II#18 (

    (app-swampcity)--Howard the Duck II#7 ([7(fb)], 7

FREESE, LARRY "FROSTY" - World War II, briefly trained by Nick Fury, worked with Lou Wilcox, James MacReedy, and Russ Talbert
    (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#116

FREONS - extradimensional invaders, fought off by Penance Council
    --[Citizen V and the V Battalion #2(2(fb3)]

FREE RADICALS 2099 (Billy the Kid, Daze, Instant Karma, Rainmaker, Trance) - terrorist group fighting against government and corporate oppression, kidnapped Zak Ogada to force Krystalin to free Billy the Kid
    --[X-Men 2099#17],18([19],20

FREE SPIRIT (Cathy Webster) - former college student, maximum physical potential brought out by subconscious training of Superia, rebelled against Superia’s attempts to use her in anti-male crusade, allied with Captain America
    (OH2006#4, net)--Captain America I#431 (432,433-440, Avengers I#387,Cap441,Av388,Cap442,443

FREESTATE TECHNOLOGY - creation of Herbert Isaacs/Doorman, used to create the British Sleepers
    (app-door)--Plasmer#1, 2 (3, 4

FREESTONE, JACK - owner of the Mermaid Bar
    --X-Treme X-Men: XPose#2 ([X-Treme X-Men#31], 32

FREEWARE (Kurt Duryea) - Anti-Registration Underground
     --Civil War: Front Line#3 (4([4/4])

FREEWOMEN of Earth-691 (Mint Julep) - band of women rebelling against the Martian Masters and their agents
    (app-mj)--Amazing Adventures II#22 (23, 24

FREEX of Earth-93060 (Anything, Boomboy, Plug, Pressure, Sweetface, Cayman, AJ) - empowered by nanotechnology from Wetware Mary (Contrary) which was originally created by Prometheus of the Fire People and given to Aladdin in hopes of creating the Someday Champions to help the Fire People return to the surface world
    (app)--Freex (uv)#1 (Ultraverse Presents#0/6, Frx1-5, Break-Thru#1, Frx6, Night Man#3, BT#2, Wrath4, 5, F7-11, Prime I#13, GS Freex#1, F#12/Ultraforce I#1, Frx#13, 14, Firearm I#15, Frx#15, FireA#15/2, Frx#16,17,GodWheel#0-3, Frx#18,

FREEZEMASTER - freeze gun of Chill

FREEZER BURN (Jack Croft) - criminal, wore costume derived from Gregor Shapanka's Blizzard costume, stole from Ricadonna, killed by Razor-Fist
    *D*--Daughters of the Dragon#1 (1d)

FREIA - see FREYA (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#15/3

FREIHEITSKAMPFER - see VORMUND (app)--Captain America I#442

FREKI - along with Geri, one of Odin's wolves
    --Thor I#275, (identified)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#9 (1985) ( 276, 371, 478, 484, 484, Thor II#69, Marvel Graphic Novel #33 (chronology?)

FRENCH, DANNY - old friend of Black Widow, helped her steal energy globe, sacrificed life to stop Damon Dran
    *D*--Daredevil I#87 (90(fb), 88-93,94d)

FRENCH, "NAPPER" - Former IRA assassin, grandfather of Billy, tortured others with blades, forced to cut up Tommy Toners by Maginty, captured Maginty and cut off his hand before being slain by one of his men
    *D* --Punisher VII#7 (8-11, 12d)

FRENCHIE - see DuCHAMP, JEAN PAUL (AZU#2)--Werewolf by Night I#32

FRENCHMAN - @ 1920s/1930s, government agent, encountered Dracula and fled across the country from him for a month before escaping him after being involved in a dirigible explosion
    --Giant-Size Dracula#5


FRENZETTI, "OLD MAN" - owner of New York cigar shop, sold to Nick Fury, the Thing, and Wolverine, refused to sell to crimelords, who sent the Squid to kill him
    *D* (app-squid)--Amazing Spider-Man II#26

    Femizons, Alliance of Evil.
    (M)--X-Factor I#4 (5-6,  33, New Mutants Annual#7, New Warriors Annual#1, Avengers: Deathtrap: Vault GN, [Captain America I#387,388],389-391,[392] 410-414 -->cargill)

FRÈRES de la CÔTE (Michel le Basque, Boute Fou, Captain Tyger, Jean David Nau a.k.a. François L'Ollonais, Monbars l'Exterminateur, Vent-en-Panne)
    - 17th Century French freebooters
    BROTHERS of the COAST* (app-tyger)--Dr. Strange III#17/2

FRESH AIR (Jack Hudden, Joanne Newcomb, Charlie Sutton) - environmental group, helped finance Brute Force
    (app-Brute Force)--Brute Force#1 (2-4

FREUD, SIGMUND - Austrian psychologist

FREY - Asgardian god of harvest, brother of Idunn and Freya, played role in building of Valhalla
    {FREYR-Lord} (D#1, app)—Thor I#294 (294+295(fb)

FREY, JADA - student of Daniel Rand
    --Immortal Weapons#1/2 (2/2,3/2

FREY, JAMES - older brother of Jada
    --Immortal Weapons#2/2

FREY, JAREL - Jada's younger brother
    --Immortal Weapons#1/2 (1/2(fb),2/2,3/2

FREY, RUSSELL - Jada's father, killed by gangsters
    --Immortal Weapons#1/2(fb)d

FREYA - Asgardian goddess of fertility, sister of Frey, mother of Idunn, Nanna, and Sigyn
    FREIA, {FREYJA - Lady - translation>} (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#15/3


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