FRIA - Microverse, former queen of Polaria, bonded to 2nd Key to the Enigma Force, transformed into Snowbear, ultimately unwittingly slain by her would-be lover, Peacock
    *D* (app)--Micronauts I#32 (32 (fb), 32d)

FRIAR JEROME - see JEROME (app-septegundus)--[Savage Tales I#7/2], 8/2

FRIAR TUCK ( ) – A criminal accomplice of Robin Hood and Little John who wore the medieval attire of monk and wielded a quarterstaff for a weapon.
    --Captain America Comics#59/2 (November 1946) “Pennies from Heaven”

FRICKETT, SADIE - formerly dated Morrie Bench, became involved in triangle between him(as Hydro-Man) and Sandman, briefly starred in Madison Square Gardens showing of the Mud-Thing, created by their merging, show cancelled when Mud-Thing desiccated and turned into inert sand
    (app-mud)--Amazing Spider-Man I#212 (217,218, Marvel Knights Spider-Man#6, [12?]

FRICTION of Earth-148611 (Charlotte Beck) - DP7, Black Powers

FRIDAY - Kymellian smartship, ship of Aelfyre Whitemane until his death, ally of Power Pack and New Warriors, named after companion of Robinson Crusoe, original form destroyed saving Franklin Richards, rebuilt by Kymellians, championed right for freedom for Smartships on Kymellia III, memory core loaded into personal computer after ship destroyed by Volx and crashed on Earth, given a 3rd form by Kymellians
    (D#12, net)--Power Pack I#1(
    PP56-61, 62(Excalibur I#29(fb),29),
    New Warriors I#65,67,74, Power Pack II#1-4

FRIDAY - Stark computer program, feminine personality, able to be downloaded as a computer virus to destroy operating systems
    (IM)--Iron Man III#53 (54-57, 59-61, 62, [Avengers III#63], IM74

FRIDLIEF - Asgardian
    --Bizarre Adventures#32

FRIEDLANDER, SHARON - former nurse at Mid-County Medical Center, body enhanced into human perfection by Demon Bear, possibly killed by Sanyaka
    --New Mutants I#19 (20, 26, 35, Uncanny X-Men #201, NM#36, 38,39, NM43,UX211-213, Fantastic Four vs X-Men#2, UX254,258, Alpha Flight I#88-90, UX278, 298

    --Captain America V#13

FRIEND - agent or version of God or Christ, assisted Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider against Mephisto/Satan
    story later edited to make him be revealed as another aspect of Mephisto
    (app)--Ghost Rider II#9 (15, [18,19], Howard the Duck III#3-4

friend of Earth-93060 - see LORD PUMPKIN (app-lordpumpkin)--Prime I#12/Ultraverse Premiere#3/3

FRIENDLESS - Grad Nan Holt, vast telepathic powers
    --Uncanny X-Men#255 or so

FRIENDS - magical creatures, force humanity to confront their darker sides, test humanity every 10,000 years, tested people of Benson, Arizona in recent years
    (app)--[Fantastic Four I#238], 239

FRIENDS of HUMANITY (Checks, Graydon Creed(d), Grinder, Hanratty, Jumbo, W. C. Taylor, Weasel, Donovan Zane)
    --anti-mutant group, originally led by Graydon Creed, succeeded by Donovan Zane
    --Uncanny X-Men#299 (
    X-Factor I#127, UX340, Spider-Man#77,78, X-Men Unlimited#15, Spdm82,83,85, 87, Maverick II#4

FRIENDS of MISS AMERICA - women's support group set up by Sue Richards, She-Hulk, & Wasp with support of Miss America's nephew
    --[Fantastic Four#554], 558

FRIGGA - Asgardian goddess of marriage, queen of Asgard, Lost Gods, wife of Odin, mother of Balder + Hermod + Tyr, adoptive mother of Thor, supervised efforts of Asgardian goddesses to locate and train members of the Young Gods , invoked in the Hyborian era, apparently slain in the destruction of Asgard at the hands of Thor
    -Freda Barker, Frig, Fricka, Frijja
    *D* (D#1)--Journey into Mystery I#92 (Thor I#311/2, 479(fb), JiM#92, Thor: Godstorm#1(fb), Thor: Son of Asgard#7, 9, [Th301(fb)], 274-277, 289, [301(fb)],301, Marvel Super-Heroes III#5, Th311/2, 307/2, Thor An10, Th324/2, 336/2, 344, 349-355, 357, 359-361, 364, 371, 375, Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular#2/3, Th479, Journey into Mystery#504-510, 512,513, Thor II#26, 41, [81d])

FRIGGLE - Slogg, son of Clorpo, father of Agmarr, grandfather of Rollo
    --[She-Hulk I#7]

FRIGHTFUL FIVE 2099 of Earth-Amalgam (Agamotto Express, Manorb, Spartacus, Tharlock, Valinus)
    --Spider-Boy Team-Up#1

FRIGHTFUL FOUR (Wizard, Sandman, Trapster, Medusa, Blastaar, Thundra, Brute, Electro, Llyra, Constrictor, Deadpool, Taskmaster, Hydro-Man, Klaw, Titania, Red Ghost & Super-Apes, She-Thing, Punisher robot, Cole, Salamandra)
    - band of supercriminals led by Wizard, frequent enemies of Fantastic Four
    (U#3, OH: Teams)--Fantastic Four I#36 (38,41-43, Thor#116, Marvel Super-Heroes II#14, F4#94, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine#9,10, Fantastic Four#129,130,133, 148, Deadpool III#35, Marvel Team-Up I#2, F4#177-179, Spectacular Spider-Man II#39,40,42,F4#218, 326-330,[331],332,333, Spider-Man: Chaos in Calgary#4, Amazing Spider-Man II#4, Fantastic Four III#83/512, 84/513-87/516, 547-549

    (app-frimp, felicity)--Amazing Spider-Man Golden All-Star Book (1977)

FRISBEE - sea monster, apparently purchased from Atlanteans by Arcade, used against Wolverine & Black Cat, consumed Wolverine who cut his way out
    --Claws#3 (3 (fb)

FRISCO of Earth-Cable - agent of Stryfe, warped Tyler’s mind to make him loyal to Stryfe.
    insane, manipulate minds
    --Cable II#1(1(fb2)

FRITCHMANN, MATTHEW - ?NN financial analyst
    --Captain America V#34

FRITZ (    ) -
    --USA Comics#4

FRITZ (    ) - set forest fires, encountered Terry Vance
Marvel Mystery Comics#57 or 58

FRITZ the FIRE EATER (    ) - circus performer and spy, worked with Eraser; encountered Captain America and Bucky
USA Comics#7

FRIZINI, CHARLES MEDFORD - old boyfriend of Pasha Spano, sent Captain America to return her from Las Vagas
    --Captain America: What Price Glory#1 (4

FRIZONE ( ) - threatened to destroy crops, defeated by Human Torch
    flew plane that dropped chemicals causing freezing temperatures
    (app)--Hostess Fruit Pies ad "The Human Torch Saves the Valley!" from Ghost Rider II#49 (October 1980)

FROBISHER (Avan Tarklu) - Whifferdill, took form of a penguin and spent time traveling with the Doctor
    (app)--Doctor Who Monthly#88 (89-129, Age of Chaos Special, Mission Impractical Novel, Holy Terror audio play, Maltese Penguin audio play, DWM #130-133

FROBISHER, NIGEL - mutated by Jamie Braddock into form of Vixen
    VIXEN*--Excalibur I#1

FRODO of "Earth-1037" - New Mutants, one of four mutants grown from test tube by Reed Richards, planned to use as first soldiers in a new war against Earth
    temporarily freeze time
    (app-newmutants1037)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001 - "New Mutants: First Soldiers"

FROG (    ) - New York University, roommate of Greg Willis (Gravity)
    --Gravity#1 (2-5

"FROG" (    ) - "Terrigen Marines"
    --Silent War#5 (6

FROGs of CENTRAL PARK (Bugeye, Dewlap, Glugwort(d), Greensong and her son, Gullywhump(d), Puddlegulp, briefly Thor )
    -allied with Thor in frog form against the rats of Central Park
    (app)—Thor I#364 (365, New Mutants I#38, Thor373, X-Men Annual#10, Dr. Strange III#2, Th502

FROG-FACE - see LEAP-FROG (app)--Tangled Web of Spider-Man#12

"FROGGY" - lover of Flavia, forced Technet to bring him honey to cure his acne
    --Excalibur Annual #1/2

FROGGY - see LEAP-FROG (app)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#185

FROG-MAN (Zakkim) - former tyrant of Tyrannia @ 1000 years ago, transformed into frog-man by the sorcerer Ozaan, hid in a trance for 1000 years, returned to suspended animation after mistaking a couple in frog costumes for the active life form on earth; did not wish to live in a world of frogs
    (app)--Strange Tales#104/3 (104/3(fb), 104/3

FROG-MAN (Francois LeBlanc) - Ani-Men, former navy frog-man, temporarily given superhuman powers by agents of Count Nefaria, killed by bomb set off by Spymaster in battle with iron man. leaping ability
    -CROAKER *D* (I#13,D#16,M)--Daredevil I#10 (11, XM I#94,95, Classic X-Men#3, Iron Man I#115,116d)

FROG-MAN - see LEAP-FROG (OH2006#4, app)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#185

FROG-MAN (Eugene Paul Patilio) - Action Pack, son of Leap-Frog, briefly allied with Toad and Spider-Kid in the Misfits, used his costume after he retired, clumsily attempts to act as super hero.
    overweight, leaping abilities
    Eugene Colorito, FABULOUS FROG-MAN, "KERMIT," "FROGICUS MEGAFOOLICUS," "FROG-MAN Jr.," "FROGBOY" (I#4, D#4, OH2006#4, app)--Marvel Team-Up I#121 (Spectacular Spider-Man II#185(fb), Tangled Web#12, MTU#121, 131, Amazing Spider-Man I#247, Defenders I#131, Amz266 Marvel Fanfare I#31,32, Damage Control II#2, Spectacular Spider-Man II#184,185, Punisher War Journal II#13, Avengers: The Initiative#20

FROG-MAN of Earth-22288- Noxious Nine, transformed into frog-person by radiation
    (app-noxiousnine)--Marvel Universe Millennial Visions 2001: Sinister Six: Death of the Spider

FROH - Axi-Tun, Space Gods, posed as Teutonic fire god
    *D*--Invaders I#1

FROJA - Tribbitite queen
    --Incredible Hulk II#191

FROMA race (Cazon, Colby, Edam, Gouda, Havarti, Tangers cartel) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way, planet Chize
    large green humanoids, levitate
    (I#4, D#15, WWH:GF: Gamma Mutates, app)--Tales of Suspense I#68 (Avengers Spotlight#25/2, Maximum Security# , She-Hulk II#25-26

FRONT (Gabriel Caine) - Gemini, son of Edwig, "more accessories than an A.I.M. workshop"

FRONTLINE - Omega Core

FRONTLINE (Sally Floyd, Peter Parker, Jane Potter, Joe Robertson, Ben Urich, Norah Winters, Yellen)
    - newspaper started by Sally Floyd & Ben Urich
    --Civil War: Front Line#11

FROST (Everett Donnelly) - created by Leader as member of Headshop, left them to serve as enforcer of Sam Striker in Las Vegas,, apparently destroyed in battle with Hulk
    extremely strong, generate cold
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#395 (396

FROST - super-strong bodyguard of Dr. Malus
    --Captain America I#376/2 (377/2, 378/2

FROST - loyal dog to Andy Evans, helped guide Human Fly's troupe to rescue site
   (app-humanfly)--Human Fly#7

FROST, ADAM - President of Multicorp, defied Brute Force
    (app-Brute Force)--Brute Force#1 (2-4

FROST, ADRIENNE - mutant, older sister of Emma and Cordelia, head of Meridian Enterprises, briefly took over as headmistress of Massachusett’s Academy in exchange for financial support, caused minds of all of Generation X to believe they were inhabiting the bodies of the Hellions during the attack by Fitzroy and his Sentinels, told parents of students at Massachusetts Academy of the presence of mutant students, resulting in riots, planted bombs that killed Synch, apparently shot and killed by Emma.
    psychometric (read psychic imprints off of objects)
    (net)--Generation X#48, 49 (Emma Frost#1-5, 6/X-Men II#139(fb), Emma#10-12, Generation X#48(fb1-3),49-54 55,56 67-70, 75(fb,d)

FROST, CARMILLA- or Earth-Killraven - Freemen, lover of M'shulla Scott, mother of his child
    (U#4)--Amazing Adventures II#21 (22-29,31-37,39, Marvel Graphic Novel: Killraven

FROST, CHRISTIAN - brother of Emma, hanged self after father cut off his money and deported his boyfriend, drug-addled, then went insane
    --X-Men II#139 (Emma Frost#4(fb), 1-5, 6/X139(fb)

FROST, CORDELIA - younger sister of Adrienne and Emma, petitioned Shinobi Shaw to give her control over Mondo, given a clone instead
    Telepath, immune to Emma’s powers
    (net)--Generation X#3 (Emma Frost#1-5, 6/X-Men II#139(fb), Emma#11,12, Generation X#48(fb1+2), 6(fb), 3,8,Generation X An 1995, GX#60,61

FROST, DEACON - vampire lord, former German scientist @ 1863, attempted to create immortality formula using serum from vampire blood, inadvertently injected with own serum when attacked by husband of a test subject, responsible for creations of Blade and Hannibal King.
    creates a doppelganger under his control when he makes a human his victim
    "Whitehair" *D/R* (D#20, OH2006#4, app)--Tomb of Dracula I#13 (Blade III#1 (fb)/ToD I#53(fb), ToD#13(fb), 25(fb), 33,34, 42, 45(fb), [46-50] 51, 53"d", [Blade: Vampire Hunter I#6-8], Blade: Crescent City Blues#1 (fb), 1, [Blade: Vampire Hunter II#4 (fb)], ˝, 3, 4, 6, [Tomb of Dracula III#4 (fb)], 4

FROST, EMMA GRACE - mutant, X-Men, former headmistress of Massachusetts Academy, former co-headmistress of Generation X, former member of Cabal & Norman Osborn's X-Men, former White Queen of Inner Circle of Hellfire Club, former leader of Hellions, sister of Adrienne + Christian + Cordelia, encountered Harry Leland at age 16, institutionalized as a teen when began hearing voices, escaped and lived on the streets, used abilities to accumulate wealth, formed Frost Industries, rendered comatose during battle between Fitzroy and the Hellions, decided to train mutants for their benefit instead of hers
    telepath, later gained diamond hard body
    -BLACK QUEEN*, ICE PRINCESS*, WHITE QUEEN* (OH: X2004, ME, 198)--Uncanny X-Men#129 (Emma Frost#1-5, 6/X-Men II#139(fb), Emma7-12, 13-18, Generation X#49(fb1+2), Generation X minus 1 GX#24(fb) GX#43(fb), X-Men Unlimited II#6, [CW#3 (fb)], UXM129->wq.
    UX318, Generation X#1-6, UX324 X-Men Unlimited#16, Generation X: Crossroads, GX#25-27,28/2, Excalibur I#115, XMen II#77 GX55,56 GX67-70, 63-66, 71, 74,75, X-Men Unlimited II#6(fb), XMen II#121-126, [Astonishing X-Men#18 (fb)], Weapon X: Draft: Sauron, X-Treme X-Men: X-Pose#1, X-Treme X-Men #20-23, X-Men Unlimited#42, X138-141, [New Mutants II#7], 10, X157, 159, X-Men Unlimited II#11, Uncanny X-Men#444, 446,447, X203 (fb)
    X-Men Unlimited II#1/2, X-Men Unlimited#2/2, Astonishing X-Men III#1-3, XMU4/2, X-Men Unlimited II#6, X165, UX452-454, New X-Men: Academy X#7, X-Men Unlimited II#7/2, Nightcrawler III#6, 7, [Wolverine III#21], 23, 25, Marvel Team-Up III#5, NX:AX#10-11, 12, UX455, 459, NX:AX#13, 14, X-Men Unlimited II#10, UX460-461, MK 4#21, Nightcrawler III#7-9, Hellions#1(fb), 4, Claws#1, 3, Wolv36, New X-Men#28-29, 31, X-Men II#193, Wolverine: Origins#6-8, Civil War#1-2, [3 (fb)], 3, New X-Men II#33-36, X200-204, NX42 (fb), 42-43, Cable II#6, X-Men: Legacy#215-216

FROST, HAZEL - mother of Adrienne, Christian, Cordelia, & Emma, terrified of husband, kept self on tranquilizers
    --X-Men II#139 (Emma Frost#1-5, 6/X139(fb), Emma#11, 12,

FROST, GIDEON -encountered Marvel Boy/Grayson
    --(g) Astonish#4

FROST, WHITNEY - see MADAME MASQUE--Tales of Suspense I#98 (Iron Man I#1,3,6-8

FROST, WINSTON - father of Adrienne, Christian, Cordelia, & Emma, highly demanding
    --X-Men II#139 (Emma Frost#1-5, 6/X139(fb), Emma#10-12

FROST, Dr. of Earth-8181- SHIELD, double agent for Hydra, brought Matt Murdock to his father, captured by SHIELD
    (app-earth8181)--What If I#28/2

FROSTBITE (Dr. Sloan Alden) - mutated by cryogenic preservation, husband of Meredith McCall Alden
    (app)--[Iron Man I#326],327(328

FROSTBITE of Earth-928 circa 2099 AD ( ) - Chosen
    --X-Men 2099#8 (9-11

FROST GIANTS (Bellos, Bjorn the White, Grundoth(d), Hagen, Klorodor, Kundrig, Mukkig, Siggorth, Skadi, Snotri, Utand, Utgard-Loki, Yurthagg)
    -branch of giants of jotunheim-ETINs--Journey into Mystery I#101 (Thor III#7-8 (fbs), JiM#101
    Thor II#47,48

FROST INDUSTRIES - business run by Emma Frost
    --X-Men I#131


FROSTLINGS - servants of Frost Giants
    --Dr. Strange III#35

FROSTY - see FREESE, LARRY (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#116

    alias used while under the influence of the Goddess (Martinique Wyngarde)
    --Uncanny X-Men#498 (499)

FROUD - Celtic creature (troll?), captured Chulain, transformed him into an infant, attempted to manipulate Thor and the Warriors Three
    --Thor: Blood Oath#4

FROU FROU - dog owned by Milan Ramada
    --Thing II#1

"FROZEN MAN" - ice monster animated and controlled by Nebulon, battled Defenders
    (app-nebulon)--Defenders I#14

FRTI - Skrull dialect
    --Incredible Hercules#120

FRUITBAGEL, Mrs. - former housekeeper and cook for Tony Stark’s Los Angeles mansion
    --[Iron Man I#235], 236

FRUITCAKE - Harold H. Harold's pet cat. orange
    --Tomb of Dracula I#56 (1977)

FRUIT WHIPS - Kiosk within Salemall, employed Cheryl
    --X-Men Unlimited II#11/2

FRULL race (Stractu ) - dimension of Blackbody.
    round creatures with multiple eyes
    --Silver Surfer III#116

FRYE, DWIGHT - see BAZOOKA of Earth-NU --DP7 #13   

FRYE, LEMUEL - forced into helping trap Daredevil
    (app)--Daredevil I#61

FRYER, Colonel JOSEPH - leader of the New American Revolution, former US Army Colonel, killed by Punisher
    (app-nar)--Punisher II#3

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